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H2O Nothing To Prove Melodic Hardcore
HACKETT, STEVE Wild Orchids Klassik Prog Rock
HACRIDE Amoeba Prog Cyber Thrash
Hades Live On Location (Re-Release) Power Thrash Metal
If At First You Don't Succeed ... (Re-Release) Power Thrash Metal
Resisting Success (Re-Release) Power Thrash Metal
DamNation Power Thrash Metal
Haemorrhage Loathesongs Grind Gore
Morgue Sweet Home Grind Gore
HÄMATOM Wenn Man Vom Teufel Spricht Thrash Metal
  Stay Kränk Thrash Metal/ Metalcore
Hagalaz´Runedance Volven Pagan Folk
  Frigga's Web Pagan Folk
HAGGARD Eppur Si Muove Classic Death Metal
HAIL OF BULLETS …Of Frost And War Death Metal
HÄIVE / WYRD / KEHRÄ Split Folk Black Metal
HÄIVE Saimaata Ei Sanoilla Selitä Folk Metal
Halford Made Of Metal METAL!!!
Crucible METAL!!!
Live Insurrection METAL!!!
HALLOWEEN Terrortory Heavy Metal
HALLOWMAS The Road To Hallow´s Eve Horrorpunk
HALLOWS EVE Evil never dies Thrash Metal
HALO OF SHADOWS Manifesto Melodic Death Metal
HAMMERFALL Crimson Thunder Heavy Metal
HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE The Locust Years Epic US-Metal
  The August Engine Progressive Metal
HANDFUL OF HATE Gruesome Splendour Black Metal
  ViceCrown Black Metal
HAND TO HAND A Perfect Way To Say Goodbye Emo-Core
HANGAR The Reason Of Your Conviction Prog. Power Metal
HANGING GARDEN Inherit The Eden Melanch.Doom Metal
Hangnail Clouds In The Head Retro Doom
HAN JIN OAKLAND Life Is Beautiful Metal
... It's Just A Fuckin' Demo ... Metal
I Will Kill You Metal
HANKER Conspiracy Of Mass Extinction US Power Metal
HANK DAVISON BAND Hard Way Biker-Blues-Rock
HAPPY FACE Le Tigre Death/Grind
HAPPY THE MAN The Muse awakens Progressive Rock
HARASAI Psychotic Kingdom Melodic Death Metal
HARBINGER Doom On You US-Metal
HARDINGROCK feat. Ihsahn Grimen Metal/Folk/World
HARDLINE Live at the Gods 2002 Melodic Hard Rock
HAREM SCAREM Higher Mel.Hardrock
HARLEKIN In Disguise Dirty Rock
HARLOTS Betrayer Math-Noise-Core / Monumental-Post-Core
Harmful Sanguine Indi Post Core
  Wromantic Indi Noise Rock
HARMONY Chapter II: Aftermath Melodic Metal
  Dreaming Awake Melodic Metal
Harmony Dies Impact Brutal Death
  I'll be your Master Death Metal
HARMS WAY Oxytocin Stoner Metal
HaRRIS, Steve British Lion Classic Rock/ Hardrock
BETH HART Bang Bang Boom Boom Blues, Soul, Rock
Haste The Mercury Lift Emo-Alt-Core
  When Reason sleeps Modern HC


Awaiting Evil

Thrash Metal

HATE Morphosis Death Metal
  Anaclasis - A Haunting Gospel... Death Metal
  Awakening Of The Liar Death Metal
HATEBREED Supremacy Hatecore
  The Rise Of Brutality Hardcore/Metal
  Perseverance Hardcore
HATE ETERNAL Fury & Flames Brutal Hirnfick Metal
  I, Monarch Brutal Death
  King Of All Kings Blasting Death
HATEFUL Diamond Among The Coal Punkrock
HATE PROFILE Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile Black Metal
HATE SQUAD H8 for the Masses Metalcore
HATESPHERE Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes Thrash Metal
  The Sickness within Thrash Metal
  Ballet of the Brute Thrash Metal
  Something old, something new... Melodic Death Thrash
  Bloodred Hatred Melodic Death
  Hatesphere Melodic Death
Hatework Thrashers Attack Thrash
HATRIOT Heroes Of Origin Thrash Metal
HAVANNA HEAT CLUB Specially Made For Your Satisfaction Rock´n´Roll
Havayoth His Creation reversed Melancholic Nordic Metal
HAVE HEART Songs To Scream At The Sun Melodic Post Punk Core
HAVOK Rebuilding Sodom Death Metal
HAVOK (US) Time Is Up Thrash Metal
HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS If Only You Were Lonely Emo-Rock
  The Silence In Black And White Emo-Rock/Core
H-BLOCKX More Than A Decade - The Best Of Crossover
HDK System Overload Melodic Death Metal


Watch The Sun

Stoner Thrash´n´Roll

HEAD CONTROL SYSTEM Murder Nature Avantgarde Groove Metal
HEADHUNTER Parasite of Society Melodic Power Metal


Forced To Kill

Heavy Metal


As Above So Below

Thrash Metal

  Diseased THRASH!!!
HEARSE Single Ticket To Paradise Death´n´Roll Metal
  In These Veins Death Metal
  Armageddon Mon Amour Death 'N' Roll
  Dominion Reptilian Melodic Dark Metal
Heartland Communication Down Melodic Hard Rock
Heart OF CYGNUS The Voyage Of Jonas Prog Rock/ Metal
Tales From Outer Space Prog Rock/ Metal
Over Mountain, Under Hill Prog Rock/ Metal
H.e.a.t. Address The Nation Hardrock
Heathen Breaking the Silence Speed / Thrash
HeathenDOM The Symbolist Epic Power Metal
Nescience Epic Power Metal
HEATHEN FORAY The Passage Pagan/Viking Metal
Michele Luppi´s HEAVEN Strive Melodic Rock
HEAVEN & HELL The Devil You Know Heavy Doom Metal
  Live From Radio City Music Hall Heavy Doom Metal
HEAVEN'N'HELL Sleeping With Angels Heavy Metal Punk
HEAVENLY Dust to Dust Melodic Power Metal
  Sign of the Winner Melodic Power Metal
Coming from the Sky Melodic Power Metal
HEAVEN´S CRY Primal power addiction Prog Metal
HEAVEN SHALL BURN Iconoclast Death Metal Core
  Whatever It May Take (Re-Release) Death Metal Core
  Deaf To Our Prayers MeloDeathCore
  Antigone MeloDeath-Core
  Whatever it may take Death Core Metal
CALIBAN vs. HEAVEN SHALL BURN The Split Program II Melo-Death-Metalcore
HEAVENWOOD Redemption Gothic Metal
HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW Everything's watched, everything's watching Noise-/Chaoscore
HEAVY RIDE Heavy Ride Rock
HECATE ENTHRONED Redimus Symphonic Black
HEDFIRST Hedfirst Death Metal
(HED)P.E. Blackout NuCrossRock
HEDNINGARNA 1989-2003 (Best Of) Experimental Folk
HEGEMON Contemptus Mundi Black Metal
HEIMATERDE Gottgleich Elektro/ Mittelalter
HEIMDALL Hard as Iron Epic Power Metal
  The Almighty Italo Epic Metal
HeINOUS KILLINGS Hung with Barbwire Death Metal
Hekate Sonnentanz Folk
HEL Tristheim Akustik Folk
  Orloeg (Re-Release) Pagan Black/Goth Metal
HELALYN FLOWERS A Voluntary Coincidence Elektro Goth Pop Punk Rock
  Plæstik Elektro Goth Pop Punk Rock



Pagan Black Metal

HELHEIM Heioindomr Ok Motgangr Viking Black Metal
Kaoskult Viking Black Metal
  Yersinia Pestis Viking Black Metal
HELL Human Remains Heavy Metal
HELLA There´s No 666 In Outer Space Experimental Post Noise Prog Jazz Core Rock
HELLAMOR Relief Heavy Stoner Rock
HELLBILLY BOYS Hellbilly Boys Psychobilly´n´Roll
Hell-Born Darkness Death Metal
Cursed Infernal Steel Death Metal
  Legacy Of The Nephilim Death Metal
  The Call Of Megiddo Death Metal
Hellblast Death Metal
HELLBRINGER Dominion Of Darkness Thrash Metal
HELLFIRE Requiem for my Bride Speed / Thrash
Hellfucked Desecration / 1st offensive MC Black Metal
HELLFUELED Memories In Black Heavy Metal
  Born II Rock Heavy Metal
  Volume One Heavy Metal
HELLHOUND Let Metal Rule The World Heavy Metal
Metal Fire From Hell Heavy/Speed Metal
HELLION Will not go quietly Heavy Metal
HELLISH CROSSFIRE Bloodrust Scythe Thrash Metal
HELLKOMMANDER Death To My Enemies Death Metal
HELLLIGHT Funeral Doom Funeral Doom
HELLOWEEN Unarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary Akustik-Symphonic-Melodic-Rock
  Gambling with the Devil Power Metal
  Keeper Of The Seven Keys – The Legacy World Tour Power Metal
  Light the Universe (Maxi) Power Metal

Keeper of the seven Keys - The Legacy

Power Metal
  Mrs.Ego (Maxi) Power Metal
  Rabbit don´t come easy Power Metal
Treasure Chest Melodic Metal
HELLRAZER Operation Overlord Heavy Metal
HELLRIDE ...And Then The Earth Moved... Hardrock´n´Roll
HELLSAW Phantasm Black Metal
  Spiritual Twilight Black Metal
HELLTRAIN Route 666 Death´n´Roll
HELLVETO Neoheresy Black Pagan Metal
  966 Pagan Black Metal
  In The Glory Of Heroes Pagan Black Metal
HELL-BORN Darkness   Death Metal
HELLWELL Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin Kauz-Metal
HELL WITHIN Shadows Of Vanity Thrash/Metalcore
  Asylum Of The Human Predator Metalcore
HELLWITCH Omnipotent Convocation Death Metal
HELMET Monochrome Groove Post-Metal
HELRUNAR Baldr Ok Íss Black Metal
  Frostnacht Black Metal
HELSTAR Glory Of Chaos US Metal/ Thrash Metal
The King Of Hell US Metal
  Sins Of The Past US Metal
  A distant Thunder US Metal
  T´was The Night Of A Helish X-Mas Power Metal
Herbert Steppin´off to Eden Stoner Groove Rock
HERETIC A Time Of Crisis US-Power/ Thrash Metal
HERMANO Live At W2 Stoner Rock
  Dare I Say... Stoner-R´n´R-Hardrock
  ...Only A Suggestion Stoner Rock
HERMAN RAREBELL Too late for peace… EP Grindcore

After The Fire / Ashes EP + The Spiritual Nationborn DVD

Melodic Black Metal
HEROD For Whom The Gods Would Destroy Metal
HERO DESTROYED Hero Destroyed EP Math-Metalcore
HERRATIK Compromise Gone Thrash/ Death Metal
KRISTIN HERSH Learn To Sing Like A Star Indi-Rock

The Great Unifier

Power Metal
  Children Of The Black Soil Heavy Metal
HESS Just another Day Melodic Rock
HEXENHAMMER Divine New Horrors Death Metal
HEXENHAUS A Tribute to Insanity Dark Metal
HIDDEN Spectral magnitude Death Metal
HIDDEN IN THE FOG Damokles Avantg.Techno-Black
HIGHLAND GLORY Forever Endeavour Melodic Metal
From The Cradle To The Brave Power Metal
Highlord Medusa's Coil Melodic Power Metal
When the Aurora falls... Melodic Power Metal
HIGH ON FIRE Death Is This Communion Sludge-Retro-Doom-Thrash
  Blessed Black Wings Sludge-Crust-Doom
  Surrounded by Thieves Doom Metal
HIGH SPIRITS Another Night Heavy Metal
HIBRIA Defying The Rules Heavy Metal
HIM Digital Versatile Doom: Live At The Orpheum Theatre (CD+DVD) Dark Rock
  Buried Alive By Love (Maxi) Love Metal
  Love Metal Love Metal
HIMINBJORG Europa Viking-Pagan-Black-Metal
  Haunted Shores / Third EP Pagan Epic Viking Metal
  Golden Age Pagan Black Metal
  Haunted Shores Viking Pagan Metal
HIMSA Summon in Thunder Melodic Death Metal
HINSIDES Etemenanki’s Followers Black Metal
HIRAX El Rostro De La Muerte Thrash Metal
HITHLUM In The Land Of Mordor, Where The Shadows Lie Dark Black Metal
HJALLARHORN Iron Clad Soldiers Thrash/ speed Metal
HoKUM The Creation Of Pain Progressive Thrash Metal
Hollenthon Opus Magnum Avantgarde Metal
  With Vilest Of Worms To Dwell Symphonic Folk Death
HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL Opus Genitalia Gore-Grind
HOLYWOOD ROSES Dopesnake G N' R Rock
Holy CROSS Under The Flag Heavy Metal
Holy HELL Apocalypse (Maxi) Gothic Power Metal
Holy HYDRA Rise Of The Hydra Sludge/Doom Metal
Holy Knights A Gate through the Past Melodic Power Metal
HOLY MARTYR Hellenic Warrior Spirit Epic Metal
  Still At War Heavy Metal
HOLY MOSES Agony Of Death Thrash Metal
  Strength, Power, Will, Passion Thrash Metal
Disorder of the Order Thrash Metal
  Master of Disaster Thrash Metal
HOLY MOTHER Agoraphobia Heavy Metal
  Dealin with the devil Heavy Metal
HOMO IRATUS Knowledge...Their Enemy! Neo Death Thrash



Black Metal

HONIGDIEB Einzig, aber nicht artig Crossover
HOOBASTANK The Reason Alternative Rock
HOODS The King Is Dead EP Hardcore
HOPESFALL A-Types Emo-Rock/Core

The Satellite Years

HORIZON Worlds Apart Melodic Prog Power Metal
  The Sky's the Limit Melodic Prog Power Metal
HORNED GOD Chaos, Bringer Of All Revelations Death Metal
HORRID Rising from the hidden Spheres Old School Death
HORRIFIED In The Garden Of The Unearthly Delights (Re-Release) Dark-Death Metal
Horrorscope Pictures of Pain Power Thrash
HORSEBACK The Invisible Mountain Postrock / Psychedelic
HORSE THE BAND A Natural Death Nintendo Core
HORTUS ANIMAE The Blow Of Furious Winds Gothic-Black Metal
  Waltzing Mephisto Black Metal
HOUR OF 13 The Ritualist Occult/ Doom Metal
HOUR OF PENANCE Pageantry For Martyrs Death Metal
HOUSE OF LORDS World Upside Down Melodic Hardrock
  The Power And The Myth Hardrock
HOUSE OF MIRRORS Nightflight to Paradise Hard Rock
HOUSE OF SHAKIRA First Class Melodic HR
HouSTON Relaunch AOR
Houston AOR
Houwitser Rage Inside The Womb Brutal Death
March to die (EP) Brutal Death
Embrace Damnation Brutal Death
STEVE HOWE Spectrum Instrumental
JENNY HOYSTON Isle Of... Indie-Pop/Rock
Hrossharsgrani Schattenkrieger Epic Fantasy Metal
  The Secret Fire Atmospheric Battle Music
...of Battles, Raven and Fire Atmospheric Battle Music
HÜRLEMENT Terreur Et Tourment Heavy Metal
GARY HUGHES Once and Future King Part 2 Rock Oper
  Once and Future King Part 1 Rock Oper
GLENN HUGHES Soul Mover Hardrock
HUINCA Sic Semper Tyrannis Thrash/ Rock/ Folk
SCOTT HULL Requiem Soundtrack/Ambient-Spheres
HUMAN BASTARD A plague called humanity Thrash/Death
HUMAN BLOODFEAST She cums gutted Death Metal

Eternal Empire

Heavy Metal

Defenders Of The Crown

Mel.Power Metal
HUMAN GROUND Human Ground Death Thrash Metal
Human League Secrets Synthie Pop
HUMAN MINCER Devoured Flesh Death Metal
  Embryonized Death Metal
Human Race Dirt Eater Melodic Metal
HUNGRY HEART One Ticket To Paradise Hard Rock
HUNTRESS Spell Eater Heavy Metal
HURTLOCKER Embrace The Fall Thrash Metal
  Fear In A Handful Of Dust Death/Thrash-Core
WAYNE HUSSEY Bare Goth/Wave Akustik Rock
HYBORIAN STEEL Blood, Steel And Glory Heavy Metal
HYDE Hyde Extreme Prog Metal
HYEMS Antinomie Death Black Metal
HYMNS OF THE WICKED Never See The Sun Again Altern.Nu-Rock
HYPNOS Rabble Manifesto Death Metal
  The Revenge Ride Death Metal
In Blood we trust Death Metal
Hypnos Death Metal
Hypnosia Extreme Hatred Thrash / Death
HYPOCRISY Virus Death Metal
  The Arrival Death Metal
  Catch 22 Modern Death
10 Years of Chaos and Confusion Death Metal
Into the Abyss Death Metal
Hypocrisy Death Metal
Hypocrite Edge of Existence (Re-Release) Melodic Death
HYPOKRAS Dead & hungry Death Metal
HYSTERICA Metalwar Heavy Metal





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