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GADGET Funeral March Grind Core
  Remote Grind Core
GAE BOLG Requiem Mittelalter / Sakral
  Aucassin Et Nicolette Obscure Dark-Folk-Neo-Klassik-Soundscapes
GAIA EPICUS Victory Mel.Prog.Power Metal
  Satrap Mel.Prog.Power Metal
GALADRIEL World Under World Gothic-Death Metal
  From ashes & dust Gothic-Death Metal
GALAR Skogskvad Viking Metal
GALLHAMMER Ill Innocence Blackened Doom Metal
  The Dawn Of... Black-Crust-Punk-Doom-Metal
GALLOGLASS Heavenseeker Epic Power Metal
Gallows Pole Exorcism Heavy Metal
GALSKAP Kleriker Des Wahnsinns Black Metal
GAMA BOMB Survival Of The Fastest Old School Speed/Thrash
GAMMA RAY Hell Yeah - the Awesome Foursome Melodic Power Metal
  Land of the Free II Melodic Power Metal
  Majestic Melodic Power Metal
  Skeletons in the Closet Melodic Power Metal
  No World Order Melodic Power Metal
  Blast from the Past Melodic Power Metal
  Land of the Free   Melodic Power Metal
GANG LOCO No Better Tomorrow Heavy Rock
GANKINO CIRCUS Franconian Boogaloo Folxmusik
GarCHAROT Core Of Despair Death Metal
Gardenian Sindustries Melodic Power Death
GarmaRna Hildegard von Bingen Neo Folk
GASMAC GILMORE About Boys And Dogs Alternative Crossover Rock
GATHERER So Be It Alternative/Prog/Mathrock
GATHIENS Nesh Instrumental Post Rock
GEASA Fate´s Lost Son Folk Metal
GEIST (ISR) Der Ungeist Black Metal
GEMINI FIVE Black Anthem Glam Rock
  Babylon Rockets Glam Rock / Punk
GENERAL CHAOS Calmity Circus Groove Thrash/Death'n'Roll
GENERAL SURGERY Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism Pathological Grind-Death
  Left Hand Pathology Pathological Grind-Death
GenerAL SURGERY / T.C.M.E. Split-CD Grindcore / Death Metal
GenerATION OF VIPERS Howl And Filth Sludge/Post Metal
Generous Maria Command Of The New Rock Stoner Doom
GENGHIS TRON Board Up The House Elektro-Prog-Noise-Crossover
GENITAL GRINDER Genital Grinder Grind/Death
GENIUS Episode 2 - In Search of The Little Prince Prog Rock Opera
  A Human into Dreams´ World 1 HM-Opera
GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS III - Superstar Destroyer Crust´n´Roll
GENTLEMAN´S PISTOLS Gentleman´s Pistols Retro-Rock
GERNOTSHAGEN Weltenbrand Pagan Metal
LISA GERRARD The Best Of Lisa Gerrard Beautiful Music
GFF Ice On Fire Punkrock
G.G.F.H. The Very Beast Of...Volume 1 Sicko Elektro Industrial
  Disease Sicko Elektro Industrial
GHOST B.C. Infestissumam Okkult-70s-Hardrock
  Opus Eponymous Doom Metal / Okkult-Rock
GHOST BRIGADE Guided By Fire Melancholic Dark Post-Doom-Rock
GHOST MACHINERY Haunting Remains Euro Power Metal
Ghoul  Maniax Gore Metal
  Welcome for the Dead Gore Metal
GIGANTOR G7! Melodic Punk
Paul GILBERT Get Out Of My Yard Instrumental Rock
Paul Gilbert & Kidd, Jim Raw Blues Power Blues Hard Rock
MICHAEL GILL Blues for Lazarus Rock/Jazz/Prog
IAN GILLAN Live In Anaheim Blues/Hard Rock
GIRLSCHOOL Legacy Hardrock
  Believe Hard Rock
GJALLARHORN Nordheim Epic Viking Metal
GLASS CASKET We Are Gathered Here Today... Techno-Death/Grind
GLUECIFER Automatic Thrill Dirty Rock´n´Roll
GLORIA MORTI Anthems Of Annihilation Black/Death Metal
  Eryx Black/Death Metal
  Lifestream Corrosion Black/Death Metal
GOATSNAKE Trampled Under Hoof EP Doom-Metal
GOAT THE HEAD Simian Supremacy Death Metal
GOATWHORE Constricting Rage Of The Merciless Black/Thrash Metal
  A Haunting Curse Death/Black Metal
GOD AMONG INSECTS World Wide Death Death Metal
GODDESS OF DESIRE Awaken Pagan Gods Heavy Metal
  Conquerors Divine Old School Metal
GOD DETHRONED The Toxic Touch Death/Thrash
  The Lair Of The White Worm Death/Thrash
  Into the Lungs of Hell Death Black
  Ravenous Melodic Death Thrash
  The Ancient Ones Death Metal
GOD.FEAR.NONE Envy Nu-Thrash/Metalcore
Godflesh Hymns Industrial
  Messiah Industrial
GOD FORBID IV: Constitution of Treason Melodic Death Metal
  Gone Forever Thrash-Core
  Determination Death Thrash Core
Godgory Way beyond Melodic Doom Death
  Sea of Dreams / Shadow´s Dance Melodic Prog Death



Death Metal

GODIVA Call Me Under 666 Melodic Metal
Godless North Summon the Age of Supremacy Nordic Black
Godless Truth Self Realization Death Metal
GOD LIVES UNDERWATER Upoffthefloor Industrial Rock
GodsLAVE Into The Black Thrash Metal
Godsmack Awake Modern Alternative Metal
GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR 'Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! Postrock
GODS OF BLITZ Stolen Horse Energy R´n´R


Consumption Is Freedom +/-



Planta 4

Thrash Metal

GODÜS Hell Fuck Demon Sound Black Metal
GOJA MOON ROCKAH Disco Dracula Electro-Minimal-Pop
GOJIRA The Way Of The Flesh Math/Prog-Thrash
  From Mars To Sirius Techno-Death/Thrash
  The Link Avantgarde Death
GOLDEN DAWN Masquerade Gothic/Dark
GOLDEN PYRE Decrepidemic Death Metal
GOLDEN VOID Golden Void Psychedelic Rock
Gold für Eisen Heimat Abstrakt Extrem Metal
GOLEM (Ger) Eternity: The Weeping Horizons / The 2nd Moon (Re-Release) Death Metal
  Dreamweaver Death Grind
GOLEM (IT) Black Era Melodic Death Metal
  Death Never Dies Melodic Death Metal
GOLGOTHA New Life Doom Death Metal
GOMORRHA Body (P)Art Death Metal
  Sexual Perversity By Autopsy Death Metal
GOOD CLEAN FUN Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place Positive HC-Punk
G.O.R.E. Never Sober Level Humoristic Grindcore
GOREFEST La Muerte Death Metal
GOREGAST Desechos Humanos Grinding Death Metal
Gorelord Force Fed On Human Flesh Death Gore Metal
GOREROTTED A New Dawn For The Dead Grind-Death
  Only Tools And Corpses Gore Grind Metal
GORETRADE Ritual Of Flesh Death / Grind
GORETRUST Last Revolution Death Metal
GOREZONE Hate, Peace & Understanding Death Metal
GORGASM Masticate To Dominate brutal Death
  Bleeding profusely Death Gore Metal
GORGOROTH Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam Black Metal
  Twilight Of The Idols - In Conspiracy With Satan Black Metal
GORGUTS Colored Sands Progressive Death Metal
  From Wisdom To Hate Techno Death
GORILLA MONSOON Extermination Hammer Hellrock
  Damage King Stoner-Doom-Core-Metal
GOROD Process Of A New Decline Death Metal
GORY BLISTER Art Bleeds Death Metal
GORZYCA, ANDREW Reflections - An Act of Glass Progressive Rock
Gospel of the Horns Eve of the Conqueror Black Death Thrash
GOTHIC KNIGHTS Up From The Ashes US-/Power Metal
  Up From The Ashes US-/Power Metal
GOTHMINISTER Gothic Electronic Anthems Electro-Gothic
GOTTHARD Domino Effect Hardrock
  Made In Switzerland Hardrock
  Lipservice Hardrock
  Lift ´U´ Up (Maxi) Hardrock
Tadashi Goto Innervisions Instr.Fusion Crossover
GRABAK Agash Daeva Infernal Black Metal
  The Serpent Within Paradise Black Metal
Grabnebelfürsten Dynastie - oder wie man Herrschaft definiert Black Metal
  Von Schemen und Trugbildern Black Metal
GRACER Voices Travel Melancholic Art Rock
GRÄFENSTEIN Skull Baptism Black Metal
GRAILS Redlight Avantgarde Folk Trip Jazz Rock
GRAND ALCHEMIST Intervening coma-celebration Dark Metal
Grand Illusion  View From The Top Hard Rock


Iron Will +/-

Heavy Metal

  Wolf´s Return Heavy Doom Metal
  Grand Magus Doom Metal
GRANTIG Medizin Metal
GRAUPEL Am Pranger Black Metal
GRAVDAL Sadist Black Metal
GRAVE Endless Procession Of Souls Death Metal
  As Rapture Comes Death Metal
  Fiendish Regression Death Metal
  Back From The Grave Death Metal
GRAVE DESECRATOR Insult Black/ Thrash Metal
  Sign Of Doom Black/ Thrash Metal
GRAVE DIGGER Liberty or Death Power Metal
  Yesterday Heavy Metal
  The last Supper Power Metal
  Rheingold Power Metal
Grave Flowers Solace me Gothic Doom Death
GRAVEN The Shadows Eternal Call Black Metal
MICHALE GRAVES Illusions Live Viretta Park Akustik Rock
GRAVEWORM Collateral Defect Gothic Death Black Metal
  (N)Utopia   Gothic Death Black
  Engraved In Black Gothic Black Death
  Scourge of Malice Gothic Black Death
GRAVETY Into The Grave Thrash 'N' Doom
GRAVEYARD (ESP) The Sea Grave Death Metal
GRAVEYARD GHOUL Tomb Of The Mouldered Corpses Death Metal
GRAVEYARD OF SOULS Shadows Of Life Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
GRAYSCALE When The Ghosts Are Gone Gothic Metal
GREAT WHITE 30 Years – Live From The Sunset Strip Hard Rock
  Rising Classic Rock
GREED One Of Seven NuThrashCore
GREEDY BEES Makeshift Wings To The Stars Skacore
GREELEY ESTATES Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East Screamo-Post-Core
PETER GREEN Supernatural Hardrock/Blues Rock
GREAT WHITE Rising Acoustic Melancholic Rock
GREEN CARNATION The Acoustic Verses Acoustic Melancholic Rock
  A Blessing in Disguise Melancholic Metal
  Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness Dark Doom Metal 
GREENFLY Hidden Pleasures Of A Nonexistent Reality Death Metal
GREEN LIZARD Las Armas Del Silencio Post-Noise-Prog-Rock
GRENDEL A Change Through Destruction Melodic Death Metal
GREYSWAN Thought-Tormented Minds Gothic-Rock
GRIDE [1996 - 2003] Discography HC/Grind
Grief of Emerald Christian Termination Symphonic Black
  Malformed Seed Symphonic Black
GRIEF OF WAR Worship Thrash Metal
GRIFFIN Lifeforce Power Metal
GRIFFIN (US) Protectors Of The lair US Power Metal
  Flight Of The Griffin Epic Metal
Victor Griffin's IN-GRAVED Victor Griffin's In-Graved Doom Blues Metal
GRIFTEGÅRD Solem Sacred Severe Doom Metal
GRIMFIST 10 Steps To Hell Death/Black Metal
  Ghouls Of Grandeur Black Death Thrash
GRIMLORD V Column Extreme Heavy Metal
GRIMNESS Increase Humanity Disgust Black/Thrash/Death
GRIND INC. Sudden State Of Hate Death Metal
  Inhale The Violence Death Metal
  Executed Brutal Death/Grind
Grinister Unleashed Modern Metal
GRIP INC. Incorporated Modern Thrash
GrooveniCs Groovenics Crossover
ANDREAS GROSS We LIke Ghost Girls Ethereal-Wave-Pop
GROTESQUE (AUS) Museum Of Human Disease Technical Brutal Death
GROUND ZERO World Of Chaos Hardcore


Lords Of Oblivion


GÜAJIRO Material Subversivo Latino Punk Rock
GUANO APES Live Crossover NuRock
  Walking On A Thin Line Crossover NuRock
Guardians of Time Edge Of Tomorrow Melodic Speed
GUILLOTINE Blood Money Thrash Metal
GUILLOTINE (IND) The Cynic Thrash Metal
GUN BARREL Outlaw Invasion Heavy´n´Roll
  Bombard Your Soul Heavy´n´Roll
GUNFIRE Thunder of War Heavy Metal
GUMO MANIACS Psychomania Thrash Metal
GURD Bang! Thrash/ Groove Metal
  Encounter Thrash/ Groove Metal
Gurkkhas A Life Of Suffering Death Metal
  Engraved in Blood, Flesh and Souls Death Metal
GUTBUCKET Gutbucket Rotz´n´Roll-Metal
  Bullfight Blues Punky Stoner Rock
GUTTURAL SECRETE Reek of Pubescent Despoilment Brutal Death Metal
  Artistic Creation With Cranial Stumps brutal Death Metal
GUTWORM Disfigured Narcissus Thrash/Death-Core
  Ruin The Memory Metal Death Core
GWYDION Horn Triskelion Viking/ Folk Metal
GWYLLION The Edge Of All I Know Symphonic Metal
GZR Ohmwork Modern Metal



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