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OAKENSHIELD Gylfaginning Pagan Metal
OATH TO VANQUISH Applied Schizophrenic Science Death Metal
OBEY THE BRAVE Young Blood Metalcore
OBITUARY Xecutioners Return Death Metal
  Frozen in Time Death Metal
Obligatorisk Tortyr Obligatorisk Tortyr Death Core
OBLITERATE The Feelings Grind Core

Perpetual Decay

Old School Death/Thrash Metal
OBRERO Mortui Vivos Docent Doom/ Heavy Rock
OBSCENITY Where Sinners bleed Death Metal
  Cold blooded Murder Death Grind
Intense Death Grind
ObsCURITY Tenkterra Pagan Metal
  Schlachten und Legenden Pagan Metal
OBSIDIAN Emerging Prog-Math-Death-Metal
Obsidian Gate Colossal Christhunt Symphonic Black
ObsKURIA Discovery of Obskuria Space Rock
ObTEST Gyvybes Medis Pagan Metal
Occult Elegy for the Weak Thrash / Death
Rage to Revenge Death Thrash
Oceans Of Sadness Laughing Tears, crying Smile Melodic Death
For we are Melodic Death
OCRILIM Annwn Gitarren-Noise/Avantgarde
OCTAVIA SPERATI Grace Submerged Gothic Metal
  Winter Enclosure Gothic Metal
October 31 Meet thy Maker Power Metal
OCTOBER FILE Holy Armor From The Jaws Of God Polit-Noise-Industr.Rock/Metal
  Hallowed Be Thy Army EP Polit-Noise-Industr.Rock/Metal
  Monuments EP Polit-Noise-Industr.Rock/Metal
A Long Walk On A Short Pier Polit-HC-Rock
  How To Lose Friends And Alienate People EP Emo-Noise-Rock/Core
OCTOBER TIDE Tunnel Of No Light Melancholic Doom/Death
OdIN'S COURT Deathanity Prog Metal
Odroerir Götterlieder Pagan Music
  Laßt euch sagen, aus alten Tagen... Pagan Metal
ODYSSEA Tears in Floods Melodic Power Metal
OF HUMAN BONDAGE The Goat Sessions - Vol. 1 Black Metal
EDDIE OJEDA Axes 2 Axes Hardrock/HM
OkuLAR Probiotic Progressive Death Metal
Ryo Okumoto Coming through Prog Rock
OLC SINNSIR The Throne Of Dead Emotion   Black Metal
OLD Down with the Nails Black-Thrash
OLD MAN´S CHILD Slaves Of The World Sympho Black
  Vermin Sympho Black
  In Defiance Of Existence Sympho Black
Olemus Passion Fall Gothic Metal
  Egod Elektro Dark Metal
OLYMPOS MONS Conquistador Melodic Power Metal
OMEGA Greatest Performances Beat-Space-Prog-Hardrock
OMEGA LITHIUM Kinetik Gothic Metal / Industrial
  Dreams In Formaline Gothic-Elektro-Rock
OMEGA MASSIF Geisterstadt / Kalt  (Re-Release) Instrumental Post Sludge Doom
OMINOUS Void Of Infinity Melodic Death
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX The Spell Of Damnation Doom/ Death Metal
OMISSION Refuse Regress Hardcore
OMNIA Earth Warrior Folk
  Live On Earth 2012 Folk
Musick And Poetree Folk
  Wolf Love Folk
OMNIUM GATHERUM Redshift Melodic Death Metal
  Stuck Here On Snake's Way Melodic Death Metal
  Years in Waste Melodic Death Metal
  Spirits and August Light Melodic Death Metal
  Steal the light Melodic Death Metal
ON BROKEN WINGS It´s All A Long Goodbye Metalcore
ONE HOUR HELL Product Of Massmurder Death/ Thrash Metal
ONE MAN ARMY & THE UNDEAD QUARTET The Dark Epic Thrash/Death Metal
  Error In Evolution Thrash/Death Metal
  21st Century Killing Machine Death Thrash

One-Way Mirror

Modern Metal
ONHEIL Razor Blackened Metal
ONSLAUGHT Killing Peace Thrash Metal
ON THE LAST DAY Meaning In The Static Emo-Rock/Core
ON THE OUTSIDE Tragic Endings EP Hardcore
ON THE RISE On The Rise Melodic AOR
ON THORNS I LAY Egocentric Gothic Metal
  Angeldust Gothic Metal
Future Narcotic Gothic Metal
ON TRIAL Live Retro-Psychedelic-Rock
Onward Reawaken Power Metal
Evermoving Power Metal
OOMPH! Die Schlinge (Maxi) Elektro Rock
  Das letzte Streichholz (Maxi) Elektro Rock
  GlaubeLiebeTod Elektro Rock
  Wahrheit oder Pflicht Elektro-Rock
  Ego Modern Metal
OPERATIKA The Calling Melodic Symphonic Metal
OPETH Watershed Prog Rock Death Metal
  The Roundhouse Tapes Prog Rock Death Metal
  Ghost Reveries Prog-Rock-Death-Metal
  Damnation Melanch.Prog Rock
  Deliverance Prog Death
  Blackwater Park Prog Death
Still Life Prog Death
My Arms your Hearse Prog Death
OPHIOLATRY Transmutation Death Metal
OPHIS Effigies Of Desolation Doom/Death
  Stream Of Misery Funeral Death Doom
  Nostrae Mortis Signaculum Doom-Death Metal
OPHTHALAMIA Dominion (Re-Release) Black Metal
OPHYDIAN The Perfect Symbiosis Nu Metal
OPIATE Distinctive smile modern Metal
OPUS ATLANTICA Opus Atlantica Melodic Metal
ORACLE SUN Deep Inside Melodic Metal


Tourments & Perdition

Avantgarde Black Metal

  Uni Aux Cimes Avantgarde Black Metal
Orange Goblin Coup de Grace Stoner Rock
Orbis Mundi Adia New Age Pop
ORCHID The Mouths Of Madness Hard Rock
  Capricorn 70s Rock/ Doom
  Through The Devils Doorway EP 70s Rock/ Doom
ORCHRIST Echoes Of The Void Thrash/Death
OrdEN OGAN Vale Melodic Power Metal
Ordo Draconis The Wing & the Burden Symphonic Black
ORFORD, MARTIN The Old Road Melodic (Prog) Rock
ORIENT EXPRESS Illusion Psychedelic Dark Rock
ORIGIN Antithesis techn.Death
  Echoes of Decimation techn.Death Grind
  Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas Death Grind
  Origin Death Grind
ORODRUIN Epicurean Mass Doom Metal
ORPHANAGE Driven Gothic Death Metal
ORPHANED LAND Mabool Ethnic Metal
ORPHEUS Philosopher Of Tthe Sublime Folk/ Pagan Metal
ORPLID Greifenherz Neo Folk Experimental Dark Rock
  Sterbender Satyr Avantgarde / Neo Folk
  Orplid Neo Folk
  Nächtliche Jünger Neo Folk
Orth Feed the Flames Death Grind
OZZY OSBOURNE No Rest for the Wicked Heavy Metal
  Down to Earth Heavy Metal
O.S.I. Free Ambient-Prog
OSTINATO Chasing The Form Ambient-Hypno-Post-Rock
OTHER DAY Karmapolis Elektro Gothic Wave
ORTHRELM Ov Gitarren-Noise-Generve
OUTWORLD Outworld Melodic Prog Metal
OVERCAST Reborn To Kill Again Metalcore/Thrash
OVERKILL The Electric Age Thrash Metal
  Ironbound Thrash Metal
  Immortalis Thrash Metal
  ReliXIV Thrash Metal
  Killbox 13 Thrash Metal
  Hello from the Gutter - Best of... Thrash Metal
  Wrecking everything - live Thrash Metal
OVERLORDE Return Of The Snow Giant US-/ Epic Metal
OVERLORDE SR Medieval Metal Too US-Metal
OVO Miastenia Noiserock
OXBOW The Narcotic Story Noise-Jazz-Punk-Core-Rock
  Love That´s Last (CD+DVD) Noise-Jazz-Punk-Core-Rock
OYSTERBAND Meet You There Folk Rock
OYSTERBAND & Friends The Big Session - Volume 1 Folk Rock
OZ Burning Leather Heavy Metal
  Roll The Dice Hard Rock


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