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L.MINYGWAL E´er Psycho-Core
LAB Where Heaven Ends Gothic Rock
When Heaven Gets Dirty (Maxi) Gothic Rock
LABRIE, JAMES Elements Of Persuasion Progressive Metal
LABYRINTH Freeman Melodic Power Metal
  Labyrinth Power Prog Metal
  Sons Of Thunder Power Metal
LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts Dark Goth Rock Metal
Again It´s Over EP Dark Goth Rock Metal
  Ave End Gothic Metal
Fall, I Will Follow Gothic Rock
  Burning: A Wish   Gothic Metal
LACRIMOSA Sehnsucht Wave/Gothic-Rock
Lichtjahre Wave/Gothic-Rock
Durch Nacht Und Flut  (Maxi) Wave/Gothic-Rock
Fassade Wave/Gothic-Rock
Lacuna Coil Halflife Gothic Metal
LA DIVISION MENTALE L'extase des fous Industrial Black Metal
LADWIG Here We Stand Rock
LaETHORA March Of The Parasite Death Metal
LA FLEUR FATALE Silent Revolution Psychedelic Retro Pop/Rock
Night Generation Psychedelic Retro Pop/Rock
LAHAR Umeni Strachu Speedcore
LAID IN ASHES Bastards From Hell Thrash/ Death Metal




War Metal Battle Master

Sludge Doom Sick Death/Thrash

The Ultimate Destroyer Sludge-Doom-Sick-Death/Thrash
Carnage Old-School-Death/Thrash
LAKE OF TEARS Black Brick Road Gothic 70s Rock
The Neonai Dark Rock
LAKE PLACID Make More Friends Crossover-Pop
LAMB OF GOD Wrath Modern Thrash Metal
As The Places Burn Thrash-Death-Core
L'ÂME IMMORTELLE Dein Herz (Maxi) Wave-Pop/Rock
Auf deinen Schwingen Wave-Pop/Rock
Nur Du (Maxi) Wave-Pop/Rock
Fallen Angel (Maxi) Elektro-Wave-Pop
LANA LANE Covers Collection Hard Rock
LANDGUARD Eden of a parallel Dimension Melodic Power Metal
LANFEAR This Harmonic Consonance Prog Power Metal
  X to the Power of Ten Prog Power Metal
  Another Golden Rage Power Metal
  The Art Effect Power Metal
LAPKO Scandal Alt./Indi Post Prog Rock



Altered Flesh

Symphonic Black
Las Cruces Ringmaster Doom Metal
Last Drop ...Where Were You Living A Year From Now? Hard Rock
LAST EMPIRE Last Empire US-Metal

Last Mile

LAST ONE DYING The Hour Of Lead Metalcore
Last Rites Guided by Light Tribal Rock
LAST RITES (ITA) Mind Prison Thrash/Death
LAST WARNING Throughout Time Prog Metal
LAST WINTER Under The Silver Of Machines Nu Rock/ Emocore



Altered Flesh

Symphonic Black
LAUDAMUS Lost In Vain Hardrock
LAX 'N' VOLLEY Promo-CD/ Demo Harcore/ Thrash Metal
LAY DOWN ROTTEN Gospel Of The Wretched Death Metal
  Reconquering The Pit Death Metal
  Breeding Insanity Death Metal
Cold Constructed Death Metal
  Paralyzed By Fear Death Metal
LAYMENT Traces Dark Power Metal
LAZARUS A.D. The Onslaught Thrash Metal
Leakh The Wreckoning Dark Metal
LEASH LAW Dogface Heavy Metal
LEATHERWOLF World Asylum US Metal
LEAVES EYES Legend Land Gothic Metal
  Vinland Saga Gothic Metal
  Lovelorn   Gothic Metal
LECHERY In Fire Heavy Metal
LEECH The Stolen View InstrumentalPost Rock
Lefay ...---... (SOS) Power Metal
Left Hand Solution Light shines black Gothic Doom
LEFT TO VANISH Versus The Throne Death Core
LEGACY OF HATE Unmitigated Evil Melodic Death Core
LEGACY OF VYDAR A Hundred Miles Epic Death Metal
LEGEN BELTZA Dimension Of Pain Thrash Power Metal
LEGEND The Anthology NWOBHM/ Hardrock
LEGENDA AUREA Ellipsis Symphonic Metal
  Sedna Symphonic Metal
LEGION OF THE DAMNED Descent Into Chaos Thrash Metal
  Sons of the Jackal Thrash Metal
  Malevolent Rapture Thrash Metal
LE GRAND GUIGNOL The Great Maddening Barock-Black-Metal-Musical
LEHAVOTH Hatred shaped man Death/Grind
LEICHENWETTER Klage Gothic Metal
Letzte Worte Gothic Metal
LE MANS Rebel Action Indi-Dark-Trip-Wave-Pop
LEMMY Damage Case: the Anthology Rock ´n Roll
LENGSEL The Kiss, The Hope Avantgarde Post/Noise-Core Prog Metal
LENG TCH'E Marasmus Grind Core
The Process OF Elimination Grindcore
LENGTH OF TIME Antiworld HC-Metal
LEPTOTRICHIA / AMPUTATED Leptotrichia vs. Amputated Split CD Death Metal
Less Than Human To Breed true Neo Thrash
LETHAL (SWE) Annihilation Agenda Retro Thrash/Death Metal
LETHAL SAINT Lethal Saint Heavy Metal
LETZTE INSTANZ Ewig Brachial-Romantik
LEVERAGE Circus Colossus Melodic Metal
NEIL LEYTON The Betrayal Of The Self Soul´n´Roll
LIAR Murder Manifesto Death/Thrash-Core
LIAR / SUNRISE Decontaminate - Split-CD Death-Core
LIBERTY N' JUSTICE Soundtrack Of A Soul Hardrock
LICH KING World Gone Dead Thrash Metal
LICK THE BLADE Graveyard Of Empires US Metal
LIFE BEYOND Thousand Vision Mist Doom/Stoner Rock
LIFELESS Godconstruct Death Metal
LIFEND Innerscars Prog-Death
LIFE OF AGONY River Runs Again - Live 2003 Groove Metal
LIFTHRASIL Vor dem Sturm Black Metal
LIGHT THIS CITY Stormchaser Melodic Extreme Metal
LILLIAN AXE The Days Before Tomorrow Hard Rock
  Deep Red Shadows Hard Rock
LIMBONIC ART Legacy Of Evil Symphonic Black Metal
The Ultimate Death Worship Symphonic Black Metal
Ad Noctum – Dynasty of Death Symphonic Black Metal
LINEA 77 Available For Propaganda Alternative/Crossover
Numb Crossover
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory Nu Metal
LIONSHEART Abyss Hardrock
LIQUID GRAVEYARD On Evil Days Hybrid Metal
Litmus Planetfall Hippie-70s-Space-Rock
LITHIUM Cold Dark Industrial Rock
LITTLE DEAD BERTHA Way Of Blind Sympho Black
LITURGY Dawn Of Ash brutal Death
Lividity Used, Abused And Left For Dead Death Metal
...'Til Only The Sick Remain Death Metal
LIVING COLOUR Collideoscope Crossover
LIV KRISTINE Enter My Silence Dark Pop
LIZZY BORDEN Appointment with Death US Metal
LLYNCH We Are Our Ghosts Math/Post/Chaos Core
Loaded Dark Days Rock
LOBOTOMY Holy Shit Death Metal
LOCH VOSTOK Destruction Time Again Progressive Melodic Death Metal
LOCK UP Hate Breeds Suffering Grind Core
LOCUS MORTIS Voust Occult Black Metal
LOITS Must Album Black / Heathen Metal
  Vere Kutse Kohustab Black / Heathen Metal


When The End Comes


LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT Violent Acts Of Beauty Gothic/ Industrial
Selected Scenes From The End Of The World  Re-Release Gothic Rock
LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA The Greatest Video Game Music Klassik
LONEWOLF Unholy Paradise Power Metal
March into the arena Heavy Metal
  Sattelite Bay Instrumental Post Rock
LONG DISTANCE CALLING / LEECH 090208 - Split-EP Instrumental Post Rock
LONG WINTER`S STARE The Tears of Odin's Fallen Doom Metal
LONGING FOR DAWN A Treacherous Ascension Funeral Doom
LÖNNDOM Fälen Frann Norr Folk Black Metal


Zero Order Phase

Prog Metal

LOONATARAXIS This Boy's A Crying Shame Crossover
LOONATIKK Ocean Pearls Chill-Swing-R´n´R
LORD BELIAL The Black Curse Melodic Death Black Metal
  Revelation - The 7th Seal Melodic Death Black Metal
  Nocturnal Beast Melodic Death Black Metal
  The Seal of Belial Melodic Death Black Metal
LORD GORE Resickened Gore-Death
LORDI Deadache Monster Metal
  The Arockalypse Monster Metal
The Monsterican Dream Monster Metal
Get Heavy Monster Metal
  Would You Love A Monsterman? - Maxi Monster Metal
LORD OF MUSHROOMS Lord Of Mushrooms Prog Rock
LORDS OF BUKKAKE Desagravio Psychedelic Stoner/Sludge/Doom
LORDS OF DECADENCE Cognitive Note Of Discord Melodic Death
LORD OF THE GRAVE Raunacht Doom Metal
LORD VICAR Fear No Pain Doom Metal
LORD VOLTURE Never Cry Wolf Heavy Metal
Beast Of Thunder Heavy Metal
LORIEN Secrets Of The Elder Medieval Metal
LOSA The Perfect Moment Alternative Math-Core
LOS BASTARDOS FINLANDESES Saved By Rock N Roll Hard Rock/ Rock'n'Roll
LOS LOS Viva Los Los Doom/ Death Metal
LOSS Verdict of Posterity Death Metal
LOST DREAMS Wage Of Disgrace Melodic Death Metal
End of Time Melodic Death Metal
LOST FOUND BROKEN This Is What We Life For Emo-Post-MetalCore
LOST HORIZON A Flame To The Ground Beneath Melodic Metal
Lost In Tears Dialogue With Mirrors And God Gothic Metal
LOST SOUL Immerse In Infinity Death Metal
  Chaostream Death Metal
Übermensch (Death of God) Death Metal
Scream Of The Mourning Star Death Metal
LOST YOUTH Medusas Jukebox Stoner/Desert-Rock
LOUDBLAST Planet Pandemonium Death/Thrash
Louis Cypher Bad Times for good Gods Thrash Metal
LOVEHATEHERO White Lines Metalcore
LOVE LIES BLEEDING Ex Nihilo Gothic Black
LOVE LIKE BLOOD Enslaved and condemned Gothic Rock
Chronology Of A Love-Affair 1985-2000 Gothic Rock
LOVEX Pretend Or Surrender Gothic Rock
Anyone Anymore - Single-CD Gothic Rock
Divine Insanity Gothic Rock
Guardian Angel - Single-CD Gothic Rock
LOWBROW Victims at Play Death Metal
Sex. Violence. Death. Death Metal
LOWDOWN Antidote +/- Groove Metal
Unknown NuMetal
LOWER DEFINITION The Greatest Of All Lost Arts Progressive/ Screamo
LOWER HELL Asphyxia Technical Modern Extreme Metal
LOW MAN´S TUNE Solitunes Doom-Death Metal
LUCIFERION The Apostate Death Metal
LUCIFUGUM The Supreme Art Of Genocide Black Metal
LUCTUS / ARGHARUS Sonitus Caeli Ardentis - Split-CD Black Metal
LUCY'S DOLL Formula For Hate Alternative Metal
LUDDITE CLONE The Arsonist And The Architect Death Grind
LUGUBRE Anti-Human Black Metal Black Metal

El Poder Del Deseo

Heavy Metal
LULLACRY Vol.4 Gothic Metal

Crucify my Heart

Gothic Metal
  Be my God Gothic Metal
LUMSK Asmund Fraegdegjevar Nordic Folk Rock
Troll Nordic Folk Metal
LUNA FIELD Diva Black/Death
LUNARIS Cyclic Avantgarde-Black/Death
... the infinite Prog Black
LUNATICA Fables & Dreams Symphonic Metal
Lunatic Gods The Wilderness Dark Prog Metal
LUPERCALIA Florilegium Mittelalter / Folk
LUST OF DECAY Infesting the Exhumed Death Grind
LUTEMKRAT Last Survivor Black Metal
LYCOSIA Lycosia Gothic Glam Rock
LYFTHRASYR The Recent Foresight Melodic Black/Dark Metal
LYNCH/PILSON Wicked Underground Hardrock
LYRIEL Prisonworld Dark Romantic Folk Rock
LYRONIAN Crisis Dark Crossover
LYZANXIA Mind Crimes Mel.Death-Core-Metal



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