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Vacant Stare Vindication Nu-Metal
VADER XXV Death Metal
  Impressions in Blood Death Metal
  The Art of War EP Death Metal
  The Beast Death Metal
  Blood EP Death Metal
  Revelations Death Metal

Reign forever World EP Death Metal
DAVY VAIN In From Out Of Nowhere Sleaze Rock
VAKA Kappa Delta Phi Post Metal
VALAS A glance from unreality Prog Melodic Metal
VALENSIA Queen-Tribute Rock
VALGRIND Morning Will Come No More Death Metal
VALIDOR In Blood In Battle True Metal
VALKIJA Avengers of Steel Heavy Metal
VALKYRIE'S CRY Valkyrie's Cry Power Metal
VALKYRJA The Invocation Of Demise Melodic Black Metal
VALPURGIS NIGHT Psalms Of Solemn Virtue Heavy Metal
VAMPIRE Vampire Death Metal
VAN CANTO Hero A Capella Metal
VANISH Come To Wither EP Power Metal
VITTORIO VANDELLI A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven Medieval Neo-Classic-Goth
VANDEN PLAS Christ O Progressive Metal
  Beyond Daylight Progressive Metal
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Fool's Mate  (Re-Release) Art Rock

Godbluff  (Re-Release) Art Rock

Still Life  (Re-Release) Art Rock

World Record  (Re-Release) Art Rock

The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome  (Re-Release) Art Rock

Vital (live)  (Re-Release) Art Rock
Vanderhoof A Blur in Time Prog-Rock
VANILLA FUDGE Out Through The In Door Hardrock
VANISHING POINT The fourth Season Prog Power Metal
  Embrace The Silence Prog-Power Metal
Vanitas Lichtgestalten Gothic Metal
  Das Leben ein Traum Folk/Dark
VANMAKT Ad Luciferi Regnum Black/Death Metal
  Vredskapta Mörkersagor Black Metal
VARDAN Hidden In A Tomb Black Metal
VARDLOKKUR Fragmenteret Okkult Bespottelse Black Metal
  Med Døden Til Følge Black Metal
VARGSANG Throne Of The Forgotten Black Metal
VAST Nude Art Rock
VASTUM Patricidal Lust Death/Doom Metal
  Carnal Law Death/Doom Metal
VEGA Cocaine Prog Black Metal
Vehemence Helping The World To See Death Metal
  God was created Death Metal
VEHEMENTER NOS Vehementer Nos Avantgarde Black Metal
VEILED ALLUSIONS When Darkness Descends Dark Soundscapes
VEKTOR Outer Isolation Progressive Thrash Metal
  Black Future Progressive Thrash Metal
VELVETSEAL Lend Me Your Wings Symphonic / Gothic Metal
VENOM Fallen Angels Black/ Heavy Metal
  Metal Black Black/ Heavy Metal
  Black Metal Black/ Heavy Metal
  Witching Hour Black/ Heavy Metal
  Re-Releases 2002 (die ersten 6 Alben!!!) dirty Heavy/Black
VENOMOUS CONCEPT Poisoned Apple Grind/Crust Core
  Retroactive Abortion Grind-Noise-Crust-Core
VERDICT Generation: Genocide Thrash
VERJNUARMU Ruatokansan Uamunkoetto Melodic Death Metal
VERLORENE JUNGS ...für ein Stück Leben Street Rock
Vermin Filthy f***ing Vermin Death´n´Roll
VERMINOUS Impious Sacrilege Old School Death
VERMIS Liturgy Of The Annihilated Death Metal
VERO How Does It Feel (Maxi) NuRock
VERSO From Wings To Bare Bones Neo Thrash Prog Metal
VERSUS THE THRONE Ruins Afire Death-Metalcore
VERT Accepting Denial Modern Rock/Metal
VERTIGO 2 Melodic Rock
  Vertigo AOR/Classic Rock
VESANIA God The Lux Black Metal
  Firefrost Arcanum Black Metal
VESCERA, MICHAEL A Sign of Things to come Melodic Power Metal
VHÄLDEMAR I made my own Hell Heavy Metal
  Fight to the End Heavy Metal
VIA OBSCURA Traum Wave/ Gothic Rock
VIBRATÖR Heavy Rock Tank Heavy Rock
VICIOUS Vile, Vicious & Victorious melod. Thrash/Death
VICIOUS ART Pick up this sick Child Death Metal
VICIOUS RUMORS Razorback Killers US-Metal
VICTIMS Killer Crust-Core
VICTORY Fuel To The Fire Hard Rock
VIDRES A LA SANG Endins Death/Black Metal
  Vidres A La Sang Death/Black Metal
Viking Crown Banished Rhythmic Hate Black Metal

Doom Gloom Heartache and Whiskey

Stoner Rock/Metal
VILE The new Age of Chaos Death Metal
  Stench of the Deceased Re-Release Death Metal
  Depopulate Death Metal
Vilkates Apocalyptic Millenium Black Metal
VILLAINS Drenched In The Poisons Black-Crust-Heavy-Metal
VINNIE MOORE Mind´s Eye Classical Guitar Music
Vintersorg The Focusing Blur Prog-Nordic-Metal
  Visions From The Spiral Generator Prog-Viking Metal

Cosmic Genesis cosmic Black
Violation  Moonlight´s Child melodic Death
Violation WOUND  Violation Wound Punk
VIOLENT WORK OF ART The Worst Is Yet To Come Industrial Metal Core
VIOLENCE UNLEASHED Spawned To Kill Death Metal
VIRGIN BLACK Elegant...And Dying Epic Doom Goth
  Sombre Romantic Epic Doom Goth
VIRGIN SIN Brotherhood Of Freaks Power Thrash
VIRGIN STEELE Visions Of Eden  Epic Metal

Magick Fire Music Epic Metal
Virgo Virgo Classic Rock
VIRON Ferrum Gravis Heavy Metal
  N.W.O.G.H.M. Heavy Metal
Virtuocity Secret Visions Power Metal
Virulence A Conflict Scenario sick Grind
Virus 7  Sick in the Head Street Rock
Visceral BLEEDING Transcend Into Ferocity Death Metal
VISCERAL DAMAGE Garden Of Mutilation Brutal Death Metal
Visceral Evisceration Incessant Desire for panatable Flesh Gothic Death
VISION Detonate Hardcore/Punk
VISION On the Edge Melodic Rock
VISION DIVINE Destination Set To Nowhere Mel.Power-Prog
  The Perfect Machine Mel.Power-Prog
  Stream of Unconsciousness Melodic Metal
  Send me an Angel Power Metal
Vision of Disorder From Bliss To Devastation Alternative-HC
VISIONS OF ATLANTIS Cast away Symphonic Metal
VITAL REMAINS Icon Of Evil Death Metal
  Dechristianize Death Metal
  Dawn of the Apokalypse Death Metal
Viu Drakh Death Riff Society crusty Death
VIVIAN Don't Look Down Punk-/ Pop-Rock
VOBISCUM Christenblut Black Metal
VOID OF SILENCE Human Antithesis Apocalyptic Doom

Criteria ov 666 Apocalyptic Doom
VOID PARADIGM s/t (2012)
Black Metal
VOIVOD Katorz Voivod Metal
  Voivod Outer Limits Rock
VOLBEAT The Strength / The Sound / The Songs Elvis-Groove-Metal
VOLT Rörhät Noise-Rock
  Romeo K.O. Noise Rock
VoLTURE Shocking It's Prey Heavy Metal
VoLUNTARIA/ TRAUER Wintersturm (Split-CD) Depressive Black Metal
Vomit Remnants Indefensible vehemence  groovy Death
VOMITORY Carnage Euphoria Death Metal
  Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize Death Metal
  Primal Massacre Death Metal
  Blood Rapture Death Metal

Revelation Nausea Death Metal
VON BÖÖM / MOTORBREATH Swedenpower (SplitCD) Crust/Punk
VON BRANDEN Scherben Gothic Metal
VON EINST Prophezeiung Der Ahnen Symphonic/ Ambient
STEVE VON TILL A Grave Is A Grim Horse Melancholic Singer/Songwriter-Post-Folk
VOODOO GLOW SKULLS Adicción, Tradición, Revolución Ska-Core
VOODOO HILL Wild Seed Of Mother Earth Hardrock
VOODOOSHOCK Marie's Sister's Garden Psychedelic Doom Metal
  Voodooshock Psychedelic Doom
VORKREIST Sublimation XXIXA Death/Black Metal
  Sabbathical Flesh Possession Death Black
VORUM Poisoned Void Death Metal
VOTUM Time Must Have A Stop Prog-Art-Rock/Metal
VOX INTERIUM Yearning Death Metal
VOYAGER Univers Melodic Prog Goth Metal
VREID Milorg Viking Black Metal
  I Krig Black Metal
  Pitch Black Brigade Black Metal
  Kraft Viking-Folk-Metal
VULCAIN Desperados (Classix) Heavy Metal
VULCANO Drowning In Blood Thrash Metal

Five Skulls And One Chalice Thrash/Death Metal
VULGAR PIGEONS Summary Execution Grind Core
VULTURE INDUSTRIES The Dystopia Journals Symphonic Experimental Metal
VULVAGUN Cold Moon Over Babylon Epic Prog Metal
VVEREVVOLF GREHV Zombie Aesthetics Experimental/NintendoCore
VYRE The Final Frontier Pt. 1 Post Black Metal
V/A Altars Of Mad Death Vol.1 Death Metal
  A Tribute To Poison Idea - Bigger Than God Hardcore/Punk
  Armageddon Over Wacken - Live 2004 div.Metal
  Bangin´ round the X-Mas tree Power/Thrash
  Breaking The Silence Vol.1 ---
  Candlelight Collection Vol.4 ---

Contaminated 3.0 ---
  Contaminated 5.0 ---
  Contaminated VI diverse Extremitäten
  Conquest for the Empire ---
  Covering 20 Years Of Extremes METAL!!!
  Crossing All Over Vol.18 div.Pop/Rock/Metal
  Crossing All Over Vol.17 div.Rock/Metal

Czech Assault Extreme Metal
  Death...Is Just The Beginning Vol.7 diverse Metal

Deathophobia European Edition Vol.II ---
  Deathophobia VIII div.Death/Thrash
  Deathophobia IX div.Death/Thrash

Dream Ballads ---
  Dutch Assault Extreme Metal
  Elektrisch! 2 Elektro/Synthie-Pop/EBM
  Hellfest Compilation - Volume II div. Metal
  Hellspawn/Hateful/Impureza - Split Death Metal
  Heroes Of Steel - Chapter 4 div. Heavy Metal
  Hitpack Fresh Vol. 6 ...
  Hot Metal Schwäbisch Metal

In the Eyes of Death II ---
  In The Eyes Of Death IV diverse Metal

I Used To Fuck People Like You -Where The Bad Boys Rock ---
  Joining Forces Death / Thrash
  Joining Forces II Death / Thrash
  Joining Forces III Death / Thrash
  Kingdom of Glory Vol. 1 Heavy Metal
  Kingdom Of Glory Vol. 2 Heavy Metal
  Louder Than The Dragon Part II Power Metal
  Masters of Cassel - 15 Years of Metal diverse Metal
  Metal Message IV Pagan, Folk, Viking, Black Metal
  Metal Message Vol.III Pagan, Folk, Viking, Black Metal
  Metal Message Vol.II Pagan, MeloDeath, Black, Folk

Metal Message Vol. 1 Black, Viking, Pagan
  Metal Ostentation 2 Death/Black
  Metal Ostentation 5 Death/Black
  Metal Ostentation 7 Death/Black
  Might Is Right – Nordic Warchants Pagan/Viking/Black Metal
  MTV2 - Headbangers Ball Volume 2 diverse Metal
  MTV2 - Headbangers Ball diverse Metal
  New Age Of Iron: Teutonic-Swedish Alliance Metal
  Nuclear Blast Allstars - Out Of The Dark Death/Thrash Metal
  Obscure Infinity - Split Death Metal

Opera Metal Vol. 2 Metal

Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millenium ---
  Rock Your Life Vol.1 Rock/Hardrock

Schattenreich Vol.4

Dark Gothic, Elektro, Wave
  Shawn Lane remembered Vol. 1 Fusion Guitar Music
  Still Going Strong Hardcore
  Sweets for my Sweet (Chapter 1) ---
  Tanz der Nacht Dark-Elektro/EBM

The Be(a)st Of Metal - 1:World Of Fantasy Fanatsy/Power Metal

The First Impact ---
  The Heart Of Roadrunner div. Metal

The Riddle Masters - A Tribute to Manilla Road

Heavy Metal
  This Comp. Kills Fascists Grindcore

To Magic...2 (Prophecy Prod.)

  Too Legit For The Pit (Hardcore Takes The Rap) HC/HipHop/Crossover
  Unite For Peta Punk/HC
  Vactes Noctis Compilation Vol.1 ---

Visions of Metal Vol.1 ---
  Visions Of Metal Vol. 2 ---
  W:O:A Full Metal Juke Box Vol.2 div.Extreme-Metal
  W:O:A Full Metal Juke Box Vol.1 div. Metal
V/A Soundtrack Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Soundtrack-Score + Death-Punk
  Alone In The Dark div.Metal
  Dracula 2000 Soundtrack ---
  Freddy Vs. Jason (OST) Modern Metal
  Gladiator Soundtrack
  Resident Evil: Apocalypse diverse

Resident Evil - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ---

The Wicked Soundtrack diverse
V/A Tribute Alpha Motherfuckers - A Tribute To TURBONEGRO ---
  A Shudder To Think Tribute Emo-Rock/Pop

A Tribute to the Beast (MAIDEN-Tribute) ---
  A Tribute To The Four Horsemen ---
  Cover It Up Vol.1 div. Metal
  Influences & Connections (Volume 1: Mr. Big) Pop´n´Blues Rock

Motörmorphösis - A Tribute To MOTÖRHEAD - Part I ---
  One Foot In Fire - Tribute To Cirith Ungol Heavy Metal
  Our Impact Will Be Felt - A Tribute To SICK OF IT ALL Hardcore
V/A Re:Covered - A Tribute To Depeche Mode Electro

Requiems Of Revulsion -A Tribute To CARCASS ---
  Seven Gates Of Horror - A Tribute To POSSESSED div.Death, Thrash, Black
  Slave To The Power - The Iron Maiden Tribute Metal/HR

The Keepers of Jericho -A Tribute to HELLOWEEN ---
  Tribute To Angel Witch Heavy Metal

Warmth In The Wilderness - A Tribute To Jason Becker ---




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