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EAGLES OF DEATH METAL Death By Sexy... Peace, Love & Rock´n´Roll
EAGLE TWIN The Unkindness Of Crows Stoner-Sludge-Drone-Doom-Metal
EARLY MAN Closing In Metal
EARTH Star Condemn´d Death Metal
EARTH CRISIS To The Death metallized HC
  Breed The Killers metallized Hardcore
EARTHLING SOCIETY Albion Psychedelic Rock
EARTHRIDE Vampire Circus Stoner-Southern-Doom-Rock
EarthSHAKER Earthshaker (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
Earthtone 9 Arc´tan´gent NuMetal
  Omega EP NuMetal
EAST WEST BLAST TEST Popular Music For Unpopular People Free-Jazz-Noise-Crossover
  East West Blast Test Psycho-Jazz-Core
Easy Rider Animal Power Metal
EATEN BY SHEIKS Our Last First Record Rock
EBONY ARK When The City Is Quiet Gothic Metal
ECHOES OF DEVASTATION Salt Of Your Tears Death Metal
ECHOES OF ETERNITY The Forgotten Goddess Melodic Progressive Metal
ECITON Oppressed Death Metal
ECLIPSE Second To None Melodic Rock/Metal
ECLIPTIC CIRCLE Imperfection Of Our Past Metalcore
EDENBEAST Shortcuts of Erotic Violence Melodic Dark / Death Metal
EDENBRIDGE The Grand Design Angelic Bombast Metal
  Shine Angelic Bombast Metal
  Arcana Angelic Bombast Metal
  Sunrise in Eden Angelic Bombast Metal
EDEN MAINE The Treachery Pact Emotional Psycho Core
EDGE OF SANITY Crimson II Death Metal
EDGE OF THORNS Masquerading Of The Wicked Power Metal
ED GEIN Judas Goats & Dieseleaters Grind-/Chaoscore
EDGUY Rocket Ride Power Metal
  Superheroes Power Metal
  Lavatory Love Machine Power Metal
  Hellfire Club Power Metal
  Burning Down The Opera Power Metal
  Mandrake Power Metal
Edicius Aeon Black Metal
LEIF EDLING The Black Heart Of CANDLEMASS - Demos & Outtakes '83 - '99 Epic Doom


Modified Poison

Thrash Metal

  Evil Forces Apocalyptic Thrash
EHNAHRE The Man Closing Up Experimental Slow Metal
Eidolon Apostles of Defiance Power Thrash
  Nightmare World Power Metal
  Hallowed Apparition Power Metal
  Coma Nation Power Metal
EIGENSINN Die Wahrheit Rock/Gothic/Alternative/Metal
EILERA Precious Moment EP Folk-Trip-Pop/Rock
EINHERJER Blot Bombast Viking Metal
EISBLUME Unter Dem Eis Gothic Pop
  Unter Dem Eis EP Gothic Pop
EISBLUT Schlachtwerk Sicko Extreme Metal
EISBRECHER Eiszeit (Single) NDH/ Elektro
  Sünde NDH/ Elektro
EISHEILIG Imperium Gothic Dark Metal
  Elysium Gothic Dark Metal
  Die Gärten des Herrn Gothic-Gloom-Metal
  Eisheilig Gothic Dark Metal
EISREGEN Knochenkult Black Rock/Metal
  Blutbahnen Dark Metal
  Wundwasser Dark/Black Metal
  Farbenfinsternis Black Avantgarde
  Leichenlager Black Avantgarde
EKLIPSE A Night In Strings Klassik / Instrumental
EKOTREN Light The Fire Metalcore
EKPYROSIS After War Heavy/Power Metal
EKTOMORF Outcast Sepulfly-Thrash
  Instinct Modern Thrash Metal
  Destroy Modern Thrash Metal
  I scream up to the Sky Tribal Thrash
Eläkeläiset Pahvische Humppa Polka Rock
EL CACO From Dirt Alternative
  The Search Alternative
EL SOTER Appletree Of Discord Metal/ Elektro
ELDRITCH Livequake Progressive Power Metal
  El Nino (Re-Release) Prog Power Metal
  Blackenday Melodic Power Thrash
  Seeds of Rage + Headquake (Re-Release) Power Prog Metal
  Neighbourhell Melodic Power Thrash
ELECTRIC WIZARD Witchcult Today +/- Satanic Doom Rock
ELEND A World In Their Screams Dark Orchestral Horror Klassik
  Winds Devouring Men Dark Goth Klassik
ELEKTROKILL / STA$D400 Split Elektronika/Ambient/CPU-Rock
ELENIUM Caught in a Wheel Melodic Prog Death Metal
  For living for getting Melodic Prog Death Metal
ELFFOR Son Of The Shades Ambient / Black Metal
ELI Darkness Will Fall Gothic Metal
ELIS Griefshire Gothic Metal
  Dark Clouds in a perfect Sky Gothic Metal
  God´s Silence, Devil´s Temptation Gothic Metal
ELISABETHA Und Wirklichkeit erfüllt die Seele wieder Dark Avantgarde
ELISION / IVAN DRAGO Split EP Post-Core-Monumental-Noise-Rock / Noise-Jazz-Math-Core
ELITE We Own The Mountains Black Metal
  Kampen Black Metal
ELLI Shout it out Rock

Imperial Tzadik

Avantgarde Dark Prog Metal
  From Beyond Thematics Psycho Sympho Metal
  Comastory Prog-Psycho-Doom
ELM STREET Barbed Wire Metal Heavy Metal
ELUVEITIE Slania Medieval Folk Melo Death
ELVENKING Wyrd Folk Metal
  Heathenreel Power Folk Metal
ELVIRA MADIGAN Regent Sie - She Devils of ... Black Metal
  Witches Black Metal
ELWING War Power Metal
ELYSIAN FIELDS Bum Raps & Love Taps Indi-Bar-Lounge-Soul-Trip-Rock
ELYSIUM Deadline Melodic Death Metal
  Feedback Melo.Death
EMBALMING THEATRE Sweet Chainsaw Melodies Grindcore
  Excuisite cadaveric hormon cocktails Grindcore
EMBEDDED A Severity Divine Death Metal
  Banished from the Light Death Metal
EMBERS The first Squall of an evil Storm Metalcore
EMBRACED Amorous Anathema (Re-Release) Gothic Melo Death
  Within (Re-Release) melodic Death
EMBRACED BY HATRED Down To Concrete Bollo-Mosh-Core
EMERALD Unleashed Heavy Metal
  Re-Forged Heavy Metal
  Hymns to Steel Heavy Metal
EMERGENCY GATE Rewake Melodic Death Metal
  Nightly Ray Heavy Metal
EMETH Insidious Death Metal
EMILIE AUTUMN Opheliac Victorianindustrial
EMINENCE Humanology Nu Thrash Metal
EMMURE Goodbye to the Gallows Metalcore
Emperor Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire & Demise Prog Black Metal
  Scattered Ashes  Prog Black Metal
Empire Hypnotica Hard Rock
  Trading Souls Melodic Rock
Alec Empire Intelligence and Sacrifice Terror-Industrial
EMPTY TREMOR The Alien inside Progressive Metal
  Eros and Thanatos Progressive Metal
EMPYRIUM A Retrospective... Dark-Folk-Metal
  Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays Wagnerian Folk
Em Sinfonia Intimate Portrait Doom Death
ENABLER All Hail The Void Hardcore
ENABLERS Tundra Poetry Art Rock
  Output Negative Space Poetic Avantgarde Jazz Rock
  End Note Poetic Avantgarde Blues Noise Rock
ENCHANT Live at Last Prog / Art Rock
  Blink of an Eye Prog / Art Rock
ENCHANTER Secrets Vol. 1 - Symbols In Stone Old School Metal
END III Black Metal
Endart Planet Rock Death Core
EN DECLIN Domino/Consequence Melancholic Art Prog Rock
  Trama Melancholic Art Prog Rock
EndE Whispers Of A Dying Earth Black Metal
EndEVERAFTER Kiss Or Kill Glam Sleaze Metal
Endless Perihelion Dark Metal
ENDLESS DISTRUST Colours Of Death Brutal Death
END OF A YEAR You Are Beneath Me Post-Hardcore/Punk
END OF DAYS Dedicated to the Extreme Deathcore


High Hopes In Low Places

Dark Rock
  Dead End Dreaming Goth'n'Doom'n'Roll
  Last Night On Earth Depressed Subcore
  Songs For A Dying World Depressed Alt. Doom
END OF LEVEL BOSS Prologue Avantgarde-Prog-Noise-Doom-Rock
END OF YOU Mimesis Gothic Rock
  Unreal Gothic Rock
ENDSTAND Spark Hardcore
  The Time Is Now Hardcore
ENDSTILLE Verführer Black Metal
  Endstilles Reich Black Metal
  Navigator Black Metal
  Dominanz Black Metal
Endthisday Sleeping Beneath the Ashes Of Creation HC meets Death



Modern Melo-Death

ENEMYNSIDE Let The Madness Begin ... Thrash Metal
ENEMY OF THE SUN Shadows Modern Thrash Metal
ENEMY ROSE / MERCY KILLERS ...And To Become One - Split Rock´n´Roll
ENFORCER Death By Fire Heavy Metal
  Diamonds Heavy Metal
  Înto The Night Heavy Metal
ENFORSAKEN The Forever Endeavor Melodic Death Metal
  Embraced in Misery Melodic Death Metal
ENGEL Absolute Design +/- Modern Metal
Engine Superholic Modern Metal
ENGORGED Where Monsters Dwell Gore-Thrash-Grind
  Engorged Speed Death Core
ENID Gradwanderer Wave/Goth-Metal
  Seelenspiegel Dark Wave Metal
ENOJADO Till The Distance Is Complete Stoner Death´n´Roll Metal
Enraged Counterblast Death Metal
ENSIFERUM Unsung Heroes Pagan/ Epic Viking Metal
  From Afar Pagan/ Epic Viking Metal
  Victory Songs Pagan/ Epic Viking Metal
  Dragonheads Pagan/ Epic Viking Metal
  Iron Pagan/ Epic Viking Metal
  Ensiferium Pagan/ Epic Viking Metal
ENSIGN Love The Music, Hate The Kids Hardcore/Punk


Axioma Ethica Odini

Post Prog Black Metal
  Vertebrae Avantgarde Viking
  Ruun Avantgarde Viking
  ISA Avantgarde Viking
  Below The Lights Avantgarde Viking
  Monumension Avantgarde Viking
Enslavement of Beauty Megalomania Symphonic Black
ENSOPH Project X-Katon Psycho Sympho Black
  Opus Dementiae Schizo Sympho Black
  Bleeding Womb of Ananke Avantgarde Black
ENTER CHAOS Aura Sense Melodic Death Metal
  Dreamworker Melodic Death
ENTER MY SILENCE Coordinate: D1SA5T3R   Melodic Death Metal
  Remotecontrolled Scythe Melodic Death Metal
ENTER SHIKARI Common Dreads Elektro Emo Trance-Core
EnthrAL Subterranean Movment Black Metal
EnthrALLMENT Smashed Brain Collection Death Metal
ENTHRONED Obsidium Black Metal
XES Haereticum Black Metal
  Carnage In Worlds Beyond Black Metal
  Armoured Bestial Hell Black Metal
ENTOMBED Serpent Saints Death´n´Roll Metal
  When In Sodom EP Death´n´Roll-Metal
  Unreal Estate Death-Rock
  Inferno Death´n`Roll
  Morning Star Death´n`Roll
ENTRAILS Raging Death Old School Death Metal
The Tomb Awaits Old School Death Metal
ENTRAPMENT Irreligeous Abominations (Demo Sessions 2010 - 2011) Old School Death Metal
ENTWINE Painstained Gothic Rock
  Fatal Design Modern Gothic Metal
  diEversity Modern Gothic Metal
  Time of Despair Gothic Metal
  Gone Gothic Metal
EPHRAT No One´s Words Prog-Rock/Metal
EPICA The Divine Conspiracy Symphonic Metal
  Consign of Oblivion Symphonic Metal
  2 Meter Sessies - We will take you with us Symphonic Metal
  The Phantom Agony Symphonic Metal
EPICEDIUM Anthropogenic Brutal Death Metal
Intoxicated Intercourse Brutal Death Metal
Immense Affliction Brutal Death Metal
Conspiracy With The Death Brutal Death Metal
EPICUREAN A Consequence of Design Melodic Death Metal
EPIDEMIC SCORN Basement Art Death Metal
EPOCH OF UNLIGHT The Continuum Hypothesis Black-Thrash
EPPING FOREST Everlasting Struggle Black Death Metal
E-QUAD No Smoke Funk-HipHop-Crossover
EQUILIBRIUM Turis Vratyr Viking Metal
ERADICATE Relentless Death Metal
ERADICATION The Great Cleaning Black Metal
ERADICATOR Madness Is My Name Thrash Metal
  The Atomic Blast Thrash Metal
Erben der Schöpfung Twilight / Elis Dark Elektro Rock


The End

Epic Viking Doom


By Honour

Epic Viking Doom

ERIAMINELL Enraged Cyber Black
MICHAEL ERNST´s EXCALIBUR Excalibur Magic Meldodic Rock/Pop
EROS NECROPSIQUE Crise De Lucidité Poetic Symphonic Dark
EROTTICA Erotticism Heavy Metal
Erytrosy Delight Death Metal
ESOTERIC Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum Funeral Doom
Esqarial Inheritance Prog Death Metal
  Discoveries Classic Death Metal
ESSENCE OF EXISTENCE Tome III: Terra Mentis Experimental Death Metal
Estuary of Calamity The Sentencing Melodic Black Death
Eterna The Gate Power Metal
  Papyrus Power Metal
Eternal Satanic Templars Of The Dark Age Death Metal
Eternal FLIGHT Positive Rage Power Metal
Eternal Frost Das Ende (EP) Black Metal
Eternal Gray Kindless Death Metal
ETERNAL LIES Spiritual Deception Melodic Death
ETERNAL MAJESTY Wounds Of Hatred And Slavery Black Metal
ETERNAL OATH Re-Released Hatred Melodic Death Metal
ETERNAL REIGN The Dawn of Reckoning Heavy Metal
  Forbidden Path US-Metal
ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW Before the Bleeding Sun Melodic Death Metal
  A Virgin and a Whore Melodic Death Metal
  Chaotic Beauty Melodic Death Metal
ETHEREAL ARCHITECT Monolith Progressive Metal
E.TOWN CONCRETE The Renaissance Crossover
ETRUS GRAVE Masters Of Fate Heavy Metal
Eucharist A Velvet Creation  (Re-Release) Melodic Death
EUFOBIA Cup Of Mud Death Metal
EURE ERBEN Terror 2.0 Thrash Metal
  Eure Fäuste EP Thrash Metal
EUROCIDE Europe In Dust Dark-EBM
  Europe In Dust - Maxi EBM
EUROPE Bag Of Bones Hard Rock
  Last Look At Eden Hard Rock
  Last Look At Eden EP Hard Rock
EUTHANASIA Requiem: Songs For... Gothic/Folk Metal
EVANESCENCE Fallen Gothic Modern Metal
EVANGELIST Doominicanes Epic Doom
EVERLAST The Life Acoustic Akustik Blues Rock
Evenfall Cumbersome Gothic Dark Metal
EVENT Scratching At The Surface Prog-Crossover Rock
EVEN VAST Teach Me How To Bleed Wave-Rock
EVEREVE Tried & Failed +/- Gothic Metal
  .enetics Elektro Rock
  E-Mania Dark Elektro Metal
EVERGREEN TERRACE Wolfbiker Melodic Hardcore
  Sincerity Is An Easy Disguise In This Business Modern Melodic Metalcore
EVERGREY Torn Prog Power Metal
  Monday Morning Apocalypse   Prog.Power Metal
  A Night to Remember Prog Power Metal
  The inner Circle Prog Power Metal
  Recreation Day Prog Power Metal
  In Search of Truth Prog Power Metal
EVERY TIME I DIE Hot Damn! Psycho-Core


Middle Of The Middle


EVIDENCE ONE Tattooed Heart Melodic Metal / HR
EVILDOER Terror Audio Death/Thrash
Evil HEDGEHOG Prophecies Of Doom Heavy Metal
Evil Incarnate Blackest Hymns of God's Disgrace Death Metal
EVIL INVADERS Evil Invaders EP Speed Metal
EVIL-LYN The Night Of Delusions EP Heavy Metal
EVIL MASQUERADE Welcome To The Show Melodic Metal
EVIL SURVIVES Powerkiller Heavy Metal
EVIL UNITED Evil United Progressive Thrash Metal
EVOCATION Illusions Of Grandeur Death Metal
  Apocalyptic Death Metal
  Dead Calm Chaos Death Metal
  Tales from the Tomb Schweden-Death
  Evocation Schweden-Death
EVOHÉ Tellus Mater Black Metal
Evoke The Fury written Death Metal
EVOKEN A Caress Of The Void Funearl Doom/Death
  Embrace the Emptiness Avantgarde Funeral Doom
EVOLUTION Dark Dreams Of Light Heavy Metal
EVOLVE IV Decadent Light Pop/Prog-Rock
EWIGKEIT Conspiritus Elektro-Goth-Metal
  Land of fog Epic Pagan Metal
EXCELION Primal Exhale Symphonic Power Metal
EXCESSUM Death Redemption Black/Death Metal
EXCITER Thrash, Speed, Burn Speed Metal
  New Testament Speed Metal
  Violence & Force    Speed Metal
Excommunion Superion Blackened Death
EXCRUCIATION Angels To Some, Demons To Others Doom Metal
EXCRUCIATOR Devouring Old School Thrash Metal
EXHALE Prototype Death Grind
Exhumation Traumaticon Melodic Death

Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated +/-

Death Grind
  Platters Of Splatter Death Grind
  Anatomy Is Destiny Death Grind
  Slaughtercult Death Grind
Exiled Exiled Power Metal
EXILIA My Own Army Crossover NuRock
  Your Rain Crossover NuRock
  Nobody Excluded Crossover NuRock
  Unleashed Crossover NuRock
  Underdog EP Crossover NuRock
EXISTANCE Existance Heavy Metal
EXIT 31 Phonogenic Punk Rock
EXMORTEM Nihilistic Contentment Brual Death
  Pestilence empire Brutal Death
  Berzerker Legions Death Metal
EXMORTUS Beyond The Fall Of Time Thrash Metal
EXODUS The Atrocity Exhibition - Exhibit A  Thrash Metal
  Shovel Headed Kill Machine  Thrash Metal
  Tempo Of The Damned  Thrash Metal
  Bonded by Blood  Thrash Metal
EXTERMINATOR Slay Your Kind Thrash/Death Metal
EXTOL Blueprint Avantgarde Metal
  Synergy Prog Death Thrash
  Undeceived Melodic Death Black
EXTORIAN Truth & Silky Rags Of Cant Doom Metal
EXTREMA Set The World On Fire  Thrash/Metalcore
Extreme Noise Terror Being and Nothing Blasting Death
  A Holocaust In Your Head Crust Core
ExUMER Fire & Damnation Thrash Metal
EXXPLORER Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse US- Metal
EYEFEAR A World Full of Grey Prog Metal
  9 Elements Of Inner Vision Power/Prog Metal
Eyehategod 10 Years Of Abuse Southern Sludge
  Confederacy Of Ruined Lives Sludge Core
EYES OF EDEN Faith Gothic Metal
EYES OF FIRE Ashes To Embers Depressed Psychdoom Core
EZIO The Making Of Mr.Spoons Folk Rock


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