D - Album, Minis, Live, Re-Releases, Classix CDs




























DAATH The Concealers   Prog Death Metal
  The Hinderers Prog Cyber Death
D' ACCORD Helike Progressive Rock
D-A-D Monster Philosophy Rock
DAEDALUS The Never Ending Illusion Prog Metal
DaeD HEROES CLUB A Time Of Shadow Neo Progrock
Daemon Eye for an Eye Death Metal
Daemonia Dario Argento Tribute Horror Prog
Daeonia Crescendo Goth Rock
DAGOBA Poseidon Industrial Death Metal
  What Hell Is About Modern Cyber Thrash
Dagorlad The End of the Dark Ages Medieval Black
DAILY TERROR Lebenswut Deutsch Punk
DAILY TERRORISTEN Vol.1: Tritt in den Arsch Deutschpunk
DAIZE SHAYNE Live Your Dreams Pop Rock
Dakrua Shifting Realities Gothic Metal
DAM The Difference Engine Avantgarde Death Black Metal
  Purity: The Darwinian Paradox Avantgarde Death Black Metal
DAMIEN Beyond Apathy Heavy Metal
  Stop This War (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
  Every Dog Has Its Day (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
Damnable Completely devoted Death Grind
DAMNATION (Swe) Destructo Evangelia Old-School Black
DAMNED NATION Sign of Madness Modern Mel.Rock
DANCE ON GLASS Daydreaming Gothic
WARREL DANE Praises to the War Machine Modern Power Metal
DANTALION Call Of The Broken Souls Black Metal
  When The Ravens Fly Over Me Black Metal



Kautz Metal

Danzig I Luciferi Death Rock
DARE Beneath the Shining Water  AOR
Dargaard Rise And Fall Neo-Classic-Dark-Wave
  The Dissolution Of Eternity Medieval Dark Wave
DARK AGE Minus Exitus

Melodic Death Metal

  Dark Age

Melodic Death Metal

  The silent Republic

Melodic Death Metal

DARK AGE (US) Dark Age 28th Anniversary Edition Epic/ US-Metal
DARKANE Layers In Lies Thrash
  Rusted Angel Cyber Thrash
  Expanding Senses Cyber Thrash
DARK AVENGER X Dark Years EP Dark Power Metal
DARK DAY DUNGEON By Blood Undone Mel.Death/Trash-Metalcore
DARK DESIGN Time Is An Illusion Heavy Metal
DARK DISCIPLE Kill Everything - Worship Nothing Death Metal
  Unholy Hate Gore Death Metal
  Hora Nocturna Black Metal
DARKEST ERA The Journey through Damnation Celtic Pagan Metal
DARKEST HOUR Undoing Ruin Melo-Death/Thrash-Core
DARKFIRE Darkfire Power Metal
DARK FOREST (UK) Dark Forest Heavy Metal
DARK FOREST Aurora Borealis Viking Black Metal
DARK FORTRESS Eidolon Black Metal
  Seance Black Metal
  Stab Wounds Black Metal
  Profane Genocidal Creation Melo Dark Black
  Tales From Eternal Dusk Melodic Black
DARK FUNERAL The Secrets of the Black Art  (Re-Release) Black Metal
  Vobiscum Satanas  (Re-Release) Black Metal
  Diabolis Interium (Re-Release) Black Metal
  Attera Totus Sanctus Black Metal
  De Profunis Clamavi ad te Domine Black Metal
  Diabolis Interium Black Metal
  Teach Children To Worship Satan Black Metal
Dark Gamballe Robotory Dark Modern Metal
DarkIFIED Cthulhu Riseth - The Complete Works of Darkified Death Metal
Dark ILLUSION Where Eagles Fly Heavy Metal
Dark Inversion The Land Of The Dead Warriors Symphonic Black

Light From The Dark

Emo Goth Metal
DARK LUNACY Forget Me Not Gothic Death
  Devoid Symphonic Death Metal
DARK MIRROR Portrait Of Evil US Metal
DARK MOOR Beyond the Sea Power Metal
  Dark Moor Power Metal

Between Light and Darkness

Power Metal

The Gates of Oblivion

Power Metal
MICHELLE DARKNESS Brand New Drug Gothic Rock
DARKNESS ABLAZE Darkness Ablaze Nordic Folk Black Metal
DARKNESS BY OATH Fear Yourself Melodic Death Metal
DARK NOVA Sivilla Melodic Power Metal
  Between Light and Darkness Power Metal
  The Gates of Oblivion Power Metal
DARK ORDER Cold War Of The Condor Thrash Metal
  The Violence Continuum Thrash Metal
DARKSEED Ultimate Darkness +/- Goth Dark Metal
  Astral Adventures Goth Metal
Darkside Cognitive Dissonance Dark Metal
DARK SUNS Grave Human Genuine Prog/Avantgarde Metal
  Existence Avantg.Prog-Dark-Rock
DARK THE SUNS All Ends In Silence Melodic Dark Metal
  In Darkness Comes Beauty Dark Gothic Metal
DARKTHRONE Introducing Darkthrone (Best Of) Black / Heavy Punk Metal
  Dark Thrones And Black Flags Black-Heavy-Punk-Metal
  F.O.A.D. Black-Heavy-Punk-Metal
  NWoBHM Black-Punk´n´Roll-Metal
  The Cult is alive Black-Punk´n´Roll-Metal
  Too Old, Too Cold EP Black-Punk´n´Roll-Metal
  Plaguewielder Black Metal
  Preparing for War Raw Black Metal
  A Blaze in the Northern Sky Black Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY Construct Melodic Death Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY Fiction Melodic Death Metal
  Character Melodic Death Metal
  Exposures - In Retrospect and Denial Melodic Death Metal
  Damage done Melodic Death Metal
  Haven Melodic Death Metal
DARKWELL Metat(r)on Gothic Metal
  Conflict of Interest Operesk Goth Metal
  Suspiria Operesk Goth Metal
DARZAMAT Transkarpatia Sympho Death/Black
DAS ICH Cabaret Dark Elektro-Wave
  Lava (Glut) Dark Elektro-Wave
  Anti´christ Dark EBM
DAS OATH Das Oath EP Post-Noise-Core
DAS SCHEIT So Far From God ... So Close To You Gothic/ Industrial Rock
  Superbitch Modern Goth-Groove-Metal
DATURAH Reverie Melancholic Post Indie Rock
DAUGHTERS Hell Songs Spazz-Core
  Canada Songs EP Grind-Jazz-Freak-Core
DAVIDIAN Our Fear Is Their Force Death/Thrash-Core
  Hear Their Cries Thrash Metal
  Abuse Of Power Thrash Metal
DAVID SHANKLE GROUP Ashes To Ashes Heavy Metal
Dawn Slaughtersun / Naer Solen Gar Niber For Evogher (Re-Release) Mel.Black/Death



Heavy Metal


Hate Takes Its Form

Death Metal

Dawn of Dreams Darklinght Awakening Melodic Death
Dawn of Winter Slow Is The Suffering Doom Metal
DAWNRIDER Fate Is Calling (Pt.I) Epic Heavy Metal
DAYLIGHT The Dead End Kids EP Emo Rock Core
DAYLIGHT DIES Lost To The Living Melancholic Doom-Death Metal
  Dismantling Devotion +/- Melancholic Doom-Death
  No Reply Doom Death
Daylight Torn New Skin Gothic Metal
DAYMARES Can´t Get Us All HC-Crust-Death´n´Roll
DAYSEND Severance Modern Metal
DAYS IN GRIEF Behind The Curtain Of A Modern Tomorrow Screamo
DAYS OF BETRAYAL Decapitated For Research Death Metal
DEAD Hardnaked ... But Dead! Death Metal/ Grind
  In The Bondage Of Vice Porn-Grind
DEADBORN Stigma Eternal Brutal Techno Death Metal
DEAD EMOTIONS Pathways To Catharsis Death Metal


Progessive Hardcore/Sludge
DEAD HEARTS Bitter Verses Hardcore
DEAD HEAD Haatland Death/Thrash
  Come To Salem Death Thrash
DEADLANDS Evilution US-Metal
DEADLOCK Manifesto Thrash Metal
  Wolves Dark Death Metal
  Earth.Revolt Melo-Death-Black/Goth-Core
  The Arrival Death Core
DEADLOCK / SIX REASONS TO KILL Split Mel Death / Death-Core
DEADLY BLESSING An Eye To The Past Prog Power Metal


Forced Into Atrocities

Death Metal



Psychedelic 70s Heavy Rock

DEAD MAN IN RENO Dead Man In Reno Techno-Metalcore
DEAD SHAPE FIGURE The Grand Karoshi Thrashcore
Dead Silent Slumber Entombed in the Midnight Hour Melodic Black
DEADSOIL Sacrifice Metalcore
  The Venom Divine Metalcore
  Forever The Enemy EP Metalcore
DEAD SOUL TRIBE The Dead Word Art Prog Groove Rock/Metal
  The January Tree Art Metal
  A Murder Of Crows Prog Avantgarde Metal
  Dead Soul Tribe Psychedelic Metal
DEADSPAWN Eradication Death Metal

Are You Serious?

Progessive Metalcore

The Phoenix Throne +/-

Math Metalcore
  Villainy & Virtue Melo-Death-Core


First Strike For Spiritual Renewance Black Thrash Metal
DEAFHEAVEN Sunbather Post-Black Metal
DEAF PENALTY 100 Reasons To Die Melodic Punkcore
DEALER Backdoor Business Glam-Poser-Rock
DEAR JOHN LETTER Part & Fragment Art/Post/Prog-Indie-Rock
DEAR MUTANT Electric Illusion Stoner Doom
DEATH ANGEL Relentless Retribution Thrash Metal
  The Art Of Dying Thrash Rock/Metal
DEATH BEFORE DISCO Barricades Emo-Prog-Rock
  Party Bullet Modern-Emo-Rock/Core
DEATHBOUND We Deserve Much Worse Grindcore
  To Cure The Sane With Insanity (Re-Release) GrindDeath
  Doomsday Comfort Grindcore
DEATH BREATH Stinking Up The Night Old School Death
DEATH BY CHOCOLATE From Birthdays To Funerals Rock 'n' Roll
DEATH BY DAWN One Hand, One Foot...And A Lot Of Teeth Death´n´Roll
DEATH BY DESIGN Discreation Death/Thrash
DEATHCHAIN Cult Of Death  Death/Thrash
  Deathrash Attack  Death/Thrash
  Deadmeat Disciples Death/Thrash
DEATHEVOKATION The Chalice Of Ages Old School Death Metal
  Blood Demo 2005 Old School Death
DEATHFIST Too Hot to Burn Thrash Metal
DEATHLIKE SILENCE Saturday Night Evil Gothic Metal
DEATH MACHINE Death Machine Industrial Metal
DEATH MASK Sitting In The Dark US-/ Power-/ Speed Metal
DEATH OF MILLIONS Statistics and tragedy Death Metal
Death Or Glory In The Middle Of The Storm Power Metal
DEATH REALITY Bloodprints Brutal Death Metal
  Flesh still feeds Brutal Death
  Blasphemous Bleeding Death Metal
DEATHRONATION Exorchrism Death Metal
DEATH SS The Seventh Seal Gothic Heavy Metal
DEATHSPIRIT Deathspirit Metal- / Harcore
DEATHSTARS Termination Bliss Dark Modern Metal
  Synthetic Generation Dark-Elektro-Metal
DEATHWITCH Violence Blasphemy Sodomy Death Metal
DEBASE Unleashed Modern Thrash
  Domination Modern Thrash
DEBAUCHERY Continue To Kill Death Metal
  Back In Blood Death Metal
  Torture Pit Death Metal
  Rage Of The Bloodbeast Death Metal

Kill Maim Burn

Death Metal
DEBODIFIED Utopia in the Eyes of a Beast  Brutal Death Metal
DEBRIS INC. Debris Inc. Punk-Doom-Noise-Metal
DECAPITATED Organic Hallucinations Technic Death Metal
  The Negation Techno-Death
  Nihility Techno Death
  The first Damned Techno Death
DECAPITATED CHRIST Arcane Impurity Ceremonies Death Metal
DECAYED Hexagram Black Metal
DECAYING PURITY Phases Of Dimensional Torture Death Metal
DECEASED As The Weird Travel On Thrash Metal
  Behind the Mourner's Veil Old-School-Metal
  Supernatural Addiction Old-School-Metal
DECEIVER Riding With The Reaper Thrashing Heavy Metal
  Deceiver EP Thrashing Heavy Metal
DECEMBER FLOWER When All Life Ends ... Melodic Death Metal
DECEMBER PEALS Come Hell Or High Water Rock/Punk
  Le Café Royal Emo-MelodiPunk-Rock
DECEMBRE NOIR A Discouraged Believer Melodic Doom/Death Metal
DECREPIT BIRTH And Time Begins Death Metal
DEDICTED Argonauts Prog Death Metal
Deeds of Flesh Inbreeding The Anthropophagi (Re-Release) Brutal Death
  Mark of the Legion Brutal Death
Deep Inside Myself  At A Late Hour Gothic Metal
DEEP INSIGHT Red Lights, White Lines Emo-Goth-Rock
DEEP PURPLE Stormbringer - 35th Anniversary Edition (Re-Release) Blues-Hardrock
DEEP SWITCH Nine Inches Of God Heavy Metal
DEEP VEIN / BLOODY SIGN / OPPRESSION Bleeding The Fist Thrash/Death
Deepred Prophetic Luster Death Metal
DEFACING Spitting Savagery Brutal Death Metal
DEFDUMP This Is Forevermore Math-Core
DEFEATED SANITY Psalms Of The Moribund Brutal Death
DEFECATION Intention Surpassed Death / Grind
DEFENESTRATION For Us It Ends When We Drown Metalcore
  Ray Zero Doom Core
DEFILED Devination Death Metal
DEFLESHED Reclaim the Beat High Speed Thrash
  Royal Straight Flesh High Speed Thrash


Abused With Gods Blessing

Death Metal


Necrotic Nightmares

Death Metal

DEFTONES Saturday Night Wrist Emo-Metal
  B-Sides & Rarities Emo Nu Metal
  Deftones Emo Metal

Modern Metal

DEGIAL Death's Striking Wings

Death Metal

DEGRADEAD Out Of Body Expierience

Melodic Death Metal

  Til Death do us apart

Melodic Death Metal

DEGREE ABSOLUTE Degree Absolute Prog Metal
DEHUMAN REIGN Destructive Intent Death Metal
DEICIDE Till Death Do Us Part Death Metal
  Scars of the Crucifix Death Metal
  In Torment in Hell Death Metal
  Insineratehymn Death Metal
DEINONYCHUS Warfare Machines Apocalyptic Black-Doom
  Insomnia Depressive Doom
  Mournument Depressive Doom
DEJA vu Decibel Disease Heavy Metal
DEKADENT The Deliverance Of The Fall Ethereal Soundtrack Black Metal
DElAIN April Rain Gothic Rock
  Lucitdity Gothic Rock
DELA CRUZ Street Level Hardrock
DELIRIUM Poem Ambient
DELIGHT Breaking Ground Modern Dark/Goth Metal
Delirious Designed by Violence Thrash
DELIRIUM TREMENS Thrashing Warthogs Thrash
DELUGE Diluvial Sorcery Black Metal
DEMEAN Today We Rise Death/Thrash-Core
Dementor God Defamer Death Metal
  Enslave the Weak Death Metal


Council From Kaos

Alt.Dark Metal

DEMIANS Building an Empire Modern Artrock
DEMIGOD Let Chaos Prevail Death Thrash Metal
  Shadow Mechanics Modern Death 
  Slumber of sullen Eyes Death Metal
DEMILICH Nespithe (Re-Release) Death Metal
DEMIRICOUS Two (Poverty) Thrash Metal
  One Death Thrash Metal
DEMIURG Slakthus Gamleby Death Metal
DEMOLITION Relict IV Death/Thrash
  Existence Thrash Metal
Demon Unbroken Hard Rock
  Spaced Out Monkey Hard Rock
  Night of the Demon (Re-Release) Hard Rock
  The Unexpected Guest (Re-Release) Hard Rock
Demoncy Joined in Darkness Brutal Black Death
DEMONICAL Darkness Unbound Death Metal
  Death Infernal Death Metal
  Hellsworn Death Metal
  Servants of the Unlight Death Metal
DEMONIC CHORALS Power Of Immortal Hatred Black Metal
DEMONIC RAGE Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies Death Metal
DEMONIC SYMPHONY Frozen Tears  Melodic Metal
DEMONIZER Triumphator Black/Thrash Metal
DEMONOID Riders Of The Apocalypse Death Metal
DEMONS & WIZARDS Touched By The Crimson King Power Metal
Demons Of Dirt Killer Engine Swedish Thrash
DeNATA Art Of The Insane Thrash Metal
DeNIAL FIEND They Rise Death Metal
Depeche Mode Exciter Electro Pop
DEPRESSED Mode Ghosts of Devotion Melodic Funeral Doom
Depression / PAGANIZER Split-CD Grind/Death Metal
Depression / Haemorrhage Split-CD Death / Grind
DEPRESSIVE WORLD Buch der Gedanken Gothic-Death
DER GERWELT Human Breed Epic Black Metal
DERANGED The Redlight Murder Case Brutal Death Metal
  Obscenities in B-Flat Brutal Death Metal
  High on Blood (Re-Release) Brutal Death Metal
  Plainfield Cemetary Brutal Death Metal
  Rated X (Re-Release) Brutal Death Metal
  Deranged Brutal Death Metal
DER DICKE POLIZIST (DDP) Tempo Alter! Deutsch Punk
  Alexithymie Deutsch Punk
DEROGATORY Above All Else Death Metal
Derosso Ossimoro Bluesy Heavy Rock
DESASTER 666 - Satan´s Soldier Syndicate Thrash/Black Metal
  Angelwhore Thrash/Black Metal
  Divine blasphemies Thrash/Black
  Tyrants of the Netherworld Black Thrash
  Souls of Infernity (EP) Black Thrash
Desaster / Pentacle ...In League With... Black Thrash
DESCEND Requiem of flame Death Metal
Desecrated Dreams Feelings of Guilt Death Metal
Desecration Pathway To Deviance Death Metal
DESERTED FEAR My Empire Death Metal
DESERT SIN Destination Paradise Power Prog Metal
  The Edge Of Horizon Power Prog Metal
  Estrellas Del Caos Latin Ska
DESPAIRATION A Requiem In Winter's Hue Melancholic Rock
D'ESPAIRS RAY [Coll:Set] Visual-Kei
DESPISE & CONQUER Invasion Death Metal
DESPISED ICON The Ills of Modern Man Deathcore
  The Healing Process Deathcore


Yeahvolution Punk Rock
Destillery Behind the Mask Power Metal
DESTINATION'S CALLING End Of Time Melodic Power Metal
DESTINITY The Inside Melodic Death Metal
  Synthetic Existence Death/Black Metal
  Under the smell of chaos Black Metal
DESTINY The Tracy Chapter Indi-Emo-Metalcore
Destiny's End Transition Power Metal
Destroyer 666 Cold Steel...for an Iron Age Black Death



Thrash Metal

  Inventor Of Evil Thrash Metal
  Metal Discharge Thrash Metal
  The Antichrist Thrash Metal
  All Hell breaks loose Thrash Metal
  Mad Butcher / Eternal Devastation Thrash Metal
  Sentence of Death / Infernal Overkill Thrash Metal
DESTYNATION Rising Up Heavy Metal
DESULTORY Counting Our Scars Death Metal
DÉTENTE Decline Thrash Metal
  Recognize No Authority (Re-Release) Thrash Metal
DETONATION Emission Phase Melodic Death Metal
  Portals To Uphobia Melodic Death
  An Epic Defiance Melodic Death
DEVIAN Ninewinged Serpent Melodic Death Black Metal
DEVIATED PRESENCE Eerie Sphere Prog Death/Thrash
DEVIL Time To Repent Doom Rock
DEVIL ATE MY SON The Eyes Of A Dead Man EP Death-Core
DEVILDRIVER The Last Kind Words Melo-Death-Core
  The Fury Of Our Maker´s Hand modern Thrash/Death
  DevilDriver Deathcore
DEVILINSIDE Volume One NuMetalcore
DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS Diabolicanos Black/Death Metal
Devilium Pagan at War Death Metal
DEVIL LEE ROT At Hell´s Deep Heavy/Thrash Metal
DEVILYN The Past against the Future Death Metal
  Artefact Death Metal
  Reborn in Pain Death Metal
DEVILS WHOREHOUSE Werewolf EP Horror-Punk-Metal
  Revelation Unorthodox Horror Metal/Punk
  The Howling Dark Punk
DEVIN DAWN Candy For The Masses Alternative Crossover
Deviser Running Sore Mystic Black
De/Vision Two Synthie Pop
Devolved Technologies Industrial Metal
Dew-Scented Incinerate Thrash Metal
  Issue VI Thrash Metal
  Impact Thrash Metal
  Inwards Thrash Metal
DEZPERADOZ The Legend And The Truth Western Metal
  An Eye For An Eye Western Metal
DGM Hidden Place Prog Metal
  Misplaced Prog Metal
DIABLO Icaros Modern Melodic Thrash
  Mimic 47 Modern Melodic Thrash
  Eternium Modern Melodic Thrash
DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA Pandora's Piñata Avantgarde Metal
  Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious Avantgarde Metal
  The Butcher's Ballroom Avantgarde Metal
DIABOLIC Infinity through Purification diabolic Death Metal
  Vengeance ascending Death Metal
  Subterraneal Magnitude Brutal Death
Diabolical A Thousand Deaths Melodic Death
  Synergy Melodic Death
Diabolicum The Dark Blood Rising Industrial Black
DIAGONAL Diagonal 70s-Jam-Prog-Jazz-Rock
DIAMOND DAWN Overdrive Melodic Rock
DIAMOND HEAD What´s In Your Head? Hard Rock
DIAMOND PLATE Generation Why? Thrash Metal
DIANOGAH Qhnnnl Noise/Indie Rock
DIATRIBAL REVENGE A Cynical Heart Beats Within Us All Hard-/Metalcore
BRUCE DICKINSON Tyranny Of Souls Heavy Metal
[DIE!] Still German Industrial Metal
  Stigmata NDH
  Manche bluten ewig NDH
Die Allergie Virus III Modern Metal
  Friede sei mit dir EP Reiter Metal
  Samurai Reiter Metal
  All you need is Love Apo Metal
  Have A Nice Trip Reiter Metal
  Soft & Stronger (Re-Release) Reiter Metal
  Allegro Barbaro (Re-Release) Reiter Metal
DIECAST Internal Revolution Metalcore
  Tearing Down Your Blue Skies Metalcore
DIE HAPPY VI Alternative Rock
  Supersonic Speed Alternative Rock
DIE HARD Conjure The Legions Thrash/ Black Metal
  Nihilistic Vision Thrash/ Black Metal
DIE KAMMER Season 1: The Seeming And The Real Akustik / Singer-Songwriter
DIE KASSIERER Männer, Bomben, Satelliten Fun Punk
DIE…MY DEMON / 50 CALIBER Splitting Ammunition Split CD Hardcore/Metalcore
DIES ATER Hunger For Life Black Metal
  Odium´s Spring Black Metal
  Out of the Dark Gothic Black Metal
  Chanting Evil melodic Black Metal
  Through weird Woods Black Metal
DIES IRAE Sculptures Of Stone Death Metal
  The Sin War Death Metal
  Immolated Death Metal
DIFFUZION Body Code Dark Elektro / Synthie Pop
DIGNITY Project Destiny Hardrock
Diluvium Aurora Gothic Metal
DIMENSION F3H Reaping the World Winds Dark Power Metal
DIMENSION X Implications of a Genetic Defense Prog Metal
DIMENSION ZERO He who shall not bleed Melodic Death Metal
  This is Hell Melodic Death Metal
  Penetrations from the Lost World (Re-Release) Melodic Death
  Silent Night Fever Melodic Death
DIM MAK Intercepting Fist Brutal Death
DIMMU BORGIR In Sorte Diaboli Symphonic Black Metal
  Stormblåst 2005 Symphonic Black Metal
  Death Cult Armageddon Symphonic Black
  Puritanical Euphonic Misanthropia Symphonic Black
  Spiritual Black Dimensions Symphonic Black
  Enthrone Darkness Triumphant Symphonic Black
DIO Dio´s Inferno - The Last In Live (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
  Angry Machines (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
  Evil Or Divine - Live In New York City (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
  Master Of The Moon Heavy Metal
  Killing the Dragon Heavy Metal
  Dream Evil Heavy Metal
DIONYSUS Anima Mundi Melodic Power Metal
DIRTY AMERICANS Strange Generation Dirty HR´nR
DISAFFECTED Rebirth Progressive Death Metal
DISARMONIA MUNDI The Isolation Game Melodic Modern Death
  Mind Tricks Melodic Death Thrash
  Fragments of D-Generation Melodic Death Metal
DISASTER K.F.W. Collateral Damage Death Metal
  Death Ritual Death Metal
  Därme Fressen EP Folk-Black/Death
Disastrous Murmur Marinate your Meat Death Metal
  ...And Hungry Are The Lost Death Metal
DisAstrous Murmur / Embedded Split-EP Death Metal
DISAVOWED Stagnated Existence Brutal Death Metal
  Perceptive Deception Brutal Death
DISBELIEF Heal! Death Metal
  Navigator Depressive Death/Thrash
  66Sick Psycho-Death-Core
  Spreading the Rage Depressed Death
  Shine Psychotic Death
  Worst Enemy Psychotic Death
DISCHARGE Re-Releases 2003 (Re-Release) Crust-Punk-Core
DISCIPLINE Saints & Sinners Streetcore
DISCREATION The Silence Of The Gods Death Metal
DISENGAGE Application For An Afterlife Groove-Rock/Metal
DISFEAR Live The Storm DeathCrust´n´Roll
  Misanthropic Generation Crust´n´Roll Metal
DISGORGE (Mex) Necrholocaust Death Grind
Disgorge (US) Consume the forsaken Brutal Death
DISILLUSION Gloria +/- Alternative Prog Metal
  Back to Times of Splendor Prog. Death Metal
  The porter Melodic Death
Disinter As We Burn Death Metal
  Demonic Portraiture Death Metal
  Welcome to Oblivion Death Metal
DISKORD Dystopics Death Metal
DISLOCATION Inexorable Devastation Death Metal
DISMAL Rubino Liquido Gothic Metal
Dismal Euphony Python Zero Dark Metal
DISMEMBER Dismember Death Metal
  The God that never was Death Metal
  Complete Demos Death Metal
  Pieces Death Metal
  Indecent and Obscene Death Metal
  Massive Killing Capacity Death Metal
  Death Metal Death Metal
  Hate Campaign Death Metal
  Where Ironcrosses grow Death Metal
  Hate Campaign Death Metal
DISPARAGED Blood Source Death Metal
  Overlust Death Metal
Disrespect Hit the Ceiling HC-Metal
DISSECT / LOS REZIOS Split EP Crust/Hardcore
DISSECTION Live Legacy Melodic Black
DISSECTION (CDN) ne Way Get Away (Re-Release) Thrash Metal
DISSIMULATION Prakeikimas Black/Thrash Metal
  Maras Black Metal
DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY Louceni se svetem pozemskym Gothic Doom Death
DistANT THUNDER Welcome The End US Metal
DISTRESS Others Doom Death Metal
  The Mourning Sign Doom Death Metal
DISTURBED Asylum Modern Metal
  The Sickening NuMetal
  Believe Modern Metal
DIVERCIA Cycle of Zero Melodic Dark Metal
  Modus Operandi Melodic Dark Metal
DIVIDED MULTITUDE Falling To Pieces Progressive Metal
DIVINE EMPIRE Method Of Execution Death Metal
  Nostradamus Death Metal
  Redemption Death Metal
DIVINEFIRE Into A New Dimension Power Metal
DIVINE HERESY Bleed The Fifth! Modern Cyber Death/Thrash
DIVINE NOISE ATTACK Creating The End Death/Grind
  Torn Apart Death Metal
Divine RAPTURE The Burning Passion Death Metal
Divine Souls The bitter selfcaged Man Melodic Death
  Embodiement Melodic Death
DIVINITY Allegory Extreme Melodic Prog Death
DIVISION KENT Monsterproof Elektro-Trip-Pop
Dkay.com Deeper Into The Heart Of Dysfunction Elektro Rock
DOCTOR BUTCHER Doctor Butcher Power Metal
DOERNBERG, FERDY ... Till I Run Out Of Road Rock
DOG EAT DOG Walk With Me Crossover
DOG FASHION DISCO Beating A Dead Horse, To Death...Again Freak-Crossover-Zirkus-Death-Rock
  Adultery Crossover
  Committed To A Bright Future Crossover
DOGPOUND The Hellbum Mel.Hardrock
DOKKEN Japan Live '95 Hard Rock
DOL AMMAD Ocean Dynamics Symphonic Metal
DOLLFACE Silent Rebellion Indie Rock
DOL THEETA The Universe Expands Electronic Art Metal
DOMAIN Last Days Of Utopia Melodic Rock/Metal
DOMINE Ancient Spirit Rising Power Metal
  Emperor Of The Black Runes Epic Power Metal
  Stormbringer Ruler Power Metal
DOMINICI O3 A Trilogy - Part 3 Prog Metal
  O3 A Trilogy - Part 2 Prog Metal
DOMINION III Life Has Ended Here Dark EBM
Dominion Caligula A new Era rises Melodic Death
DOMINUS PRAELII Holding The Flag Of War US-Metal
DON CABALLERO Punkgasm Instrumental Prog-/Postrock
DONNYBROOK Lions In This Game Hardcore
DOOMFOXX Doomfoxx Hard Rock’Roll
DOOMSHINE The Piper At The Gates Of Doom Epic Doom
  Thy Kingdoom Come Epic Doom
DOOMSTONE Disharmonic Death Metal
DOOMSWORD The Eternal Battle Epic Metal
  My Name Will Live On Epic Metal
  Let Battle Commence Epic War Metal
  Resound The Horn Doom Metal
DOOM:VS Aeternum Vale Funeral Doom
DO OR DIE Tradition Metalcore
DORN Suriel Gothic-Death Metal
  Schatten der Vergangenheit Gothic Death
  Brennende Kälte Dark Death
DORNENREICH In Luft geritzt Dark-Mystic-Soundscape-Neofolk-Rock
  Hexenwind Dark-Mystic-Neofolk-Rock
  Nicht um zu sterben (Re-Release) Abstrakt Black
  Bitter ist´s dem Tod zu dienen (Re-Release) Abstrakt Black
  Her von welken Nächten Abstrakt Black
Doro Raise Your Fist Heavy Metal
  Fight Hard Rock
DORRN Sweet Borderliner Nu Metal
DOUBLE DIAMOND Stand Up And Fight Heavy Metal
DOUBLEDRIVE Blue In The Face Grunge Rock
DOWN Over The Under Southern-Retro-Doom-Metal
Downer Downer Alternative Metal
DowNFALL OF GAIA Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes Post-HC/Black Metal
DOWNLORD Random Dictionary of the Damned Death Metal
DOWNSCAPE Under The Surface Death Metal
DOWNSCARRED The Flower And The Fall Gothic Rock/ Metal
DOWNSET Universal Crossover
DOWNSTAIRS LEFT Nothing But Memories EP Dark Wave/ Gothic
DOWNTHESUN Downthesun NuMetal
DRACONIAN The burning Halo Doom Death Metal
  Arcane Rain fell Doom Death Metal
  Where Lovers mourn Doom Death Metal
DRACONIS SANGUIS Between insanity and brilliance melodic Black
DRAGONFORCE Inhuman Rampage Mel.Speed Metal
  Sonic Firestorm Mel.Speed Metal
DRAGONHAMMER Time For Expiation Mel-Power Metal
  The Blood of the Dragon Power Metal
Dragonland Astronomy Symphonic Metal
  The Battle Of The Ivory Plains Power Metal
DRAGONLORD Black Wings of Destiny Symphonic Black Metal
  Rapture Symphonic Black Metal
DRAGONSCLAW Prophecy Heavy/ Speed Metal
DRAGONSFIRE Speed Demon Heavy Metal
  Metal Service Heavy Metal
  Visions Of Fire Heavy Metal
Drakkar Razorblade God Power Metal
  Gemini Power Metal
DRASTIQUE Pleasureligion Gothic Black
DRAUGNIM Northwind´s Ire Pagan Black Doom Metal
DREAMAKER Enclosed Power Metal
  Human Device Melodic Metal
DREAM EVIL United Heavy Metal
  The Book of Heavy Metal Heavy Metal


Power Metal
  Dragonslayer Power Metal
DREAMING DEAD Within One Black/ Death Metal
DREAMLAND Eye For An Eye Heavy Metal
  Future's Calling Power Metal
DREAMLIKE HORROR Delightful Suicides Dark Soundtrack EBM Rock
DREAMSCAPE 5th Season Prog Metal
  End Of Silence Prog Metal
Dreams of Damnation Let the Violence begin Death/Thrash
Dreams of Sanity The Game  Operesk Goth Metal
DREAMTALE Difference Melodic Metal
DREAM THEATER Systematic Chaos Progressive Metal
  Octavarium Progressive Metal
  Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence Progressive Metal
  Live Scenes from New York Progressive Metal
  Metropolis Pt. II: Scenes from a Memory Progressive Metal
DREAMTIDE Dreams For The Daring Melodic Rock
DRECKSAU Kältekammer Doom Core
Driller Killer The 4Q Mangrenade Crust Core
  Cold, Cheap & Disconnected Crust Core
  And the Winner is... Crust Core
DRITTE WAHL Tooth For Tooth Punk Rock
  Roggen Roll Punk Rock
DRIVER Sons Of Thunder US-Metal

Radioactive Intervention

Crossover Thrash Metal


Neo Thrash

Head-On Collision

Neo Thrash
DROPKICK MURPHYS Signed And Sealed In Blood Irish-Folk-HC-Punk-Rock
DROWN MARY Detached Metalcore
DRUGS OF FAITH Drugs Of Faith Noise-Core
DRUID LORD Hymns For The Wicked Doom/ Death Metal
DRY KILL LOGIC The Dead and Dreaming  Nu Metal (Core)
  The Darker Side Of Nonsense NuMetal
DSK Oppressed/Deformed Deathcore
DUFF McKAGAN'S LOADED Wasted Heart Hard Rock
DUKE Escape From Reality Power Metal
Dumper Dumper Electric Modern Rock
DUNGEON Resurrection Heavy Metal

One Step beyond Melodic Power Metal
  A Rise to Power Melodic Power Metal
Dungortheb Intended so... Death Metal
DUNKELGRAFEN Oris Diabolis Black Metal
  Triumph des Fleisches Black Metal
DUNKELSCHÖN Vergehen & Werden Mittelalter/ Folk
  Zauberwort Mittelalter/ Folk
  Katharsis Mittelalter/ Folk
Dusk Mourning...Ressurect Doom Death
DUSKMACHINE The Final Fall Thrash Metal
DUST & BONES Liberator Street Metal
DUSTSUCKER Jack Knife Rendevous Dirty Stret R´n´R
DWELLING Humana Neo-Classic-Medieval-Folk
DYECREST This Is My World Heavy Power Metal
  The Way Of Pain Dark Heavy Metal
DYING FETUS War On Attrition Death Metal
  Stop At Nothing Brutal Death Metal
  Destroy the Opposition Brutal Death Metal
  Grotesque Impalement Brutal Death Metal
DYING HUMANITY Fragments Of An Incomplete Puzzle Melodic Deathcore
DYNABYTE Extreme Mental Piercing Industrial Metal
DYSANCHELY Secrets Of The Sun melodic Death


DYSRHYTHMIA Pretest Avantgarde-Jazz-Rock



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