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WACO JESUS Filth Porn-Death/Grind
WALLACHIA Ceremony Of Ascension Symphonic Black/ Death Metal
WALL OF SLEEP ...And Hell Followed With Him Doom Metal
WALLS OF JERICHO The American Dream Thrashcore
  Redemption EP Power-Balladen/Akustik-Rock
  The Bound Feed The Gagged (Re-Release) Hardcore
  With Devils Amongst Us All Thrash-Core
  All Hail The Dead Psycho-Thrashcore
WALTARI Blood Sample Crossover
WARBRINGER War without End +/- Thrash Metal
WARCRY La Quinta Esencia Power Metal
  El Sello de los Tiempus Power Metal
WARCKON The Madman’s Lullabye Thrash Metal
WARDRUM Spadework Heavy Metal
WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH MMX Brutal Math Jazz Death Metal
  Transmetropolitan Brutal Math Jazz Death Metal
Warhammer Curse of the Absolute Eclipse á la Hellhammer
WARLIGHT The Blood Chronicles Punk´n´Roll
Warlord Rising out of the Ashes Epic Metal
WARMACHINE Left For Dead Power Metal
WARMEN Japanese Hospitality Melodic Power Metal
  Accept the Fact Melodic Power Metal
  Beyond Abilities Power Metal
  Unknown Soldiers Power Metal


The Strength To Dream

Doom Metal


Watching From A Distance

Doom Metal

Warrant (D) The Enforcer / First Strike (Re-Release) Speed Metal
WARRANT (US) Born Again US-Sleaze-Hardrock
WARREL DANE Praises to the War Machine Modern Power Metal
WARRIOR The Wars Of Gods And Men Heavy Metal
WARRIOR SOUL Destroy The War Machine Punkrock / Dirty Rock’ N Roll
WARSHIP Supply And Depend Post-Noise-Emo-Rock/Core
RICKY WARWICK Belfast Confetti Rock
W.A.S.P. Babylon Heavy Metal
  The Best of the Best Heavy Metal
  Dominator Heavy Metal
  The Neon God: Part 1 - The Rise Heavy Metal

Unholy Terror Heavy Metal

The Sting (live) Heavy Metal
WASTEFALL Self Exile Prog Metal
WASTEFORM Ignorance Through Sovereignty Death Metal
WASTELAND Torture Tactics - Mercy Killings Thrash Metal

Sworn To The Dark

Melodic Black Metal
WATCHMAKER Erased From The Memory Of Man Inferno Grind Noise
  Kill.Fuck.Everything Grind/Noise
Watch Them Die Watch Them Die Metalcore
Watchtower Control And Resistance Progressive Metal
WATERDOWN All Riot HC Punk Crossover
  The Files You Have On Me Crossover-HC
Waylander Honour amongst Chaos Celtic Metal
  Reawakening Pride once lost (Re-Release) Celtic Metal
  The Light, the Dark and the Endless Knot Celtic Metal
WAYSTED Save Your Prayers (Re-Release) AOR
WAY TO END Desecrated Internal Journey Avantgarde Black Metal
WE Tension & Release Psychedelic Space Rock
  Smugglers Space-Rock
  Lightyears Ahead Retro Rock
WEAPON From The Devil's Tomb Death Metal
KONSTANTIN WECKER Wut Und Zärtlichkeit - Live Liedermacher
  Chinesischer Nationalcircus – Feng Shui – Balance Des Lebens Feng Shui
WEDNESDAY 13 Transylvania 90210 Horror Punk`n´Roll
WEINHOLD Below The Line Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal
WE INSIST! The Babel Inside Was Terrible Rock / Experimental / Progressive
WEIRD FATE / MEMBARIS Conspiracy - Split-CD Black Metal
WELTENBRAND The End Of The Wizard Neo Klassik Wave Rock
  In Gottes Oder Des Teufels Namen Neo-Wave
WET ANIMAL Wet Animal doomy Heavy-Hardrock
WETO Schattenspieler Rock
  Das 2weite Gesicht Rock
WETTON / DOWNES Icon: Acoustic TV Broadcast Acoustic Art Rock
WHEN TIGERS FIGHT Ghost Story Streetcore
WHERE ANGELS FALL Dies Irae Dark Doom Metal
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT Fear Of Ininity Epic Metal
  Of Empires Forlorn Epic/Doom Metal
  Sorrow Of The Angels Epic-Doom
WHISKEY RITUAL Narconomicon Black `N Roll / Punkrock
WHISPER IN THE SHADOWS The Eternal Arcane Goth/Wave-Rock
Into The Arms Of Chaos Goth/Wave Rock
WHISPER-X Warside Death Metal
WHITECHAPEL This is Exile Modern Death Metal
  The Somatic Defilement Grinding Sludge-Deathcore
WHITE EYES A Demonstration Of...EP Grind / Noise
WHITE PULP Ashamed Of Yourself Industrial/ Alternative/ Rock/ Electro
WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION Spiders In The Mind-Web Singer/Songwriter-Akustik-Wave
SNOWY WHITE & THE WHITE FLAMES The Way It Is Blues/Funk/Fusion
WHITE SKULL Forever Fight Melodic Power Metal
  The Ring Of The Ancients Melodic Power Metal
  The XIII Skull Melodic Power Metal
  The Dark Age Melodic Power Metal


Good To Be Bad


WHITE WIZZARD Over The Top Heavy Metal
WHYZDOM From The Brink Of Infinity Gothic Metal
WICKED TEMPTATION Seein' Ain't Believin' Hard Rock
WICKED WISDOM Wicked Wisdom +/- Modern Thrash Metal
WIDOW Life's Blood US-Metal
  On Fire Heavy Metal
WIG WAM Wig Wamania Glam Rock
  Hard To Be A Rock 'N' Roller ... Glam Rock
WILDE STARR Arrival Heavy Metal
WILL HAVEN The Hierophant Post-Core
  Carpe Diem psychotic Core
WILLSCHREY Claiming Back The Heavenly Agenda Screamo Metalcore
STEVEN WILSON The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) Progressive Rock
WINDFALL Infector Thrash
WINDIR Valfar, ein Windir Black Metal
  Likferd Viking Metal
  1184 Viking Black
  Arntor symphonic Black
WIND WRAITH The Fortune Teller’s Gaze Epic US-Metal
WINDS OF PLAGUE Decimate The Weak Sympho Black/Death-HC-Metal
WINE SPIRIT Fire In The Hole Heavy Metal
WINGDOM Reality Progressive Melodic Metal
WINTERBORN Cold Reality Power Metal
WinterHORDE Underwatermoon Melodic Extreme Metal
  Nebula Melodic Extreme Metal
Winterlong Valley of the Lost Power Metal

Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies

WINTER SOLSTICE The Fall Of Rome Mel.-Death-Core
WINTERSUN Wintersun Melodic Pomp Black/Death


Eternal Damnation

Träller Metal

WINTERTHRONE Against All Who Breathe Black Metal
WINTERUS In Carbon Mysticism Black Metal
WISDOM Judas Power Metal
WITCH Witch Desert Rock
WITCHBURNER Bloodthirsty Eyes Thrash Metal
  Demons Thrash Metal
  Final Detonation Thrash Metal
WITCHCRAFT The Alchemist Psychedelic Retro-Doom-Rock
WitchCURSE Heavy Metal Poison Heavy Metal
Witchery Symphony for the Devil Thrash Metal
WITCHGRAVE Witchgrave Dirty Heavy Metal
Witchmaster Violence and Blasphemy Black/Thrash
WITHERED Memento Mori Death Metal
WITHERING SURFACE Force the Pace Melodic Death Metal
  Ichor EP Melodic Death
  Walking on Phantom Ice melodic Death
WITHERSHIN Ashen Banners Black Metal
WITHIN TEMPTATION The Heart Of Everything Bombast Goth Metal
  What Have You Done (Single) Epic Gothic Metal
  Mother Earth (Maxi) Epic Gothic Metal
  Ice Queen (Maxi) Epic Gothic Metal
  Mother Earth (Re-Release) Epic Gothic Metal
  Mother Earth Epic Gothic Metal
WITHIN Y Extended Mental Dimensions Melodic Death/Thrash
Without Face Astronomicon Progressive Gothic

Deep inside Gothic Metal
WITH PASSION What we see when we shut our Eyes Technical Death Core
  In The Midst Of Bloodied Soil Techno-Death-Metalcore
WITT Auf Ewig - Meisterwerke NDH/ Elektro Rock
WIZ Shattered Mind Therapy Power Metal
Wizard ... Of Wariwulfs and Bluotwarves Power Metal
  Head of the Deceiver Power Metal
Wizzard Black Heavy Metal Black/Heavy

Songs of Sin and Decadence Goth´n´roll
WOJCZECH Sedimente Grindcore/HC
WOLF Ravenous Heavy Metal
  The Black Flame Heavy Metal
  Evil Star Heavy Metal
  Black Wings Heavy Metal

Wolf Power Metal
WOLFBANE Wolfbane (Re-Release) NWOMBH
WOLFCRY Warfair Heavy Power Metal
WOLFEN Wolfen Power/Thrash Metal
Wolfen Society Conquer Divine Death Metal
WOLF'S GANG Apocalypse Heavy Metal
WOLFS MOON Keep Metal Alive Heavy Metal
Wolfswinter Nordal Black Metal
WOLFUNKIND L'Album De La Maturité Rock-Funk Crossover
WOLVERINE The Window Purpose (Re-Release) Prog-Metal
  Cold Light On Monday Melancholic Prog
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Black Cascade Ambient/Post Black Metal
WOODS OF DESOLATION Torn Beyond Reason Black Metal
WOODS OF INFINITY Förlåt Pagan Metal
WORLD COME DOWN Skullflower Metal
WORLD DOWNFALL Beyond Salvation Grindcore
  Last Step Before The Fall Death / Grind
WORLD TO ASHES Of What There Is To Come Melodic Death Metal
WORMFOOD France Bizarre Varieté Extreme Metal
WOSLOM Time To Rise Thrash Metal
WOTAN Epos Epic / Power Metal
  Carmina Barbarica Epic / Power Metal
WOUND Inhalte The Void Death Metal/Death'n Roll/Crust
WRATHBLADE Into the Netherworld's Realm Epic/True/ Barbarian Metal
  Reins Of Doom Epic/True/ Barbarian Metal
WRECKING CREW Balance Of Terror (Re-Release) Boston HC
WRETCH Reborn US Metal
WRETCHED Kingdom Of The Dark Heavy Metal
WULFGAR With Gods And Legends Unite Pagan Death Metal
Wurdulak Ceremony in Flames Death Metal
WWIII When God turned away  Heavy Metal
WYKKED WYTCH Nefret +/- Black/Thrash Metal
  Angelic Vengeance symphonic Black
WYNJARA Human Plague Death Metal
  Wynjara Death Metal
WYRD / HÄIVE / KEHRÄ Split Folk Black Metal
Wyvern No Defiance of Fate Power Metal



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