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I Between Two Worlds Epic Black Metal´n´Roll
I AM GHOST Lovers Requiem Emocore
Ian Parry Shadowman Heavy Metal
ICARUS WITCH Songs For The Lost US Metal
  Capture the Magic US-Metal
  Roses On White Lace US-Metal
Ice Ages This Killing Emptiness Dark EBM
ICED EARTH The Crucible of Man (Something Wicked Part II) Power Metal
  I walk among you Power Metal
  Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Pt.1.) Power Rock
  The Glorious Burden +/- Power Metal
  Tribute to the Gods Heavy Metal
  Horror Show Power Metal
  The Melancholy EP Power Metal
ICHOR Benthic Horizon Death Metal
ICONS OF BRUTALITY Between Glory And Despair Death Metal
ICY STEEL As The Gods Command Epic Metal
  Icy Steel Epic Metal
BILLY IDOL Devil's Playground Hardrock
IF HOPE DIES Life In Ruin Metalcore
IGNITE Our Darkest Days Melodic Hardcore
IGNITOR Road of Bones Heavy Metal
IHSAHN Angl Avantgarde Prog Black Metal
  The Adversary Avantgarde Prog Black Metal
ILIUM Genetic Memory Melodic Metal
Ageless Decay Melodic Metal
ILLDISPOSED The Prestige Death Metal
  Burn me wicked Death Metal
  1-800 Vindication Death Metal
  Kokaiinum Death Metal
ILLECTRONIC ROCK Angel Suicide Elektro-Indie-Nu-Rock
ILLIUM Road to Macedonia Heavy Power Metal
ILLNATH Third Act In The Theater Of Madness Gothic/ Black Metal
Second Skin Of Harlekin Melodic Black Metal
  Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure Melodic Black Metal
  Angelic Voices Calling Symphonic Melodic Black Metal
Ill Nino Confession Nu Metal
  Revolution / Revolución Nu Metal
IllOGICIST Subjected Death Metal
ILL-SANITY From Down Below Melodic Death Metal
Immemoreal Temple of Retribution Death Black
IMMEMORIAL After Deny Death Metal
Immersed in Blood Relentless Retaliation Brutal Death
IMMOLATION Harnessing Ruin Death Metal
  Unholy Cult Death Metal
  Close to a World below Death Metal
Immortal Sons of Northern Darkness Black Metal
  Damned in Black Black Metal
IMMORTAL RITES For Tyrant’s Sake Melodic Death Metal
  Art of Devolution Melodic Death Metal
IMPALED The Last Gasp Death Metal/Grindcore
  Death After Life Gore-Death/Thrash
  Medical Waste EP Gore Death
  Mondo Medicale Death Grind
  The Dead shall dead remain Death Grind
Impaled Nazarene Manifest Satanic Nuclear Metal
  Death comes in 26 carefully selected Pieces (Live) Satanic Nuclear Metal
  All That You Fear Satanic Nuclear Metal
  Decade of Decadence Satanic Nuclear Metal
IMPELLITERI Pedal To The Metal Heavy Metal
Impending Doom Apocalypse III Black Thrash
Impedigon As Desire Fades... Melodic Death
IMPERANON Stained Melodic Death
Impetigo Faceless Death Grind
IMPELLITERI System X Heavy Metal
Imperia Queen Of Light Gothic Symphonic Metal
Imperial Sodomy Demolished Death Metal
  Tormenting the Pacifist Death Metal
IMPIETY Worshippers Of The Seventh Tyranny Black/ Death Metal
  Terroreign Black/ Death Metal
  Kaos Kommand 696 Black/ Death Metal
Impious Holy Murder Masquerade   Death/Thrash
  Hellucinate Death/Thrash
  The Killer Death/Thrash
IMPURE In disrespect to mankind Death/Grind
IMPURITY At The Gates Of Dawn Black/Death Metal
INACTIVE MESSIAH Sinful Nation Experimental Slow Metal
IN AETERNUM Nuclear Armageddon Mel.Black/Death
IN BATTLE Kingdom of Fear Death Metal
  Welcome To The Battlefield Death Metal
In Blackest Velvet Edenflow Melodic Death
INCANTATION Primordial Domination Death Metal
  Decimate Christendom Death Metal
  Live Blasphemy Death Metal
  Blasphemy Death Metal
INCAPACITY 9th Order Extinct Death Metal
  Chaos Complete Death Metal
INCARNATED Pleasure of Consumption Death Metal
INCRAVE Dead End Power Metal
INCUBATOR LieBISSlieder Death/NDH-Thrash Metal
INCUBUS Monuments And Melodies (Best-Of) Alternative Rock
IN DEMISE Adapting To Disorder Death Metal
INDESTROY Indestroy/ Senseless Theories Thrash Metal
INDYUS Ashes Of Dystopia Heavy Metal
INFAUST Des Schmerzes Macht Black Metal
Infernal Legion Sculptured Humans Death Black Metal
Infernal POETRY Nervous System Checking Schizo Death Metal
INFERNUM The Curse Dark/Black Metal
INFESTUM Ta Natas Black Metal
INFINIGHT Like Puppets Heavy Metal
INFINITED HATE Heaven Termination Death Metal
  Revel in Bloodshed Death Metal
INFINITE HORIZON Dominion Black/ Death Metal
  Soul Reducer Melodic Prog Metal
INFINITE TRANSLATION Masked Reality Thrash Metal
INFINITIY The Arcane Wisdom Of Shadows Black Metal
IN FLAMES A Sense of Purpose Melodic Death Metal
IN FLAMES Come Clarity Melodic Death Metal
  Soundtrack to your Escape Melodic Death Metal
  The Quiet Place (Maxi) Melodic Death Metal
  Reroute to Remain Melodic Death Metal
  The Tokyo Sundown Melodic Death Metal
  Clayman Melodic Death Metal
  Colony Melodic Death Metal
INFLICTION The Silencer Melodic Death Metal
  The faint smell of suicide Melodic Death Metal
INGRIMM Todgeweiht Mittelalter Metal
  Ihr Sollt Brennen Mittelalter Metal
IN GRIEF Deserted Soul Progressive Metal
INGURGITATING OBLIVION Voyage Towards Abhorrence Death Metal
INHUMAN Black Reign EP NY-Hardcore

Chaos Dissection Order

Death Grind

Iniquity Iniquity Bloody Iniquity Death Metal
  Grime Death Grind




INKED IN BLOOD Lay Waste The Poets Metalcore
IN ME Overgrown Eden Crossover
In-Quest The Comatose Quandaries Death Metal
  Epileptic Death Metal
  Destination: Pyroclasm Death Metal
Inrage Built to Destroy Thrash Metal
INSANE Mechanical Revolt Thrash Metal
INSANIA (Herne) Never 2L84H8 Heavy/Power Metal
INSANIA (Stockholm) Agony Gift Of Life Melodic Metal
  Fantasy - A New Dimension Power Metal
  Sunrise in Riverland Power Metal
INSENSE Soothing Torture +/- Ind. Psycho Thrash
INSIDE CONFLICT Spherical Mirage Death Core
INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY The Inerrancy Of Profanation Death Metal
  Decadent Orgy Of Atrocious Suffering Death Metal
INSIGNIUM In die Abgründe Black Metal
INSISION Revealed and Worshipped Death Metal
  Beneath the Folds of Flesh Death Grind
IN SLUMBER Scars: incomplete Melodic Death Metal
INSOLENCE Audio War Rapcore
IN SOLITUDE In Solitude Heavy/US Metal
INSOMNIUM Above the weeping World Melodic Prog. Death
  Since the Day it all came down Melodic Prog. Death
  In the Halls of Awaiting Melodic Death
INTEGRITY Palm Sunday Hatecore
INTENSE The Shape Of Rage Power Metal
As our Army grows Power Metal
  Second Sight Power Metal
INTERNAL SUFFERING Choronzonic Force Domination Brutal Death Metal
  Supreme Knowledge Domain (Re-Release) Brutal Death
  Chaotic Matrix Death Grind
Internecine The Book Of Lambs Death Grind
INTESTINE BAALISM Banquet in the Darkness Melodic Death Grind
IN THE WOODS... Live At The Caledonian Hall Avantgarde Metal
IN THIS MOMENT The Dream Alternative Modern Rock
  Beautiful Tragedy Alternative Metalcore
INTO ETERNITY The incurable Tragedy Prog Death Thrash Metal
  The Scattering of Ashes Prog Death Thrash
  Buried In Oblivion Prog.Death/Thrash
  Dead or Dreaming Progressive Metal
IN TORMENTATA QUIETE Teatroelementale Folk–Progressive–Black–Gothic Metal
INTO THE MOAT The Design Math-Jazz-Core
INTO THE VOID Love For A Lifetime Gothic Death
  A Dying Morning Gothic Death
INTRONAUT Void Prog-Sludge-Jazz-Groove-Doom
Intruder Live to die...relived  (Re-Release) Speed / Thrash
  Psycho Savant  Speed / Thrash
IN VAIN The Latter Rain Avantgarde Nordic Extreme Metal
Invasion Conquered Death Thrash
INVECTION Demented Perception EP Thrash Metal
INVERACITY Circle Of Perversion Brutal Death Metal
Inveracity / Insision Split EP Death Metal
INVOCATOR Through the Flesh to the Soul Thrash Metal
INWARD Ruins Of Inland Death/Black Metal

The Sickest Of Society

iO For The Masses Alternative/Power Rock
IOMMI Fused Heavy Rock
ION DISSONANCE Minus The Herd Metalcore
IR8 vs. SEXOTURICA Split-EP Thrash Metal
IRA The Body And The Soil Hypnotic-Psycho-Doom-Core
IRATE ARCHITECT Born Blood Portrait Death Grind
Iron FATE Cast In Iron Heavy Metal
Iron Fire Thunderstorm Power Metal
IRON KOBRA Dungeon Masters Heavy Metal
Battlesword Heavy Metal
IRON MAIDEN The Final Frontier Heavy Metal
  Somewhere Back In Time: The Best of 1980-1989 Heavy Metal
  A Matter of Life and Death Heavy Metal
  Death on the Road Heavy Metal
  The Trooper (Maxi) Heavy Metal
  The Number of the Beast (Maxi) Heavy Metal
  Dance of Death Heavy Metal
  Rock in Rio Heavy Metal
  Brave New World Heavy Metal
  Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Heavy Metal
  Somewhere in Time Heavy Metal
IRON MAN I Have Returned Retro-Doom Rock
  Generation Void Doom Metal
IRON SAVIOR Megatropolis Power Metal
  Battering Ram Power Metal
  I´ve been to Hell Power Metal
IRONSWORD Overlords Of Chaos Epic Metal
  Return of the Warrior Barbaric Metal
  Ironsword Heavy Metal
IRRBLOSS Blodline Black Metal
Isegrim Dominus Infernus Ushanas Black Metal
ISENBURG Erzgebirge Black Metal
ISIS Wavering Radiant Post Core/Metal
  In The Absence Of Truth Cineastic Post Core Rock
  Panopticon Wall-Of-Sound-Psycho-Rock
ISKALD Revelation Of Reckoning Day Black Metal
  Shades Of Misery Black Metal
ISOLE Bliss Of Solitude Epic Doom Metal
  Throne Of Void Epic Doom Metal
ISRATHOUM Moment Of Brimstone Black Metal
  Black Scenery Avatar Black Metal
IT DIES TODAY The Caitiff Choir Emo-Noise-Metalcore
IURAMENTUM The Awakening Melodic Viking Death Metal
IVAN DRAGO / ELISION Split EP Post-Core-Monumental-Noise-Rock / Noise-Jazz-Math-Core
IVANHOE Lifeline Prog Metal
  Walk in Mindfields Power Prog Metal
IVORY NIGHT The Healing Heavy Metal
Subjective Enemy Prog Metal


Elect Darkness

Black 'N' Roll


Tribute To Totalitarism

Death Metal




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