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NAAMAH Resensement Retro-Gothic-Rock/Metal


Back Of Beyond

Black Metal



Avantgarde Black Metal

NAER MATARON Praetorians  Black Metal
  Discipline Manifesto +/- Black Metal
  River at dash scalding Black Metal
Naervaer Skiftninger Folk
Nagelfar Virus West Black Metal
NAGLFAR Harvest Melodic Black Metal
  Pariah Melodic Black Metal
  Sheol Melodic Black Metal
  Ex Inferis EP Melodic Black Metal
  Vittra (Re-Release) Melodic Black Metal
NAHEMAH The Second Philosophy Spheric Melodic Prog Post-Rock-Death
XAVIER NAIDOO Danke Für´s Zuhören (1998 - 2012) (Best-Of) Pop / Soul
NAILDOWN Dreamcrusher Modern Death Thrash Metal
  World Domination Modern Death Thrash Metal
NAIL WITHIN Nail within Thrash Metal
NAIO SSAION Out loud Modern Fusion Rock
NAPALM DEATH Smear Campaign Grind-Death-Metal
  The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code Grind-Crust/Death
  Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 HC-Punk-Grind
  Order of the leech Death Grind
Enemy of the Music Business Death Grind
NAPOLEON SKULLFUKK Swollen & Torture Metal Torture Metal
NARCISSUS Crave and Collapse Prog-Emo-Rock
Narcotic Greed Twicet of Fate Power Thrash
NARNIA Enter the Gate Melodic Metal
  The Great Fall Melodic Metal
NARZISS Ebenbilder Metalcore
  Neue Welt Metalcore
NASHGUL El dia Despues Al Fin De La Humanidad Grindcore
NASHVILLE PUSSY From Hell To Texas Rock´n´Roll
  Get Some Dirty Rock 'n' Roll
NASTRANDIR Prayer To Earth Pagan Metal
  Zwischen Horizonten Viking Metal
NASTY SAVAGE Cleveland ´87 Thrash Metal
  Psycho Psycho Thrash Metal
  Wage Of Mayhem EP (Re-release) Old School Thrash
NASUM Doombringer Grindcore
  Shift Grindcore
  Helvete Grind/Death-Core
  Inhale/Exhale Grindcore
  Human 2.0 Grindcore
NATO Kill The Fox, Foil The Plan Metalcore
NATRON Necrospective (1992-2002) Brutal Death
  Negative Prevails Death Metal
  Bedtime for Mercy Death Metal
NATUR Head Of Death Heavy Metal /NWOBHM
NATURAL SPIRIT Sita Rosa Pagan/ Opera Metal
NAUMACHIA Wrathorn Melodic Death/Black
NEA Nea Singer/Songwriter-Pop/Rock
NEAERA Armamentarium Death Metal
  Let The Tempest Come Melodic Death Core
  The Rising Tide Of Oblilvion Mel.-Death-Core
NEBEL Hymns of destruction Black Metal
NEBELHEXE Dead Waters Alternative, Ambient, Electro
  Essensual Ambient / Folk
  Laguz - Within the Lake Ambient / Folk
Nebula Charged Stoner Rock
NECRO Death Rap Death Rap
NECRODAEMON Prophecy Of The Decadent Black Metal
NECRODEATH Phylogenesis Thrash Metal
  Draculea Thrash Metal
  100 % Hell Thrash Metal
  20 Years of Noise (Compilation) Thrash Metal
Ton(e)s Of Hate Death Thrash
  Black as Pitch Death Thrash
Mater of all Evil Death Thrash
NECROMANTIA The Sound Of Lucifer Sorming Heaven Black Metal
  Crossing The Fiery Path (Re-release) Black Metal
  Scarlet Evil, Witching Black  (Re-release) Black Metal
  Ancient Pride (Re-release) Black Metal
  IV: Malice (Re-release) Black Metal
Necromicon Peccata Mundi Melodic Death
NECRONOMICON (D) Invictus Thrash Metal
  Necronomicon (Re-release) Thrash Metal
  Construction of Evil Thrash Metal
NECRONOMICON The Sacred Medicines Death Metal
  Pharaoh of Gods (Re-Release) Death Metal
NECROPHAGIA Harvest Ritual Volume I Gore-Death
  Goblins be thine Gore Death
  The Divine Art Of Torture Gore Death
Cannibal Holocaust Gore Death
NECROPHAGIST Epitaph Techno Death
NECROPHOBIC Death To All Melodic Black/Death Metal
  Hrimthursum Death/Black Metal
  Bloodhymns Death Black
NECROS CHRISTOS Grave Damnation Death Metal
Necrosphere Revived Death Metal
NECROTIC FLESH Gore Gourmet Death Metal
NeCROTTED Anchors Apart Death Metal
NeCROVATION Necrovation Death Metal
NeEDFUL THINGS Dead Point Grindcore
NEETZACH True Servants Of Satan Black Metal
NEGATIVE God Likes Your Style Dark Hardrock´n´Roll
  Anorectic Dark Hard Rock´n´Roll
NEGATIVE CREEPS Mutual Annihilation Modern Thrash
NEGATIVE REACTION Everything You Need For Galactic Battle Adventures Sludge Doom
NEGATOR Gates To The Pantheon Black/Death
  Panzer Metal Black Metal
  Die eisernen Verse Black Metal
  Old Black Black Metal
NEGLECTED FIELDS Splenetic +/- Techno-Death/Black
NEHEMAH Requiem Tenebrae Black Metal
  Shadows from the past Black Metal
  Light of a dead star     Black Metal
NEKROMANTHEON Rise, Vulcan Spectre Thrash Metal
  Divinity Of Death Thrash Metal
NEKROPOLIS The Perversion of Humanity (Re-release) Symphonic Death Black
  The Perversion Of Humanity Symphonic Death Black
NEON BLONDE Chandeliers In The Savannah Lasziver Bossa Nova-Funk-Psycho-Rock
NEOSPASTICS Plasticlove Pop / Rock
NEPHASTH Conceived by inhuman Blood Brutal Death
NEPHENZY CHAOS ORDER Pure Black Disease Mel-Black-Metal
Nerthus Scattered To The Four Wainds Black Metal
NERVECELL Psychogenocide Death Metal
NERVINE Rebel Hell Shock ‘N Roll
NEURAXIS Trilateral Progression Technical Death
  Truth Imagery Passage technical Death Metal
  Truth beyond... melodic Prog Death
NEUROPATHIA Satan is a Cunt  GoreGrind
NEUROSIS Given To The Rising Monumental Post Core
  The Eye Of Every Storm Depressed Core
  A Sun That Never Sets Psyco Core
NEVEA TEARS Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You? Emo-Metalcore
NEVER FACE DEFEAT Changing Times Thrashcore
  Human Weapons metallized NYHC
  Remember Your Heartbeat EP Thrash-Core
NEVERMORE This godless Endeavor Power Thrash Metal
  Enemies of Reality Power Thrash Metal
  Dead Heart in a dead World Power Thrash Metal
NEVERTRUST Veto Alternative Metal
NEW DAMAGE Ze'eb And Oreb Modern Progressive Metal
NEW MODEL ARMY High Folk-Indie-Rock
NFD Dead Pool Rising Dark Goth Rock
NGURU IV: With Bleeding Hearts Through Burning Skies Emo Ska Rock
NHORIZON Skydancers Progressive Melodic Metal
Nickelback All The Right Reasons Alternative Rock
The Long Road Alternative Rock
  Silver Side Up Alternative Rock
NICOTINE vs. SUN EATS HOURS Metal Addiction HR/Metal-Covers
Niederschlag Mehr Als Sterben... N.D.H.
NIFELHEIM Envoy Of Lucifer Black Metal
NIFTERS Cognitive Eclipse EP Dirty Punk´n´Roll
NIGHTCHAINS Metal To The Bone Heavy / Thrash Metal
NIGHTFALL Lyssa - Rural Gods and Astonishing Punishments Mystic Death Metal
  I Am Jesus Dark Death
Night in Gales Necrodynamic Melodic Thrash
NIGHTMARE (F) Genetic Disorder Heavy Metal
  The Dominion Gate Epic Power Metal
  Silent Room Epic Power Metal
  Cosmovision Epic Power Metal
NIGHTMARE (JP) Anima Visual Kei Hardrock
NIGHTRAGE A New Disease Is Born Melodic Death Metal
  Descend into Chaos Melodic Death Metal
  Sweet Vengeance Melodic Death Metal
NIGHTSHADE (FRA) The Beginning Of Eradication Modern Deathcore
Nightshade Wielding the Scythe Melodic Death Metal
NIGHTWISH Dark Passion Play Symphonic Metal
  Tales from the Elvenpath Symphonic Metal
  Once Symphonic Metal
  Century Child Symphonic Metal
Over the Hills and far away Symphonic Metal
Wishmaster Symphonic Metal
Oceanborn Symphonic Metal
NIHILING M[e]iosis Post Indie Rock
NIHILIST Nihilist (1987-1989) Swedish Death Metal

Power Seeker

Heavy Rock
  Militant Mother Heavy Rock
  Puppet On A String Hard Rock
NILE Annihilation of the Wicked Ancient Death Metal
  In Their Darkened Shrines Ancient Death Metal
Black Seeds of Vengeance Ancient Death Metal
NIM VIND The Stillness Illness Horror Punk
NIOBETH The Shining Harmony Of Universe Gothic Melodic Symphonic Metal
NME.MINE Life Without Water Nu Metal
  ...These Dreams Of Happy Endings EP Modern-Rock/Metal
NINE It's your Funeral +/- Post-Hardcore Rock
NINE COVENS On The Coming Of Darkness Black Metal
NITEFALL Red Moon Rising US Metal
NITROUS Dominant Force Drag Race Thrash Metal
Nobility of Salt The Tremulous Sea Wave
  The Silent Ship EP Romantic Wave
NOBLESSE OBLIGE Affair Of The Heart Electro Pop
NOCTA Wicked Woman Heavy Rock
NOCTE OBDUCTA Sequenzen einer Wanderung Avantgarde Metal
  Aschefrühling EP Avantgarde Black Metal
  Nektar - Teil 2 Avantgarde Black Metal
Nektar - Teil 1 Avantgarde Black Metal
  Stille - Das nagende Schweigen EP Melodic Gothic Black
  Galgendämmerung: Von Nebel, Blut und ... Black Metal
Schwarzmetall Black Metal
NOCTIFER Manifesta Superbia Black Metal
NOCTIFERIA Death Culture Industrial Deah Metal
  Slovenska Morbida Industrial Neo Dark Metal
  Per Aspera Death/ Black Metal
Nocturnal Arrival Of The Carnivore Thrash Metal
Nocturnal DEVOTION Virus... Death Metal
Nocturnal GRAVES Satan's Cross Black / Thrash Metal
Nocturnal Rites The 8th Sin Hardrock / Melodic Metal
  Grand Illusion Power Metal
New World Messiah Power Metal
Shadowland Power Metal
NODE As God kills +/- Brachial Thrash Metal
  Das Kapital Thrash Metal
  Sweatshops Melodic Death Metal
NODES OF RANVIER The Years To Come Modern Thrash/Metalcore
NOEKK The Minstrel's Curse Dark Metal
  The Grimalkin Atmospheric Prog / Dark Rock
  The Water Sprite Atmospheric Dark Rock
NO END IN SIGHT When Walls Break Down Metalcore
NO FUN AT ALL Low Rider Punk-MelodiCore
NO INNOCENT VICTIM To Burn Again Old-School HC
NOISE FOREST Morbid Instincts Thrash-Core
Noise Therapy Tokyo 5-0 Industrial Rock
NOIZE MACHINE The Jumping Clown Hard Rock/ Crossover
Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman The Hound of the Baskervilles Prog Rock
NOMAD SON The Eternal Return Doom Metal
  First Light Doom Metal
NOMANS LAND Hammerfrost Viking-Folk-Metal
NOMINON Terra Necrosis Death Metal
  Remnants Of A Diabolical History Death Metal
NONE Blackstar Nu Metal


The Crawling Chaos

Techno Thrash

Nonexist Deus Deceptor Melodic Death
NonexistENCE Nihil Doom / Black Metal
NON HUMAN LEVEL Non-Human Level Thrash/Death Metal
NON OPUS DEI The Quintessence Progressive Black Metal
NONPOINT Vengeance Groove Alt.Metal
  To The Pain Groove Alt.Metal
Nordream Memories Progression Prog Metal
No Respect No Respect Hard Rock
NO RETURN No Return Death Metal
  Machinery Death Thrash
Self Mutilation Death Thrash
NORDAFROST North Arise Black Metal
ERIK NORLANDER Music Machine Rock/Metal Opera
NORMA JEAN Redeemer Math-Screamo-Psychotic-Core
  O´God, The Aftermath Math-Jazz-Emo-Core
NORTHER N Melodic Death Metak
  Till Death unites us Melodic Death Metal
  Death unlimited Melodic Death Metal
  Mirror of Madness Melodic Death Metal
  Dreams of endless War Melodic Death Metal
Northern Tales Bloodporn Industries Gothic Death
A Vocalist´s Diary Gothic Death
NorWAY Rising up from the Ashes Melodic Rock / AOR


Tunes From The Bighouse


NOSFERATOS Pandemonium Death Metal
NOSTRADAMEUS The Third Prophecy Power Metal
Notre Dame Demi Monde Bizarros Horror-Metal
  Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You, The 2nd! Black Metal
NO TURNING BACK Stronger Hardcore
  Holding On Hardcore
  Damage Done Hardcore
  Revenge Is A Right HC-Punk
NOUMENA Anatomy of Life Melodic Death Metal
  Absence Melodic Death Metal
NOVA ART Follow Yourself Prog Metal
NOVEMBERS DOOM The Pale Haunt Departure Doom Death Metal
  To welcome the Fade Doom Death
The Knowing Doom Death
NOVEMBRE The Blue Doom Death Metal
  Materia Melnacholic Dark-Emo-Metal
  Dreams D´Azur (Re-release) Gothic Doom Metal
Novembrine Waltz Gothic Metal
NOVY ZAVET Apocalypse Epic Doom Metal
NOX Ixaxaar Death Metal
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Third World Genocide Thrash
Alive Again Speed/Thrash
NUCLEUS TORN Knell Avantgarde / Ambient
  Nihil Neo-Classic-Medieval-Folk-Chambermusic
Nude Cities and Faces Gothic Metal
TED NUGENT Love Grenade Heavy Rock
NUNFUCKRITUAL In Bondage To The Serpent Black Metal
Nyctophobic Blast From The Past Grindcore
  Insect Grindcore
NyDVIND Sworn To The Elders Pagan Metal



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