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100 DEMONS 100 Demons HC meets Thrash
108 A New Beat From A Dead Heart Hardcore
1349 Hellfire Black Metal
Beyond The Apocalypse Grim Black Metal
  Liberation raw Black Metal
16 Zoloft Smile doomy Noise-Sludge
18 Summers Virgin Mary Synthie Wave Pop
1997 A Better View Of The Rising Moon Indie/Emo-Pop/Rock
2 Ton Predator Demon Dealer Groove-Sludge-Thrash
Boogie Southern Thrash Core
3 (THREE) The End Is Begun Prog Groove Post Core Rock
  Wake Pig Prog-Groove-Funk-Rock
32CRASH Weird News From An Uncertain Future Electro Wave
3HM Three Headed Monster Instrumental Prog-Thrash
3 INCHES OF BLOOD Fire up the Blades Power Metal
  Advance And Vanquish Heavy Metal
36 CRAZYFISTS Rest Inside The Flames Screamo
  A Snow Capped Romance Emo-NuMetal
  Bitterness The Star NuMetal
40 BELOW SUMMER The Mourning After Crossover-HC
40 GRIT Nothing To Remember Alternative Thrash
4Lyn Pearls & Beauty NuRock/Crossover
Neon NuMetal/Crossover
4 MAN BOB Rock Star Ska Punk Rock
7-9-7 Get Me To The World Of Time Rock
8TH SIN Angelseed & Demonmilk Industrial Metal
VII Arcano Inner Deathscapes Melodic Death
VII GATES Fire, walk with me Power Metal
VII Sins Victim of Sin Prog Metal



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