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TaAKE Bjoergvin (Re-Release) Black Metal
Tad Morose Modus Vivendi Power Metal
  Matters of the Dark Power Metal
TAETRE Divine Misanthropic Madness Melodic Death Thrash
TAINT Secrets And Lies Sludge Doom Noise Rock Metal
  The Ruin Of Nová Roma Sludge Doom Post Noise Rock Core Metal
TAKARA Invitation To Forever Melodic Hardrock / AOR
TAKIDA Bury The Lies Hard Rock
TAKING BACK SUNDAY Louder Now Emo-Core/Rock
  Where You Want To Be Emo-Indi-Rock-Core
TALIANDORÖGD Neverplace melodic Black
TALON Never Look Back / Vicious Game Heavy Metal
TANK War Machine Heavy Metal
TANKARD The Beauty and the Beer Thrash Metal
  Kings of Beer Thrash Metal
TAO MENIZOO Tao Menizoo Industrial Thrash
TAPE #1 Crossover
TARDY BROTHERS Bloodline Groove Metal
TARGET Mission Executed / Demo '86 / Master Project Genesis (Re-Release) Thrash Metal
TARGET:BLANK Protophonic Nu Metal
TAROT Crows Fly Black Heavy Metal
  Suffer Our Pleasures Heavy Metal
TAUNUSHEIM Nebelkämpfe Pagan Black Metal
TANZWUT Weiße Nächte Mittelalter-Rock
  Morus Et Diabolus Mittelalter

Some Scars, Some Hope Hardcore
TEARABYTE Gloom Factor Thrash Metal
TEARS OF ANGER Still alive Melodic Prog Metal
Tears of Decay Salprophyt Death/Grind
JENNIE TEBLER Silverwing EP Gothic Metal
TECHNOCRAZY Technocrazy Modern Metal
TECHNOIR Deliberately Fragile Synthie-Elektro-Dance-Pop
TEETH OF THE HYDRA Greenland Sludge/Doom
TEKHTON Alluvial Sludge/ Doom Metal
TEMPER TEMPER Temper Temper Post-Retro-Rock
TEMPESTT Bring em on Hardrock
TEMPLE OF BAAL Traitors To Mankind Black Metal
  Servants Of The Beast raw Black Metal
TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY Lethal Agenda Thrash Metal
Tendencia Re-Evolution Metalcore
TENEBRARUM Voices Gothic Doom Metal
TENEBRE Hearts Blood Gothic Rock

Electric Hellfire Kiss Dark Dirty Goth´n`Roll

The Fall of Worthless Morals

Black Metal
Tenhi Maaäet Melancholic Folk

Väre Melancholic Folk
  Airut:Ciwi Melancholic Folk
TENOCHTITLAN Chac Och-Ut Ethno Metal
TEN YEARS AFTER Evolution Blues Rock
TEPHRA A Modicum Of Truth Monumental Post-Doom-Core
TERÄSBETONI Metallitotuus Heavy Metal
TERHEN Eyes Unfolded Doom-Death Metal
TERMINAL FUNCTION Measuring The Abstract Prog Death Metal
Terra Firma Harms Way Stoner Rock
Terra TENEBROSA The Purging Black Metal/Sludge/Noise
TERROR The Damned, The Shamed Hardcore
  Rhythm Amongst The Chaos EP Hardcore
  Always The Hard Way Hardcore
  One With The Underdogs Hardcore
  Lowest Of The Low EP Crust Hardcore
TERROR 2000 Terror for Sale T(h)rash Metal
  Slaughter in Japan Thrash Metal
  Faster Disaster Thrash/Death

Slaughterhouse Supremacy Thrash/Death
TERRORIZER Hordes Of Zombies +/- Death Metal
  Darker Days Ahead Crust-Grind-Death-Metal
TERRORWHEEL Rhythm´N´Murder Metal´n´Roll
TERVEET KÄDET The Horse (Re-Release) Hardcore-Punk
TESLA Into The Now Hardrock
TESSMARKA Tessmarka Punkrock/ Pop
TESTAMENT The Spitfire Collection Thrash Metal
  Live In London Thrash Metal

First Strike still deadly Thrash Metal
TETSUO Malmohrahkign Math/Deathcore
TEXTURES Silhouettes +/- Prog Math Thrash
  Drawing Circles Prog. Thrash Death
  Polars Modern Thrash
THALARION Tunes Of Despondency Gothic Death
Thanateros The First Rite Elektro-Gothic
  Circle Of Life Medieval Goth Metal
THANATOS Justified Genocide Thrash Metal
  Undead.Unholy.Divine. Death / Thrash Metal

Angelic Encounters Death / Thrash Metal
THANATOSCHIZO Insomnious night life Doom-Death
THARAPHITA Iidsetel Sünkjatel Radadel Pagan Black Metal
  Primeval Force Pagan Black Metal
The 69 Eyes Paris Kills Gothic Rock

Blessed Be Gothic Rock
THE ABSENCE Riders Of The Plague Melodic Death/Thrash
  From Your Grave Melodic Death Metal
THE ACCÜSED The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead Thrashcore
  Oh Martha Thrashcore
THE AGONIST Lullabies For The Dormant Mind Modern Metal(-Core)
  Once Only Imagined Modern Metal(-Core)
THE AGONY SCENE Get Damned Thrash-Metalcore
  The Darkest Red Death-Metalcore

The Agony Scene Melodic Death Core
THE ALIEN BLAKK Modes Of Alienation Nerv "Guitar Hero" Rock
The Almighty Punchdrunk Music For Them Asses freaky Deathcore
THE AMBER LIGHT Goodbye To Dusk, Farewell To Dawn Melancholic Rock
THE AMENTA nOn Extreme Death Black Metal
  Occasus Extreme Death Black
THE ANSWER Everyday Demons Hardrock
THE ANTI-DOCTRINE A Worldwide Elite And Its Downfall Psycho-Math-Thrashcore
  Patterns Of Liquid Red EP Psycho-Modern-Metal/Core
THE ARCANE ORDER In The Wake Of Collisions Modern Thrash Metal
  The Machinery Of Oblivion Modern Thrash
The Armada The Scent of Darkness Heavy Metal


Hard Luck


THEATRES DES VAMPIRES Anima Noir Vampiric Gothic Metal
THE AUDITION Controversy Loves Company +/- Emo-Core-Pop-Punk
THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT The Austrasian Goat Funearl Black Doom
THE AUTUMN OFFERING Revelations Of The Unsung Metalcore
THE BAKERTON GROUP El Rojo +/- Prog Rock
THE BATALLION Stronghold Of Men Thrash / Black ‘n’ Roll
THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD To Lunar Canyons Prog-Pop Post Wave
  Moonlight And Hollywood Dark Wave / Post Punk
THE BERZERKER Animosity Death/Grind
  World Of Lies Traktor-Death-Grind-Gülle
  Dissimulate Industrial Grind
THE BLACK Alongside Death Black/ Death Metal
  Miasma Death Metal
  Unhallowed Melo-Death/Thrash
THE BLACK LEAGUE Man´s Ruin... revisited Rotz ´n Roll

Utopia A.D. Gothic Metal
THE BLACK MARIA A Shared History Of Tragedy Emo-Post-Core-Rock
  Smile Like A Wolf EP Melodic Emo-Metalcore
  Munich Value EP Melodic Metalcore
The Blood Brothers Burn, Piano Island, Burn Schizo Core
  March On Electric Children Psycho-Core
THE BLOOD DIVINE Rise Pantheon Dreams Gothic Retro Metal
THE BLUE BLOODS Death Of A Salesman Streepunk


The Blue Bloods Streetpunk / HC
The Blue Season Cold Gothic Rock
  Secede Gothic Rock
THE BLUESTATION Over The Top Blues-Grunge-Retro-Garage-Rock´n´Roll
THE BONES Burnout Boulevard Rock´n´Roll
THE BRANDOS Over The Border Tex/Mex-Desert-Rock
THE BRENDAN ADAMS TRIO Pearly Sue Singer/Songwriter-Soul-Pop
THE BRONX CASKET CO. Hellectric Dark-Doom-Metal


3 Jacks High


THE BULLETMONKS Royal Flush On The Titanic Alternative/ Hard Rock
THE BURNING Storm The Walls Thrash Metal
THE BUTCHER Mass Destruction Manual HC-Punk´n´Roll
THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT Begins Here Emo-Groove-Rock/Metal
THE CAUTERIZED Hung Be The Heavens With Black Death Metal
THE CHARIOT The Fiancée Math-Noise-Jazz-Core´n´Roll
THE CHASM The Spell Of Retribution Death Metal
THE CHELSEA SMILES Thirty Six Hours Later R´n´R
THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS Brotherhood (Best Of) Elektronika / Big Beat
THE CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT The Return of Rock'n Roll Punk'n Roll

Power Metal

THE CNK L'Hymne Á La Joie Industrial Black Groove
  Ultraviolence (Über Alles) Industrial Black Groove
THE COALFIELD Vamonos Loco Noise-Funk-Post-Core-Rock
The Company Awaking under Dogs moderner Thrash
The Corrs In Blue Pop/Rock
THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS Olidous Operettas Goregrind


Forensic Fugues And Medicolegal Medleys

THE CREATURES Hái! Percussion-Voice-Session
THE CREETINS (The) City Screams My Name Punk´n´Roll
The Crest Letters from Fire Gothic Metal
THE CROWN Crowned Unholy Death/Thrash
  Possessed 13 Death/Thrash
  Crowned in Terror Death/Thrash
THE CULT Born Into This Rock
THE CUMSHOTS Just Quit Trying

Melodic Death´n´Roll


4:13 Dream


THE DARKNESS Permission To Land Sleaze Rock
THE DAVOLINAS Edge Of A New Day Retro-Heavyrock
The Dead Beginners Sinner´s Rebellion Folk Black
THE DEAL Pretty Words, Better Days EP Crusty Hardcore Rock
THE DEFACED Karma in Black Modern Thrash

Domination Commence Modern Thrash
THE DEVIANT Ravenous Death Worship Death Black Metal
THE DEVIL'S BLOOD The Thousandfold Epicentre Occult-60s/70s-Rock

The Time Of No Time Evermore Occult-60s/70s-Rock

Come, Reap EP Occult-60s/70s-Rock
  The Graveyard Shuffle - 7" Occult-60s/70s-Rock
THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND Synchestra Prog-Sky-Metal
  Accelerated Evolution Prog-Sky-Metal
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Ire Works  Math/Jazz-Core/Metal
  Calculating Infinity (Re-Release) Math-Phunk-Jazz-Core
  Miss Machine Math-Phunk-Jazz-Core
THE DOGMA Black Roses Gothic Power Metal
The Dreamside Mirror Moon Gothic Rock
THE DRESDEN DOLLS No, Virginia Brechtian Punk Cabaret

Yes, Virginia

Brechtian Punk Cabaret
THE DUCKY BOYS Three Chords And The Truth Street Punk
THE DURANGO RIOT Telemission Rock´n´Roll
THE DUSKFALL The Dying Wonders of the World Melodic Death Metal
  Lifetime Supply Of Guilt Melodic Death Metal
  Source Melodic Death Metal
  Frailty Melodic Death Metal
THE END Elementary Math-Post-Core
  Within Dividia Math- /Chaoscore
  Tranfer Trachea Reverberations... Psychocore
THE ENTITY Salt EP Melancholic Rock
The Equinox ov the Gods Where Angels dare not tread Dark Wave/Metal
The ETERNAL Sleep Of Reason Doom/Gothic Metal
THE EXPLOITED Fuck The System Punk Core
THE EYES OF A TRAITOR A Clear Perception Metalcore
The FaDING In Sin We'll Find Salvation Melodic Death Metal
The Fallen Front toward Enemy Thrash Metal
The Fallen WITHIN Intoxicated Melodic Death Metal
THE FANTASTIKOL HOLE The Mathematikol Oil Experimental/CyberNoise/Grindcore
THE FINAL HARVEST The End Thrash/ Death Metal
THE FIRE Loverdrive Alternative-Punk-Pop/Rock
THE FLAW Different Kinds Of Truth Gothic Metal
THE FLOWER KINGS Paradox Hotel Progressive Rock
  Adam & Eve Progressive Rock

Unfold the Future Progressive Rock
The Forsaken Arts of Desolation Death Metal

Manifest of Hate melodic Death
THE FORESHADOWING Second World Gothic Doom Metal
  Days of Nothing Gothic Doom Metal


Instrumental Power Groove Rock
THE GATES OF SLUMBER The Wretch Doom Metal
  Hymns Of Blood And Thunder Epic Metal



Epic Metal

  Suffer No Guilt Doom Metal
  The Awakening Doom Metal
THE GATHERING Disclosure Alternative Trip Pop
  Downfall Gothic Death Metal
  Home Trip-Rock
  Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides Trip Rock
  Mandylion (Deluxe Edition) Gothic Metal
  Sleepy Buildings - A Semi Acoustic Evening Acoustic Trip-Rock
  Souvenirs Trip-Rock
  If Then Else melancholic Rock
  Amity-EP melancholic Rock
THE GOODTIMES Long Kept Secrets Melo-Street-Punk-R´n´R.
THE GO! TEAM Thunder, Lightning, Strike Schizopop
The Great Deceiver Terra Incognito Psychedelic Groove-Metal
  A Venom well designed Melo-Core
THE GROTESQUERY The Facts And Terrifying Testament Of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales Death Metal
  Tales Of The Coffin Born Death Metal
THE HARROWED The Harrowed Death/Thrash
THE HAUNTED Versus Experimental Thrash Metal
  The Dead Eye Thrash Metal
  Revolver Thrash Metal
  One Kill Wonder Melo Thrash Metal
THE HEAVILS Heavilution Freak Groove-Modern-Metal
THE HELLACOPTERS By The Grace Of God Rotz´n´Roll
THE HERETIC Gospel Songs in E Minor Prog Death Metal
  Chemistry For The Soul Prog Death Metal
THE HIDDEN HAND The Resurrection Of Whiskey Foote Psychedelic Retro Doom Rock
  Mother, Teacher, Destroyer Psychedelic Doom Rock
  Divine Propaganda Doom´n´Roll
THE HIDDEN HAND vs. WOOLY MAMMOTH Night Letters - Split-EP Retro-Doom-Rock
THE HOOCHIE COOCHIE MEN Danger: White Men Dancing Blues Hardrock
THE HORSEHEAD UNION The Horsehead Union Rotzrock / Classic Rock
THE HOURGLASS Ancient Hope EP Heavy Metal
THE HUGUENOTS Discography Avantgarde Noise Punk/Core
THE IDORU Brand New Way, Brand New Situation MelodyCore-Rock
THE IRON MAIDENS World´s only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden Heavy Metal
THE JACK SAINTS Rock And Roll Saved Our Lives... But Now It's Trying To Kill Us Punk Rock
The Jelly Jam The Jelly Jam Alternative
  II Prog Rock
THE JOHN ENTWISTLE BAND Left For Life Blues Prog Rock
THE JUDAS CRADLE Too Bad They´re All Dead Death Metal Core
THE JULIANA THEORY Deadbeat Superheartbeat Emo-Alternative-Rock/Core
THE KISS OF DEATH The Kiss Of Death EP Sludge HC Metal
THE KONSORTIUM The Konsortium Avantgarde Black Metal
THE KORDZ Beauty And The East Oriental Alternative Rock

In Times before the Light (Rerelease) symphonic Black
THE LAMP OF THOTH Portents, Omens & Dooms Heavy Doom Metal

Cauldron Of Witchery EP Heavy Doom Metal
The Last Hard Men The Last Hard Men Hardrock
THE LEGION Revocation Symphonic Black
  Unseen to Creation aggressiver Black
THE LETTERS ORGANIZE Dead Rhythm Machine Post-Punk-Core´n´Roll
The Lord Weird Slough Feg First Heavy Metal
  Down among the Deadmen Heavy Metal
  Traveller Celtic Heavy Metal
THE LOST Hidden Beneath The Shadows Of Fear Gothic Rock
THE LOVE BÜLOW So Weit Rock, Pop, Hip Hop
THE LULABELLES As The World Turns Indi-Punk-Rock
THE LUST My Dear Emptiness Mod.Power NuMetal
THE MACHETE Untrue Thrash/Death Metal


Regression Thrash/Death
THE MERCY BROTHERS Stranger Adventure Blues/Americana
THE MISSION Live & Last Goth/Wave-Rock
  God Is A Bullet Goth/Wave-Rock
  Aura Gothic Rock
  Aural Delight Gothic Rock
THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT Trivumvirate Death Metal
  The White Crematorium Death Metal
  The Apotheosis Death Metal

Regö Rejtem

Ethno/ Folk

The Wolves Are Hungry

Modern Thrash
THE MOVEMENTS The World, The Flesh, The Devil Psychedelic Rock
THE MUTANTS Voodoo Blues Freaky Hard Rock
THE MYSTERY Apocalypse 666 Heavy Metal
  Soulcatcher Heavy Metal
THE NEST Music For Drivers
THE NEW BLACK The New Black Metal
THE NEW STORY Untold Stories Alternative Emo-PunkPop-Rock
Monster (EP)
Synth-/Prog/Psychedelic Rock
THE OATH 4 Black Death Metal
THE OCEAN Precambrian Monumental Cineastic Core/Metal
  Aeolian Psycho-Post-Apocalyptic-Math-Core
  Fluxion Avantgarde-Core
THE OCTOBER Push Me Off The Side Of The Earth Modern New Wave Rock
  Bye Bye Beautiful Modern New Wave Rock
THE OLD DEAD TREE The Water Fields Dark Melancholic Metal
  The Perpetual Motion Dark/Gothic Metal
THE ORDEAL Descent From Hell Prog-Power Metal
THE ORDER Son Of Armageddon HR/HM
Theory in Practice Colonizing the Sun technical Death

The Armageddon Theories technical Death
THEORY OF A DEADMAN Theory Of A Deadman Grunge Rock
THE OWL SERVICE A Garland Of Song Okkult-Folk
THE PAPER CHASE Now You Are One Of Us Dissonant-Post-Indi-Rock
  God Bless Your Black Heart Dissonant-Post-Indi-Rock
THE PINEAPPLE THIEF Tightly Unwound Art/Prog-Rock
THE PLEA The Dreamers Stadium Rock/ Indie
THE PLOT TO BLOW UP THE EIFFEL TOWER Love In The Fascist Brothel Chaos-Punk-Jazz-Core
The Project Hate MCMXCIX When We Are Done, Your Flesh... Cyber-Death


Doom Metal

Red Flags

Avantgarde Metal
  How would you like to be spat at Avantgarde Metal
  Still at Arms Lenght Gothic Folk Metal

25th Hour; bleeding Gothic Death
THE PROWLERS Re-Evolution Melodic Prog Metal
  Devil's Bridge Prog Power Metal
THE PURITAN Lithium Gates Funeral Doom Metal
The Quiet Room Reconceive Alternative
THE QUILL In Triumph HR/Stoner
The Quireboys 100 % Live 2002 Blues R`n`R
  This Is Rock´n´Roll Blues R`n`R
Therapy? Shameless Indi-Rock
THE RAVEN One Last Time EP Gothic Rock
THE RAVENOUS Blood Delirium sick Death

Assembled in Blasphemy

sick Death
THE RECKONING Counterblast Black/Death Metal
THE RED CHORD Prey For Eyes Death Metal
  Clients Prog-Jazz-Death-Core-Grind
  Fused Together In Revolving Doors Prog-Jazz-Death-Core
THE RED DEATH Extrenal Frames Of Reference Mel.-Death/Thrash-Core
THE RING Tales from Midgard Melodic Power Metal
THERION Les Fleurs Du Mal Symphonic Metal
  Gothic Kabbalah Symphonic Metal
  Lemuria / Sirius B Symphonic Metal
THE RODS Vengeance Heavy Rock/ Metal
THE ROTTED Get Dead Or Die Trying Extreme Metal
THE ROXX To Heaven With Hell Heavy Metal
THE RUINS OF BEVERAST Enchanted By Gravemould Black/ Death Metal
  Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite Black/ Death Metal
  2012 Heavy Metal
THE SAINTS Nothing Is Straight In My House Post-Punk-Hardrock
The Scarr Animal Enemy Elektro-Pop
THE SCOURGER Dark Invitation To Armageddon Thrash Metal
  Blind Date with Violence Thrash Metal
THE SECRET MEETING Ultrashiver Electro/ Gothic
THE SETUP The Pretense Of Normality Hardcore
THE SEVEN GATES Angel Of Suffering Death Metal
THE SEVENTH Cursed Earth Wasteland Death Metal
THE SEVENTHATE The Copper Test New School Hardcore
THE SEWERGROOVES Rock´n´Roll Receiver Rock´n´Roll
Start Stop Worrying
THE SHOWDOWN Temptation come my Way Metal
  A Chorus of Obliteration Metalcore
The Sins Of Thy Beloved Perpetual Desolation Gothic Death
THE SIXTH INCUBATOR Inphonoir Industrial Metal
THE SKREPPERS Pain In The Right Place Punkabilly-Rock
THE SMITHS The Sound Of The Smiths Indie/NewWave Rock
THE SOUNDBYTE Rivers Of Broken Glass Ambient Trip Rock
THE STORYTELLER Underworld Power Metal
  Tales of a holy Quest Power Metal
  Crossroads Power Metal

The Storyteller Power Metal
THE SUN OF WEAKNESS Trompe L´Oeil Dark-Alternative-Art-Rock
THE SWORD Age Of Winters Retro Stoner Heavy Thrash
THE SYN Syndestructible Art Rock
THESYRE Exist! Extreme Metal
THE TANGENT Not as good as the Book Prog Jazz Rock
  A Place in the Queue Prog Jazz Rock
  The World that we drive through Prog Jazz Rock

The Music that died alone Prog Jazz Rock
THE TEA PARTY Seven Circles Retro Powerrock
The Traceelords  Sex, Money, Rock´n´Roll Hardrock/Metal
The Third and the Mortal Memoirs Avantgarde
THE THORN Hermitage of Non-Divine Melodic Death Metal
THE TOASTERS One More Bullet Ska
THE TOSSERS The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death Irish Folk
THE TOY DOLLS Our Last Album? Fun-Punk
THE UGLY Slaves To The Decay Mel. Black Metal
The Union Underground An Education In Rebellion Alternative
THE UP-ESCALATOR Trying on the World for measure Pop/Rock
THE USED In Love And Death Screamo-Core

Vs. Life

Modern Thrash Metal
THE VINCENT BLACK SHADOW Fears In The Waters Crossover Swing Indi Rock
THE VISION BLEAK Carpathia: A Dramatic Poem Dark-Horror-Metal
  The Deathship Has A New Captain Horror-Gothic Metal
  The Vision Bleak EP Horror-Goth-Metal
THE WAKE Death-a-holic Melodic Death Metal
  Ode to my Misery Melodic Death Metal
THE WANDERING MIDGET The Serpent Coven Doom Metal
  I Am The Gate Doom Metal
THE WICKED ...For Theirs Is The Flesh Dark Metal
THE WINCHESTER CLUB Britannia Triumphant  (Re-Release) Melancholic Post-Rock
  Britannia Triumphant Melancholic Post-Rock
THE WOUNDED Atlantic Art-Goth-Rock
  Monument Gothic Rock

The Art of Grief Wave-Metal
The Year of our Blood The Year of our Blood melodic Death

Super Ready / Fragmenté

Industrial/Elektro-Avantgarde Rock
THINE EYES BLEED In the Wake of Separation Deathcore
THIRD DEGREE Outstay Hardcore/Grindcore
THIRDMOON Dimorphic Cynosure Melodic Death Metal
  Bloodforsaken Dark/Black
THIRTEEN WARS Towards Devastation Thrash Metal
THIS DROWNING MAN Big Faint Lane Wave Rock
THIS ENDING Dead Harvest Melo-Death Metal
  Inside The Machine Melodic Death Metal
THIS IS HELL Misfortunes Melodic HC
THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE Monuments Math Death Metalcore
THORIUM Feral Creation Death Metal
  Unleashing the Demons Death Metal
STEVE THORNE Emotional Creatures Part One Neo Prog/Folk
THOMSEN Let's Get Ruthless Hardrock/ Heavy Metal

A Different View

Alternative Rock

Keep The Dogs Away (Re-Release)

Hard Rock
  Thorn.Eleven moderner Metal
THORNESBREED The Splendour Of The Repellent brutal Death Metal
THORNGOTH Rauhnacht Black Metal
THORNIUM Mushroom Clouds And Dusk Black Metal
Thornspawn Blood of the Holy taint thy Steel Death/Black

Empress from the Realm of Blasph. Death/Black
  Wrath Of War Black Metal
GEORGE THOROGOOD & THE DESTROYERS 30th Anniversary Tour : Live Blues Rock
THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE Lullabies For The Deranged +/- Death Metal
THOU ART LORD DV-8 mystic Black/Death
  Orgia Daemonicum Black-Death/Thrash
THREAT SIGNAL Under Reprisal Modern Thrash Metal
THRASH AMIGOS Hijos De La Chingada Thrash Metal
THREE DAYS GRACE One-X Alternative Rock
THRESHOLD March Of Progress Progressive Metal
  The Ravages of Time  (Best Of) Progressive Metal
  Dead Reckoning Progressive Metal
  Subsurface Progressive Metal
  Critical Energy Progressive Metal
  Critical Mass Progressive Metal
  Hypothetical Progressive Metal
THRICE The Alchemy Index Vol.I+II: Fire & Water Math-Screamo-/Elektro-Post-Rock
  Vheissu Emo/Screamo Core
T.H.R.O.N. Subject to Damage Death Metal
THRONAR Unleash The Fire Battle Metal
Throneaeon Neither of Gods Death Metal
  With sardonic Wrath Death Metal
Throne of Chaos Pervertigo Melodic Death
  Menace and Prayer melodic Death
THRONES Day Late, Dollar Short Noise-Doom-Core


Whispers To The Void

Melodic Death Core

THROWDOWN Haymaker Modern Thrash-Core
THRUDVANGAR Zwischen Asgard und Midgard Technical Brutal Death
ThRUSTOR Abysmal Fear Thrash Metal
Thumb 3 Crossover
THUNDERBOLT Demons And Diamonds Power Metal
THUNDERSTONE Evolution 4.0 Melodic Power Metal
  Tools of Destruction Melodic Power Metal
  The Burning Mel. Power Metal
  Thunderstone Power Metal
THUNDERSTORM As we die alone Doom Metal
  Faithless Soul Doom Metal
  Sad Sympony Doom Metal
THUNDRA Worshipped By Chaos Epic Viking-War-Metal
THURISAZ Circadian Rhythm Prog Black Metal


Chapters Of Downfall

Dark/Death Metal

THY DISEASE Neurotic World Of Guilt techn. Death Metal
THY MAJESTIE Dawn Epic Power Metal
  Jeanne D´Arc Epic Power Metal
  Hastings 1066 Epic Power Metal
Thyrane / The Dead Beginners Split-CD Black Metal
THYRANE Travesty of heavenly Essence Symphonic Black
  Hypnotic Elektro Black Metal

The Spirit of Rebellion

Symphonic Black
THYRFING Hels Vite Viking Black Metal
  Farsoftstider Viking Metal
  Vansinnesvisor Viking Metal

Urkraft Viking Metal
THYRGRIM Winterhall Black Metal
THY WICKED Treu Dem Alten Weg Pagan Metal
Tiamat Prey Gothic Rock
  Judas Christ Gothic Rock
TidAl Abraxas Avantgarde Postcore
Tidfall Nucleus symphonic Black
  Instinct Gate symphonic Black

Circular Supremacy symphonic Black
TIERRA SANTA Caminos De Fuego Heavy Metal
  Mejor Morir En Pie Heavy Metal
TIGERTAILZ Original Sin Glam Rock / Metal
TILES Fly Paper Prog / Hard Rock
TIME HAS COME White Fuzz Math-Metalcore
TIMELESS MIRACLE Into The Enchanted Chamber Melodic Speed Metal
TIME REQUIEM Optical Illusion Prog Power Metal
  The Inner Circle of Reality Prog Power Metal

Time Requiem Prog Power Metal
Timestorm Shades of Unconsciousness Power Metal
Timo Tolkki Hymn of Life Rock
TIN FOIL PHOENIX Living In The Shadow Of The Bat Neo-Grunge
TITAN STEEL The Force Heavy Metal
TODAY IS THE DAY Kiss The Pig Noise-/Grindcore
  Sadness Will Prevail Extreme Soundscapes
TODAY I WAIT Already Dead In Their Eyes Chaos Thrash Core
TODD Comes To Your House Deconstructo Industrial Noise Rock

Purity Pledge Noise-Ind.Punk-Sludge
TODESBONDEN Sleep now, quiet Forest Atmospheric Dark Music
TODTGELICHTER Was bleibt... Black Metal
TO/DIE/FOR Wounds Wide Open Alternative Goth Metal
  IV Gothic-Rock/Metal
  Jaded Gothic Pop Metal

All Eternity Gothic Metal
TO ELYSIUM Nightmare´s Nest Gothic Death
TOKYO DRAGONS Hot Nuts Heavy Rock
TOMBTHROAT Bloodred History Death Metal
TOM FULLER BAND Ask Classic Pop Rock
TO-MERA Transcendental Prog Metal
TOMORROW'S EVE Tales From Serpentia Prog Metal
  Mirror Of Creation Prog Metal
TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK 34613 Progressive Power Metal
TO MY SURPRISE To my Surprise Psychedelic Rock
TONE Solidarity Instrumental Cineastic Wall Of Power Psychedelic Hypno Rock
TONKA ...this present darkness... Power/Thrash
T.O.O.H. Order and Punishment Prog Death
Tool Lateralus Alternative
TOO PURE TO DIE Confidence And Consequence Thrash-Moshcore
TORCHBEARER Warnaments Prog Black/Death
  Yersinia Pestis Death Metal
Tori Amos To Venus and Back ruhiger Pop
TORIAN Dawn Power Metal
  Thunder Times Melodic Speed Metal
Torman Maxt The Foolishness of God Power Metal
TORMENT Tormentation Thrash ´n Roll
Torment of Souls The Wicked Path Thrash/Death
TORN TO PIECES Mastering The Arts Of Death Death Metal
TORTURE KILLER Sewers Death Metal
  Swarm!  Death Metal
  For Maggots to devour Death Metal
TORTURE SQUAD AEquilibrium Death/Thrash Metal
  Hellbound Death/Thrash Metal
  Death, Chaos And Torture Alive Death/Thrash Metal

For Those About To Rot EP Grind-Core
TOTAL CHAOS 17 Years Of...Chaos! Punk

Punk Invasion UK-Punk
TOTAL DEVASTATION Wreck Modern Death Metal

Roadmap Of Pain Industrial Death
TOTALSELFHATRED TotalSelfHatred Depressed Melodic Black
TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKER Totalt Jävla Mörker Grind´n´Roll-Metal
TOTENMOND Thronräuber Brachialmetal
  TonbergUrtod Doom-Punk-Thrash-Core
  Unter Knochen Doom-Metal-Core
  Auf dem Mond ein Feuer HC/Doomcore

Reich in Rost HC/Doomcore
TOTO Falling in between AOR / Hard Rock
TOURETTES Treason Songs Sick Psycho Metal
TOURNIQUET Where Moth And Rust Destroy Thrash Crossover

Microscopic View of a telescopic R. groovy Thrash
TOXIC HOLOCAUST An Overdose Of Death Thrash Metal/Punk
TOXIC REVOLUTION vs. ANDROPHAGOUS Noise Destruction Program vs. Exterminate (SplitCD) Grindcore/Death Metal/Crust
TOXIK BONKERS Progress Death Metal
DEVIN TOWNSEND Ziltoid The Omniscient Avantgarde Prog Extreme Metal
T.O.Y. White Lights Elektro Pop
TOXOCARA The Great Rebellious Death Metal


Ego Anthem

Power Melo-Death



Power Melo-Death

TRACER El Pistolero Stoner Rock
TRAGIC CAUSE To Reign Supreme Thrash Metal
TRAIL OF TEARS Existentia Dark Gothic Metal
  Free Fall into Fear Dark Gothic Metal
  A New Dimension Of Might Dark Gothic Metal
  Profoundemoneum Dark Gothic Metal
Mike Tramp Recovering The Wasted Years Rock
TRAMPs WHITE LION Rocking The USA Blues Hardrock 
TranCEMISSION Naked Flames Hard Rock
Transatlantic SMPTe Progressive Rock
TRANSILVANIAN BEAT CLUB Das Leben soll doch schön sein Death/Black´n´Roll
TRANCELIKE VOID Destroying Something Beautiful Depressed Ambient BlackMetal
  Live in America Progressive Rock
TRANSMISSION 0 Memory Of A Dream Monumental-Post-Rock
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Beethoven's Last Night Classic/Metal
TRASHMONKEYS The Maker Rock´n`Roll
TRAUMA Imperfect like a God Death Metal

Suffocated In Slumber Death Metal
TRAUMALICE 7 Eyes Of  A Crow
Black/Doom Metal



Ambient Black Metal



Black Metal

TRELLDOM Til Minne... Black Metal
TRENDKILL No Longer Buried Metalcore
TRENDKILLER Living In Hell Heavy Metal
TREPONEM PAL Weird Machine Industrial Metal
TRIBAZIK All Blood Is Red Tribal Rock/ Industrial
TRIBE Pray For Calm ... Need The Chaos Modern Hardrock
  Enchanted Entrance Tribal Rock
TRIBE OF JUDAH Exit Elvis Alt.Psychedelic Rock
TRIBES OF CAIN Retaliation  Black/Death Metal
TRIBES OF NEUROT Meridian Ambient Soundscapes
TRIBULATION The Horror Blackened Death/Thrash
TRIBUTE TO NOTHING Breathe How You Want To Breathe Indie/Alternative-Post-Rock
TRICK OR TREAT Tin Soldiers Happy Metal
TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED The Great Depression Brutal Death Metal
TRIMONIUM Son Of The Blizzard Melodic Pagan Black/Death
TRINACRIA Travel Now Journey Infinitely Avantg.Pagan Post Prog Metal
TRISTANIA Illumination Avantgarde Dark Metal
  Ashes Avantgarde Metal

World of Glass Gothic Death

Beyond the Veil Gothic Death
TRI STATE CORNER Changes Hardrock
TRISTITIA Garden Of Darkness Dark Doom
TRISTWOOD The Delphic Doctrine Industrial Death Black
TRIVIUM The Crusade Modern Metal

Ascendancy (Limited Edition) Modern Thrash

Ascendancy Modern Thrash

Ember To Inferno Metal-Core
Troll The last Predator sick Black Metal

Universal sick Black Metal


Pagan Metal
TROLLFEST Villanden Chaos Folk Metal
TROUBLE Live In Los Angeles Hippie Doom Metal

Unplugged Doom/Psychedelic Rock

Simple Mind Condition

Psychedelic Doom Metal
  The Skull (Re-Release) Doom Metal
  Psalm 9 (Re-Release) Doom Metal
TRUCKFIGHTERS Mania Fuzz Stoner Rock
  Phi Fuzz-Stoner-Rock
TRUE SYMPHONIC ROCKESTRA Concerto in True Minor Symphonic Rock
TRUPPENSTURM Salute To The Iron Emperors War Metal / Black/Death Metal
TSJUDER Desert Northern Hell Black Metal
TT-Quick Metal for Honor Heavy Rock
TUATHA DE DANANN Tingaralatinga Dum Celtic Folk Metal
TULUS Biography Obscene Black Metal
TuneS OF DAWN Of Tragedies In The Morning ... Gothic Metal
Tunnelvision Tomorrow Progressive Metal
TURBONEGRO Boys From Nowhere EP Death-Punk
  Darkness Forever (Re-Release 2007) Death-Punk
  Apocalypse Dudes (Re-Release 2007) Death-Punk
  Ass Cobra (Re-Release 2007) Death-Punk
  Never Is Forever (Re-Release 2007) Death-Punk
  Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives (Re-Release 2007) Death-Punk
  Retox Death-Punk
  Party Animals Punk-Rock´n´Roll
  Scandinavian Leather Punk-Rock´n´Roll

Ass Cobra (Re-Release) Punk-Rock´n´Roll
  Apocalypse Dudes (Re-Release) Punk-Rock´n´Roll
BRUCE TURGON Outside Looking In AOR/Melodic Rock
LUCA TURILLI The Infinite Wonders Of Creation Symphonic Metal
  Prophet of the last eclipse Symphonic Metal
TURMION KÄTILÖT Pirun Nyrkki +/- Elektro Metal
TURNING LEAF Finally Classic Hardrock
TARJA TURUNEN Yhden Enkelin Unelma / One Angel´s Dream EP Classic Folk
TVANGESTE Firestorm Sympho-Black
TWELFTH GATE Summoning Prog Power Metal
TWELVE TRIBES Midwest Pandemic Metalcore
  The Rebirth Of Tragedy Nu-Metalcore
TWILIGHT GUARDIANS Ghost Reborn Hardrock
  Sintrade Power Metal
TWILIGHTNING Swinelords Melodic Metal
  Bedlam Melodic Metal
  Delirium Veil Mel.Power Metal
  Plague-House Puppet Show Melodic Metal
TWILIGHT OPHERA Descension Sympho Dark Metal
Twin METHOD The Volume Of Self NuMetal
Twin Obscenity Bloodstone Viking/Black
TWISTED INTO FORM Then comes Affliction to awaken the Dreamer Techno-Metal
TWISTED SISTER Still Hungry Heavy Metal
Twisted Tower Dire Make It Dark Heavy Metal
  Netherworlds Heavy Metal
  Crest of the Martyrs Power Metal
  The Isle of Hydra Heavy Metal
TWYSTER Xplode Heavy Metal
  Lunatic Siren Power Metal
TYLER Don´t Play Rock
TYPE O NEGATIVE Dead Again - Red Version Gloom Metal
  Dead Again Gloom Metal
  Life Is Killing Me Gloom Metal
TYR By The Light Of The Northern Star Viking/ Pagan Metal
  Land Viking/ Pagan Metal
  Ragnarok Viking/ Pagan Metal
  Eric the Red Viking/ Pagan Metal
TYRANT Reclaim the Flame Black Metal
TYRANT EYES The darkest hour Power Metal
TYRANT'S REIGN Tyrant's Reign  (Re-Release) Power Thrash Metal
TYSTNADEN Sham of Perfection Melodic Dark Metal
TYTAN Rough Justice  (Re-Release) NWoBHM



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