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Heute Nacht oder nie - Das Carnegie Hall Konzert

RaBENSCHREY Exzessivus Mittelalterrock, Folk, NDH
Racer X Technical Difficulties Power Metal
RADEMASSAKER Satanic Zombie Hordes Old School Death/Grind
RAGE Cast in Stone Power Metal
  Speak Of The Dead Power Metal
  From The Cradle To The Stage - 20th Anniversary Power Metal
  Soundchaser Power Metal
  Unity Power Metal

Welcome To The Other Side Power Metal
RagENHEART Ragenheart Heavy Metal
Raging Speedhorn  When The Sea Was Built Post-Hardcore/Sludge
  We Will Be Dead Tomorrow Doomcore
Ragnarok Malediction Black Metal

Blackdoor Miracle Melodic Black
  In Nomine Satanas DCLXVI Black Metal
RainER VON VIELEN Milch Und Honig Alternative
Rain Fell Within Refuge Gothic Doom
RAIN PAINT Disillusion Of Purity Melancholic Metal
  Nihil Nisis Mors Melancholic Metal
RAINSPAWN No Escape Thrash Metal
RAINTIME Tales From Sadness Power Metal/ Melodic Death
RAISED FIST Sound Of The Republic HC/Thrash-Core
Raise Hell Wicked is my Game Melodic Thrash
RAISING FEAR Avalon Power Metal
  Mythos   +/- Power Metal
RAJNA Offering Folk
RAM Death Heavy Metal

Lightbringer Heavy Metal
  Forced Entry Heavy Metal
RAMALLAH Kill A Celebrity Hardcore/Crossover
RAMESSES Misanthropic Alchemy   Doom Metal
RAMMER Incinerator   Thrash Metal
RAMMSTEIN Reise, Reise   +/- Deutsch-Metal
RAM-ZET Intra Psyco Metal

Escape Prog Death

Pure Therapy Prog Death


Burst Under Pressure

Modern Power Thrash

RAPTURE Silent Stage Gothic Death Metal
  Songs For The Withering Melancholic Doom
RA'S DAWN At The Gates Of Dawn Prog Metal
  Scales Of Judgement Prog Powermetal
RAT ATTACK Rat Attack Re-Release Heavy Metal
RAUNCHY Wasteland Discoteque Modern Melodic Thrash
  Death Pop Romance +/- Modern Melodic Thrash
  Confusion Bay Modern Melodic Thrash
  Velvet Noise Modern Melodic Thrash
Timo Rautiainen Sarvivuori Atmospheric Metal
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus Hartes Land Dark-Folk-Doom-Metal
  In Frostigen Tälern Gothic Metal
Ravage Wrecking Ball Re-Release Heavy Metal
Ravager Naxzgul Rising Death Metal
  Storm of Sin Brutal Death
RAVEN Walk Through Fire Heavy Metal
  Wiped Out (Classix) NWOBHM
RAVEN BLACK NIGHT Choose The Dark Doom-Occult Metal
RAVENDUSK Astroblack Advent Black Metal
  Shadowcast Dark Metal
RAVEN HENLEY Richtung Schicksal Deutschrock
RAVENRYDE In The Spirit Of Darkness Heavy Metal
RAVENS CREED Albion Thunder Thrash Metal
RAWSIDE Widerstand Punkcore-Metal

Outlaw Punk-Core
  The Police Terror & VKJ - Compilation Punk Crust Core
RAZA DE ODIO La Nueva Alarma Tribal Thrash
RAZOR Violent Restitution Thrash Metal
RAZORBACK Animal Anger Hard Rock
RAZOR CRUSADE Infinite Water Indi-Emo-HC
RAZOR FIST Metal Minds Thrash Metal
RAZOR WIRE SHRINE The Power Of Negative Thinking Instrumental Prog/Fusion Metal
  Going Deaf For A Living Prog-Fusion-Rock/Metal
RAZORWYRE Another Dimension Speed Metal
RC2 Future Awaits Prog Pop/Rock
R.E.T. The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel Dark/Gothic Metal
RE:AKTOR Zero Order +/- Modern Cyber Metal
REACTOR The Real World! Heavy/ Doom Metal
REAPER Gardens Of Seth Heavy Metal
REARDON Free from code Rock
Rebaelliun Annihilation Death Grind

Bringer Of War Death Grind
REBELL 8 Für mich ist es Rock´n´Roll Deutsch Rock / R´n´R
REBELLION Arminius, Furor Teutonicus Heavy Metal

Miklagard - The History of the Vikings - Volume II Heavy Metal
  Born A Rebel Heavy Metal
RECKLESS TIDE Helleraser Thrash Metal
  Repent Or Seal Your Fate Speed/Thrash
Reclusion Shell of Pain Melodic Death
RECOVER This May Be The Year I Disappear Emo-Rock-Punk-Core
RED AIM Niagara Retro Stoner Rock
  Flesh for Fantasy Stoner Rock

Saartanic Cuttydogs Stoner Rock
RED CIRCUIT Trance State Melodic Prog Metal
REDEEM Eleven Nu Rock
REDEMPTION The Origins of Ruin Progressive Metal
  The Fullness of Time Progressive Metal

The Red Line Archives

Apocalyptic Dark Industrial/Remixes

A Greater Darkness

Apocalyptic Dark Industrial Metal
  Internal Punishment Programs Apokalyptic Industrial
  Cold Dark Matter Industrial Black

Sick Transit Gloria Mundi Industrial Black
RED I FLIGHT The Years Metalcore
REDKEY Rage of Fire Power Metal
REDRUM War Blood Honour Black/Death Metal
RED SPAROWES Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun Monumental Post Rock
RED SPAROWES / MADE OUT OF BABIES / BATTLE OF MICE Triad Psychotic Neurotic Post-Core Trip Avantgarde Rock
RED WINE Cenizas Melodic Metal
  Sueños Y Locura Melodic Metal
REFLECTION Advertising Violence Thrash Metal
  Made In Hell Thrash Metal
REFLECTION (GR) When Shadows Fall Power Doom Metal
REGICIDE Break the Silence Modern Gothic Metal
  Viorus Modern Gothic Metal
Regurgitate Sickening Bliss Goregrind

Deviant Grind Core
  Carnivorous Erection Death Grind
  Hateful Vengeance Crust-Grind Core
Reign of Erebus Humanracist Black Metal
Reign of FURY World Detonation Speed Metal
REINCARNATUS Media Vita Folk/ Mittelalter Rock
REINO ERMITANO Rituales Interiores Obscure Doom Metal
RELEVANT FEW The Art of Today Grindcore
  Who are those of Leadership? Death Grind
REMASCULATE Perversemonger Death/Grind
REMEMBERING NEVER Women And Children Die First Psycho-Math-Metalcore
Reptilian Castle of Yesterday Power Metal
  Thunderblaze Melodic Metal
Repugnant / Pentacle Dunkel Besatthet (EP) Death Metal
Repulse Prime Suspect Hardcore
REPULSION Horrified Re-Release Grind Core
REQUIEM (CH) Government denies Knowledge Death Metal
REQUIEM (FIN) Mask of Damnation Power Metal
RESECTION Zenith Brutal Death
Resistant Ancient Future Crossover
RESTLESS We Rock The Nations / Heartattack Re-Release Heavy Metal
RESURRECTED Morbus Brutal Death Metal

Endless Sea of Loss Brutal Death Metal
  Butchered in Excrement Death Grind

Blood Spilled

Death Metal
RESURRECTURIS Non Voglio Morire Death Metal
  The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell Death/ Grind
Retaliation Violence Spreads Its Drape Grindcore
RetRIEM Lead to your Destiny Melodic Power Metal
RetROHEADS Introspective Prog Rock
REVELATION For The Sake Of No One Doom Metal
REVELATION OF DOOM Shemhamforash Death/Black Metal
REVENGE (CAN) Infiltration.Downfall.Death. War-Black-Metal
Victory.Intolerance.Mastery War-Black-Metal
Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist War-Black-Metal
REVENGE (COL) Metal Is: Addiction And Obsession Heavy-/ Speed Metal
Death Sentence Heavy-/ Speed Metal
REVEL IN FLESH Manifested Darkness Death Metal
Deathevokation Death Metal
REVERENCE When Darkness Calls US-/ Power Metal
REVEREND BIZARRE Death Is Glory...Now Doom Metal
  III: So Long Suckers Doom Metal
  II: Crush The Insects Doom Metal
  In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend Ultra-Doom-Metal
  Harbinger of Metal +/- Dooom Metal
Re-Vision Longevity Gothic Metal
REVIVER Reviver Heavy Metal
Revolver The Unholy Mother Of Fuck Death´n´Roll
REVOLTING Hymns Of Ghastly Horror Death Metal
  In Grilsly Rapture Death Metal
REVOLTING COCKS Cocktail Mixxx Disco-Industrial-Remix-Metal
  Cocked And Loaded Industrial Crossover
REWIRING GENESIS A Tribute To "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" Musical-Prog/Pomp/Art-Rock
RHAPSODY feat. Christopher Lee Magic of the Wizard's Dream Film Score Metal
RHAPSODY Live In Canada - The Dark Secret Film Score Bombast Metal
  Symphony of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secre Film Score Metal
  The Dark Secret Epic Power Metal

Power Of The Dragonflame Epic Power Metal

Rain of a thousand Flames Epic Power Metal
RHAPSODY OF FIRE Triumph Or Agony Film Score Bombast Metal
RIBOZYME Blacklist Mercy +/- Alternative Metal
RIBSPREADER The Van Murders Old School Death

Bolted To The Cross Old School Death
RICOCHETS The Ghost Of Our Love Rock
RIDE THE SKY New Protection Black Metal
RIGER Streyf Pagan Metal

Des Blutes Stimme Pagan/Death
RING OF FIRE Dreamtower Melodic Metal
RINGWORM The Venomous Design Hardcore
  Justice Replaced By Revenge Hardcore
RINOA An Age Among Them Post-Core/Screamo
RIOT Immortal Soul Melodic Power Metal

Through The Storm Melodic Power Metal
RIPE A Moment Of Forever Heavy Metal
RISE AGAINST Appeal To Reason Melodic Punkcore Rock
  This Is Noise EP MelodiCore
RISE AND FALL Into Oblivion  Sludgy Crusty HC
RISING FAITH The Arrival Power Metal
RITUAL The Hemulic Voluntary Band Prog-Folk-Rock
  Ritual Re-Release Prog-Metal/Rock
RITUAL CARNAGE I, Infidel Thrash Metal
  The Birth of Tragedy Death Metal
RITUALS OF THE OAK Hour Of Judgement Doom Metal
RITUAL STEEL Invincible Warriors  US Metal
  Blitz Invasion  Epic Power Metal

A hell of a knight True Metal
RIVAL State Of Mind US-Metal
Rivendell Farewell - The Last Dawn Epic Metal
  The Ancient Glory Epic Metal
RIVERSIDE Voices in my Head EP Art Rock
  Second Life Syndrome Art Rock
Roadsaw Rawk n´Roll Stoner Rock
ROBYN DANGER Anthology (Best-Of) Heavy Rock
ROB ROCK Garden Of Chaos Hard Rock/ Melodic Metal
  Eyes Of Eternity Melodic Metal
RÖHR, MATT Uhad2bthere! Live bootleg Vol.1 Rock
Rollins Band Audio Airstrike Consultants 1986 - 1988 Hardcore

Nice Hardcore

The Only Way To Know For Sure Alternative
ROOM WITH A VIEW First Year Departure Goth-Darkpop-Metal
Root Heritage Of Satan Black Metal

The Temple in the Underworld  (Re-Release) Black / Dark Metal
  Zjeveni  (Re-Release) Black / Thrash Metal
  The Book  (Re-Release) Dark Metal
  Hell's Symphony  (Re-Release) Black / Thrash Metal
  Daemon Viam Invenient Dark Metal
  Casilda Dark Metal
  The Book Dark Metal
ROOTWATER Visionism NuMetal-Crossover-Core
RORCAL & KEHLVIN Ascension EP Drone-Sludge-Postcore-Doom
ROSA ANTICA Seven Melodic Death Crossover
ROSAE CRUCIS Worms of the earth Heavy/Power Metal

Blood Brothers

Hard Rock
  Pain Rock


Heavy Metal

New Metal Leader

Heavy Metal
ROSWELL SIX Terra Incognita: A Line In The Sand Progressive Hardrock
ULI JOHN ROTH Under A Dark Sky Progressive  Hardrock
  Best Of Symphonic Rock
ROTTEN SOUND Cursed Grindcore

Cycles Grindcore
  Consume To Contaminate Grindcore
  Exit Grindcore
  From Crust ´Til Grind Crust´n`Grind
  Murderworks Grindcore
ROTTING CHRIST Theogonia Mystic Black Metal
  Sanctus Diavolos Mystic Black Metal
  Genesis Mystic Black Metal

Khronos Mystic Black Metal
RottweiLler Rage of War Heavy Metal

Screams of the Innocent Heavy Metal
ROUGH SILK A New Beginning Hard Rock
  End of Infinity Hard Rock
RPWL The RPWL Experience Art Rock
  Start the Fire - Live Art Rock

World through my Eyes Art Rock
RSJ Gain To Nothing Modern Extreme Metal
JORDAN RUDESS Rhythm of Time   Prog Rock
RUDIMENTARY PENI No More Pain EP Anarcho Punk Rock
RUDRA Brahmavidya: Transcendental I  Death/Thrash Metal
  Brahmavidya: Primordial I  Death/Thrash Metal
KARI RUESLATTEN Other Peoples Stories Folk-Trip-Pop
  Pilot Folk-Trip-Pop
RUFFIANS '85 & Live  (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
RUINER Prepare To Be Let Down Melodic Hardcore
RUINS Front The Final Foes Black Metal

Post Punk Indie Rock

Rumble Militia Stop Violence and Madness Thrash Metal

Ten Hatred Degrees


RUNAMOK Dance of the Dead Heavy Thrash Metal

Back For Revenge

Heavy Thrash Metal
RUNEMAGICK Darkness Death Doom Slow Death
  Requiem of the Apocalypse Death Metal
  Ressurection in Blood Death Metal
RUNIC Liar Flags Epic Pagan Metal
RUNNING LIKE THIEVES The Approval Of The Crowd EP Hardcore Rock
RUNNING WILD Rogues en Vogue Heavy Metal
  20 Years Of History Heavy Metal
RUSH Feedback Prog Rock
RUSTED CHAINS In Nights Of Nemesis Death/ Thrash Metal
RYA Personal Cosmos Trip Synthie Pop
RYDELL Always Remember Everything Emo-Rock/Pop




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