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A18 Dear Furious Hardcore
AARNI Bathos Avantg.Mood-Doom
ABADDEN Sentenced To Death Thrash Metal
ABADDON INCARNATE Dark Crusade Grind-Crust-Core
  Nadir Grind Core
ABANDONED Thrash You! Thrash Metal
  Thrash Notes Thrash Metal
Abhorrence Evoking the Abomination Death Metal
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns +/- Melodic Black Metal
  Legend EP Sympho-Black-Metalcore
Abigor Satanized Black Metal
ABIME Echos De Gloire Black Metal
ABLAZE MY SORROW Anger, Hate And Fury Melodic Death
Abominator Nuctemeron Descent Death / Black
  Subversives For Lucifer Black Grind Death
ABOMINO AETAS Sower Of Death Black Metal
ABORTED Strychnine.213  Death Metal
  Slaughter & Apparatus: A methodical overture Brutal Death Metal
  The archaic Abattoir Death Metal
  Goremageddon (The Saw And The Carnage Done) Death Metal
  Engineering The Dead Death Metal
ABORYM Psychogrotesque Industrial Black Metal
  Generator Nihilistic Sympho Black
  With No Human Intervention Black Tekkno Metal
  Fire walk with us Black Metal
ABRASIVE Devotion Brutal Death
Abruptum Casus Luciferi Dark Soundscapes
  De Profundis Mors Vas Cousumet Black Soundscapes
ABSCESS Dawn Of Inhumanity Death Metal
  Horrorhammer Death Metal
  Through the cracks of death  Death Metal
  Tormented Death Metal
ABSENCE The Decomposing Process melodic Death Metal
ABSOLUTE STEEL Womanizer Party Metal
  The Fair Bitch Project Heavy Metal
ABSTRACT ESSENCE Aftermath Dark Atmo Metal
ABSTRACT RAPTURE Democadencia Modern Power Thrash
ABSU Absu Black Metal
  Tara (Exhibit V) Black Thrash 
AbSURD UNIVERSE Habeas Corpus Death Metal
AbUSED MAJESTY Serpenthrone Black/Death Metal
ABUSIVENESS Hybris Black Metal
ABYDOS Abydos Symphonic Prog
ABYSMAL DAWN Programmed To Consume Death Metal
Abyssos Fhinsthanian Nightbreed Black Metal
A CANOROUS QUINTET The Quintessence Melodic Death Metal
ACCEPT Blood Of The Nations Heavy Metal
AC/DC Backtracks (2-CD+DVD-Boxset) Hard Rock´n´Roll
ACHERON Decade Infernus 1988 - 1998 Satanic Death Metal
  Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood Death Metal
  Xomaly Satanic Death



Prog/Art Rock


My Dearest I Cannot Speak

Emo Core

ACID DRINKERS Fish dick Zwei - The Dick is Rising Again Crossover/ Thrash Metal
  Verses Of Steel Thrash Metal
ACLLA Landscape Revolution Heavy Metal
ACRIMONIOUS Sunyata Typhonian Black Metal
ACROSS FIVE APRILS Life Underwater Screamo/Post-HC
ACT NOIR Automatisme Psychique Dark Synthie Wave Pop/Rock
ACT OF GODS Maât Death Metal
  Stench of Centuries Death Metal
ADAGIO Archangels In Black Sympho Prog Metal
  Dominate Symph. Prog Metal
ADAM WEST Longshot Songs For Broke Players 2001-2004 Retro Punk Stoner Rock
  Power To The People Retro Punk Stoner Rock
ADARO Schlaraffenland Spielleut Folk Rock
  Words Never Spoken Mittelalter Rock
A DAY TO REMEMBER For Those Who Have Heart Melodic HC-Emo-Metalcore
ADDICTION CREW Break In Life Crossover
ADIMIRON Burning Souls Mel.Death/Thrash
Ad Inferna L´Empire des Sens Black Metal
ADMONISH Insnärjd Christian Black Metal
AD NOCTUM Insanity For Lifestyle Death/Black
Adolf Castle Really Crazy Germans Schrott Metal
ADORA-DIANA Adora-Diana Dissonanz-Rock/Metal
ADORNED BROOD Asgard (Re-Release) Pagan Metal
  Hiltia / Wigand (Re-Release) Pagan Metal
  Noor Pagan Metal
  Heldentat Pagan Metal
ADRAMELCH Lights From Oblivion Progressive Rock
  Irae Melanox (Re-Release) Progressive Metal
  Broken History Progressive Metal
ADRAMELECH Terror of thousand Faces Death Metal
A DREAM OF POE The Mirror Of Deliverance Gothic Doom Metal
  Lady Of Shalott Gothic Doom Metal
ADVERSAM Proclama Black Metal
AD VITAM ETERNAM Abstract Senses Gothic Metal
AEBA Kodex V Black Metal
  Shemhamforash Black Metal
  Rebellion: Edens Asche Blöök Metal
AEBSENCE Unusual Rock/Metal
AEON Rise To Dominate Death Metal
AEON SPOKE Aeon Spoke Melancholic Post Art Rock
AES DANA Formors Celtic Black Metal
AETERNITAS La Danse Macabre +/- Gothic Theater Metal
AETERNUS Shadows Of Old / Ascension Of Terror (Re-Release) Black/Death Metal
  A Darker Monument Death Metal
  Burning The Shroud  Death Metal
  Shadows Of Old  Death Metal
AEVERON Existential Dead End Melodic Death Metal
A FEAR CALLED TREASON To Infest The Wound EP Death/Thrash-Metalcore
AFGRUND Svarta Dagar Grindcore
AFTER ALL Dawn Of The Enforcer Thrash Metal
  Cult Of Sin Thrash Metal
  This Violent Decline Thrash Metal
  The Vermin Breed Thrash Metal
  Mercury Rising Heavy Metal
Afterfeedback The First Emotion NuMetal
AFTER FOREVER After Forever Symphonic Metal
  Remagine Symphonic Metal
  Invisible Circles Symphonic Metal
  Exordium Symphonic Metal
AFTER THE LAST SKY ...And This Is Progress? - EP Black-GrindCore
Afterworld Connecting Animals Power Metal
AGABUS Last Way Left NuMetal
AGALLOCH Marrow Of The Spirit Ambient Post Black Folk Metal
  Ashes Against The Grain Melancholic Neo-Folk-Metal
  The Mantle Dark Neofolk Metal
AGATHOCLES Mincer Grindcore
  Mince Core History 1989 - 1993 Grindcore
AGATHODAIMON Serpent´s Embrace Modern Black Metal
  Chapter III Dark Black Metal
  Higher Art of Rebellion Black Metal
AGENDA OF SWINE Waves Of Human Suffering Grinding Thrash-Hardcore
AGENT STEEL Order Of The Illuminati Speed Metal
  Omega Conspiracy Speed Metal
AGENTS OF MAN Count your Blessings Metal Core
AGE OF DISGRACE ...Those Who Persist EP Moshcore Death
AGE OF EVIL Living A Sick Dream Thrash-/ Power Metal
Age of Rebellion Dividing Horizons Prog Metal
AGE OF RUIN The Tides Of Tragedy Melo-Death-Core
AGHORA Formless Techno-Thrash / Prog-Metal
Agmen Damnation Melodic Death
AGNOSTIC FRONT Another Voice Hardcore
AGONIZER Birth / The End Heavy/Gothic Metal
  World Of Fools Melodic Metal
AGONY Call The Rain Melodic Death Metal
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Altered States Of America 3"-EP Acid Grind
  Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope Grind Core
AGRO Ritual 6 Melodic Thrash/Death
AGRESSOR Deathreat Death/Thrash
AGRYPNIE Aetas Cineris Black Metal
  Exit Post Black Metal
  F51.4 Melodic Black Metal
A-HA Minor Earth, Major Sky Pop
AHAB The Call Of The Wretched Sea Funeral Doom
AHNENSTAHL Zwischen Leben und Tod Epic Black Metal
AIDEN Our Gang´s Dark Oath Emo-Metalcore
  Nightmare Anatomy Mel-Screamo-Core
AI MURO City Of Scars Thrash´n´Roll
AINA Days Of Rising Doom - The Metal Opera Metal-Oper
Aion Noia Gothic Metal
AIRBAG Identity Melancholic Art Rock
AIRBORN D-Generation Melodic Power Metal
  Against The World Power Metal
AIRBOURNE Runnin' Wild Hardrock
AISLING Aisling / Tráth Na Gaoth Folk Black Metal
AJATTARA Kalmanto Black Metal
  Äpäre Majestic Black Metal
  Tyhjyys Crawling Black Metal
  Itse Black Doom Metal
  Kuolema Crawling Black
AKANOID Civil Demon Elektro-Wave-Alt.Rock-Pop
AKERCOCKE Antichrist Avantgarde Death Metal
  Words that go unspoken,... Avantgarde Death Metal
  Choronzon Death Black Metal
  Goat of Mendes Death Metal
AKIMBO Jersey Shores Sludge-Post-Core-Doom-Rock
AKPHAEZYA Anthology II Extreme-Prog-Jazz-Cabaret-Metal
AKREA Lebenslinie Melodic Death Metal
  Fulton Hill Stoner Doom Rock
  Staring at the Divine Stoner Doom Rock
ALARUM Eventuality Techno-Fusion Death/Thrash
Alas Absolute Purity Opern Gothic Metal
Alastis Unity Dark Metal
ALASTOR Silva Nordica Black Metal
ALCEST Souvenirs d´un autre monde Black-Post-Rock-Soundscape
ALCHEMIST Tripsis Avantgarde Metal
  Embryonics Avantgarde Metal
  Austral Alien Avantgarde Metal
  Organasm Avantgarde Groove 
ALCOHOLIKA LA CHRISTO Toxicnology Part 1 & 2 +/- Nu Rock/ Industirial/ Gothic
ALEPH Seven Steps Of Stone Dark Prog Metal
ALEV Alev Nu Rock
  If We Ever (Single) Nu Rock



Pop/ Rock


Wrath Of Thevetat

Melodic Black Metal

Algol Gorgonus Aura Melodic Black
Alias Eye In – Between Prog Rock
  In Focus Art Rock
  A different Point of You Prog Rock
  Field of Names Prog Rock
ALICE COOPER Along came a Spider Hard Rock
  Dragontown Hard Rock
ALICE IN CHAINS Black Gives Way To Blue Alternative/Grunge-Rock/Metal
ALIENATION MENTAL Psychopathicolorspectrum Grindcore
  Ball spouter Grindcore
ALKEMYST Meeting in the Mist Power Metal
ALKONOST Put´ Neprojdennyj (Re-Release) Pagan Metal
  The Path We´ve Never Made Pagan Metal
  Mezhmirie Dark/ Folk Metal
All Boro Kings Just for the Fun of it Melodic HC
ALL ENDS All Ends Modern Metal
  Wasting Life EP Modern Metal
ALLEN / LANDE The Battle Melodic Metal
ALLFADER At Least We Will Die Together Extreme/Dark Metal
  From The Darkest Star Avantgarde Black
ALLFATHER Weapon of Ascension Black-Death-Grind
ALLHELLUJA Pain Is The Game Hardcore/ Death 'n' Roll
  Inferno Museum Hardcore/ Death 'n' Roll
ALL OUT WAR Assassins In The House Of God Death/Thrash-Core
  Condemned To Suffer Death/Thrash-Core
ALL SHALL PERISH The Price Of Existence Deathcore
  Hate.Malice.Revenge Brutalo-Death-Core
ALL SOUL´S DAY Into The Mourning Epic Doom Metal
ALL SYSTEMS GO Mon Chi Chi Sleazy Punk´n`Roll
ALL THAT REMAINS Overcome Metalcore
  This Darkened Heart Death/Thrash
  Between Silence And Solitude HC meets Death
ALOOP Global Crisis Modern Cyber Thrash
A LOVE ENDS SUICIDE In The Disaster Metalcore
ALPHA SAFARI Commercial Suicide Indi-Garage-Rock
ALPHA TIGER Beneath The Surface Heavy Metal
  Man Or Machine Heavy Metal
Altar Red Harvest Death Metal
ALTARIA Divinity Melodic Metal
  Invitation Melodic Metal
ALTAR OF OBLIVION Grand Gesture Of Defiance Heavy/ Doom Metal
  Salvation EP Obscure Epic Doom
  Sinews of Anguish - Opus 1 in D-Minor Obscure Epic Doom
AMAGORTIS Pre-Natal Cannibalism Brutal Death Metal / Grind
AMARA Conspiritualized Hard Rock
AMARAL Hacia Lo Salvaje Rock/ Pop
AMARAN Pristine In Bondage Power-Thrash-Metal
  A World depraved Gothic Power Metal
AMASEFFER Slaves for Life Symph. Prog Power Metal
AMATRIS Imprisoned Gothic Metal
  Before the Final Journey Gothic Metal
AMBASSADOR GUN Golden Eagle Grind Core
Amber Asylum The Supernatural Parlour Collection Avantgarde Gothic Metal
AmberIAN DAWN Circus Black Epic Melodic Power Metal
  End Of Eden Epic Melodic Power Metal
  The Clouds Of Northland Thunder Epic Melodic Power Metal
  River Of Tuoni Epic Melodic Power Metal
AMEN Death Before Musick Punk / HC
AMENRA Mass III Monumental Post-Core
AMETHYSTE Thrown Off Balance Death Metal
AMOK Lullabies Of Silence Death Metal
Amon AMARTH Twilight Of The Thunder God Viking Death Metal
  With Oden On Our Side Viking Death
  Fate Of Norns Viking Death
  The Crusher Viking Death
  Versus The World Viking Death
AMORAL Reptile Ride Melodic Death Metal
  Decrowning Melodic Death Metal
  Wound Creations Death Thrash Metal
AMORPHIS Circle Dark Metal, Folk, Progressive
Skyforger Dark/Goth-Melodic Rock/Metal

Silent Waters

Nord Folk Metal
  Eclipse Nordic Folk Metal
  Chapters (Best Of) Nordic Folk Metal
  Far From The Sun Nordic Folk Metal
  Am Universum Gothic Folk Metal
  Tuonela Gothic Folk Metal
  Tales from the 1000 Lakes Nordic Death Metal
  The Karelian Isthmus (Re-Release) Death Metal
Amortis Summoned by Astral Fires Melodic Black Death
AMPLIFIER Insider Space Rock
  Amplifier Retro Space Rock
Amulet All That Is Solid Melts In The Air Dirty Rock' N' Roll
  Freedom Fighters Dirty Rock' N' Roll
ANAAL NATHRAKH Passion Black/ Death Metal
  Domine Non Es Dignus Black Metal
  Codex Necro Raw Black
ANAL VOMIT Demonic Flagellations Black/Death Metal
ANASARCA Dying Death Metal
  Moribound brutal Death
ANATA The Conductor´s Departure Technical Death Metal
  Under a Stone with no Inscription techn.Death Metal
ANATHEMA We´re Here Because We´re Here Melancholic Art Rock
  Hindsight Melancholic Rock
  A Natural Disaster Melancholic Rock
  A Fine Day to Exit Melancholic Brit-Rock
  Resonance (Best Of) Gothic Metal
  Judgement Melancholic Metal
  Alternative 4 Melancholic Metal
  Eternity Melancholic Doom 
  All Faith Is Lost (Demo) Doom Death Metal
ANCARA Beyond the Dark Melodic Metal
ANCIENT Det Glemte Riket Black Metal
  Night Visit Black Metal
  Proxima Centauri Black Metal
  God loves the Dead Black Metal
Ancient Ceremony The Third Testament Symphonic Black
  Synagoga Diabolica Symphonic Black
  Fallen Angels Symphony Symphonic Black
ANCIENT CREATION Evolution Bound US-Metal
ANCIENT CROSS Ancient Cross (Re-Release) US-Metal
ANCIENT EXISTENCE Death Fucking Metal Death Metal
  Hate is the Law Death Metal
ANCIENT RITES Rvbicon Symphonic Dark Metal
  And The Hordes Stood As One Black Heavy Metal
  Dim Carcosa Black Symphonic 
ANCIENT VVISDOM Deathlike Satanic Singer/Songwriter-Death-Folk-Rock
  A Godlike Inferno Satanic Singer/Songwriter-Death-Folk-Rock
IAN ANDERSON Rupi´s Dance Akustik Folk
...And Oceans Cypher Dark Elektro Metal
  A.M. G.O.D. Black Elektro Metal
ANDRA Circle of fire Power Metal
ANDRAS Iron Way Pagan Black Metal
  ... of old Wisdom Pagan Black Metal
Andrew W.K. I get wet Party Metal
Andromeda Chimera Prog Metal
  II = I Prog Metal
  Extension of the Wish Prog Metal
ANGANTYR Svig Black Metal
  Haevn Black Metal
  Sejr Black Metal
Angel A Woman's Diary - Chapter I Gothic Rock
ANGEL BLAKE The Descended Dark Metal
  Angel Blake Dark Metal
ANGEL CORPSE Of Lucifer And Lightning Blasting Death Metal
  Iron, Blood & Blasphemy Blasting Death
ANGEL CREW One Life, One Sentence Hardcore
Angel Dust Of Human Bondage Power Metal
  Enlighten the Darkness  Power Metal
ANGELUS APATRIDA Clockwork Thrash Metal
ANGEL WITCH As Above, So Below Heavy Metal
  Angel Witch NWOBHM
ANGER The Bliss Nu Metal
ANGRA Aurora Consurgens Power Metal
  Temple of Shadows Power Metal
  Rebirth Power Metal
ANGST In Hoc Signo Vinces Black Metal
ANGTORIA God has a Plan for us all Gothic Symphonic Metal
ANGUISH Symmetry Progressive Metal
ANIHILATED Scorched Earth Policy Thrash Metal
ANIMA The Daily Grind Deathcore
ANIMOSITY Empires Death Metal
ANIMUS HERILIS Recipere Ferum Black Metal
ANKH Expect Unexpected Electronic Progressive Rock
ANNA KATHARINA Saitensprung Mittelalter-Klassik-Violinen-Pop
ANNIHILATION TIME III: Tales Of The Ancient Age Punkrock'n Roll
ANNIHILATOR Metal Speed Metal
  Schizo Deluxe Speed Metal
  Waking the Fury Speed Metal
  King of the Kill / Refresh the Demon / Remains (Re-Release) Speed Metal
  Carnival Diablos Speed Metal
Anorexia Nervosa New Obscurantis Order Symphonic Black
ANOTHER KIND OF DEATH Sleepless Every Night Noisecore
ANOTHER LIFE Memories From Nothing Goth/Dark-Prog-Metal


Warring Factions

Prog Post Metal

  Axiom Progressive Black Metal
ANTAEUS  De principii evangelikum Black Metal
ANTAGONIST Exist Metalcore
ANTERIOR This Age Of Silence Metalcore
ANTHEM Immortal Melodic Metal
  Anthem Heavy/ Speed Metal
ANTHRAX The Greater Of Two Evils Modern Thrash
  We’ve come for you all Modern Metal
ANTICHRISIS A Legacy of Love - Mark II Atmospheric Folk Rock
  A Legacy of Love Atmospheric Folk Metal
  Perfume Atmospheric Folk Metal
ANTICHRIST Forbidden World Thrash Metal
ANTIGAMA Resonance Grindcore
  Zeroland Grindcore/Noise
  Discomfort +/- Noise/Core
ANTIGAMA / DEFORMED Roots of Chaos SplitCD Noise / Death/Grind
ANTIMATTER Leaving Eden Melancholic Rock
  Planetary Confinement Art-Trip-Rock
  Lights Out Dark Trip Rock
  Saviour Dark Trip Rock
ANTIQUUS Eleutheria US Metal
ANTITHESIS Dreaming Reality US-Metal
ANTON ...Todos Moriran Hoy Thrash/Death
Antropofagus Alive Is Good...Dead Is Better EP Grind Death
ANVIL Juggernaut Of Justice Heavy Metal
  Back to Basics Heavy Metal
  Still Going Strong Heavy Metal
ANVIL CHORUS The Killing Sun US Metal
ANVIL OF DOOM Deathillusion Melodic Death Metal
Anyone Anyone Psychedelic Rock
ANYONE's DAUGHTER Piktors Verwandlungen (Hermann Hesse) (Re-Release) Art/Prog-Rock
  Wrong Prog Rock
A Perfect Circle Mer de Noms Melancholic NuRock
A PERFECT MURDER War Of Aggression Thrash/Hardcore
  Unbroken Sludge-Thrash-HC
APHELION / DISMAL The Arrival / Maze Of Dementia Death Metal
APIARY Lost In Focus +/- MathCore
APOCALYPSE NOW Confrontation with God Thrashcore
APOCALYPTICA Worlds Collide Cello Metal
  Amplified - A Decade Of Reinventing The Cello Cello Metal
  Cult Cello-Thrash
Apocalyptic Raids Only Death is Real... Hellhammer Metal
Apocalyptic Raids / Gravewürm Maximum Metal Mayhem / On the wings of death Hellhammer Metal
ApoKalyptic Raids Vol.4 – Phonocopia Hellhammer Metal
A POETIC YESTERDAY A Little South Of Zero Metalcore
APOKRYPHA To the Seven Black Metal
APOPHIS I am your Blindness Death Metal
APOPTYGMA BERZERK Sonic Diary Synthie-Pop/EBM-Rock
  Cambodia (Maxi) Synthie-Pop/EBM-Rock
  Love To Blame (Maxi) Elektro Dark Pop
Apostasia Martyrs of God Symphonic Black
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE Sincerest Misery Doom Metal
AQUILON Intramedia Original Dark Death
April Ethereal Advent Melodic Dark Black
APRON Apron Modern Noise/ Cargo
ÅRABROT Mæsscr Noiserock
ARACHNES Primary Fear Power Metal
  Apocalypse Power Metal
ARALLU The Demon From The Ancient World Black Metal
  Satanic War In Jerusalem Black Metal
ARATHORN Treue und Verrat Pagan Neofolk Black Metal
ARCANA Le Serpent Rouge Mystic-Oriental-Soundscapes
John ARCH A Twist Of Fate EP Prog Metal
ARCHAIC The Time Has Come To Envy The Dead Thrash Metal
ARCH ENEMY Rise of the Tyrant Melodic Death Metal
  Doomsday Machine Melodic Death Metal
  Anthems of Rebellion Melodic Death Metal
  Black Earth (Re-Release) Melodic Death Metal
  Wages of Sin Melodic Death Metal
  Burning Bridges Melodic Death Metal
ARCHIVE Noise Sad Love Songs
Archontes The World where Shadows come to Life Power Metal
ARCKANUM Kostogher (Re-Release) Black Metal
  Kampen (Re-Release) Black Metal
  Fran Marder (Re-Release) Black Metal
ARCTIC FLAME Declaration US Metal
ARCTURUS Sideshow Symphonies Avantgarde Space Prog Metal
  The Sham Mirrors Avant. Prog Black
ARDITI Spirit Of Sacrifice Ambient/ Industrial
Area 54 No visible Scars Melodic Thrash
ARENA Pepper´s Ghost Prog Rock
ARGHARUS / LUCTUS Sonitus Caeli Ardentis - Split-CD Black Metal
ARIA Armageddon Heavy Metal
ARGUS Argus Heavy Metal

Alter Ego

Prog Rock
ARISE The Reckoning Melodic Death/Thrash
  The Beautiful New World Melodic Death/Thrash
  Kings of the cloned generation Thrash/Death
  A Godly Work of Art Melodic Death
ARKAN Hilal Oriental Melodic Death Metal
ARKHAM WITCH On Crom´s Mountain Doom/ Heavy Metal
ARKHAN M.A.C.H.I.N.E. Death Metal
ARKHON INFAUSTUS Orthodoxyn Death Black Metal
  Perdition Insanabilis Death Black
  Hell Injection Black Death
  Filth Catalyst Death Black
ARKONA Jizn’ vo slavu (Live… for the glory) + NARGATHROND “Inevitability” (Re-Release) Slavic Pagan Metal
  Vo Slavu Velikim! (Re-Release) Slavic Pagan Metal
  Lepta (Re-Release) Slavic Pagan Metal
  Vozrosdenie (Re-Release) Slavic Pagan Metal
Armagedda The Final War Approaching Black Metal
ARMAGEDDON Necromantic Celebration Black Thrash Metal
ARMISTICE Roots Of Evil Thrash Metal
Armored Saint Nod To The Old School Power Metal
ArMOUR Armour Heavy Metal
ArNION Fall Like Rain (Extended Edition) Thrash Metal
Arrival An Abstract Of Inertia Symphonic Black
ARRYAN PATH Terra Incognita Epic Power Metal
  Road to Macedonia Epic Metal
ARSEBREED Munching The Rotten Brutal Death Metal
ARSIS We Are The Nightmare Progressive Death Metal
  A Celebration Of Guilt Mel.Black/Death/Thrash
ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS Portals Chaos-Prog-Mix-it-all-Core
  The Game Of Life Chaos-Prog-Mix-it-all-Core
ARSTIDIR LIFSINS Vápna Lækjar Eld Black Folk Ambient Metal
ARTAS The Healing Thrash Metal
ARTEP Thy Will Be Done On Earth As Is Done In Hell Black Metal
ARTEFACT Son Of Solstice Dark/Black/Folk
ARTENSION New discovery Prog Metal
Arthemesia Deus-Iratus Melodic Death
ARTILLERY My Blood Thrash Metal
  When Death Comes Thrash Metal
ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER Artimus Pyledriver (Re-Release) Southern´n´Roll-Hardrock
  Artimus Pyledriver Southern-Rotz´n´Roll
ARTIZAN Ancestral Energy US-Metal
Curse Of The Artizan US-Metal
ART OF NOX Apathy Nu Metal
Artrosis Hidden Dimensions Gothic Metal
  Melange Gothic Rock
ARWEN Illusions Melodic Metal
  Memories of a Dream Power Metal
ASARU Dead Eyes Still See Black Metal
ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS Numingum Esoteric Trip Wave Rock
ASCETIC Self Initiation Postpunk/Wave Rock
As Divine Grace Supremature Gothic Metal
AS EDEN BURNS The Great Celestial Delusion Death Metal
ASESINO Cristo Satanico Latino Extreme Metal
ASGARD Dark Horizons Heavy Meal
ASGARD (IT) The Seal Of Madness Heavy/Speed Metal
ASGAROTH Red shift Dark/Death
ASHES TO ASHES Cardinal VII Gregorian Metal
Ashes You Leave The Inheritance of Sin and Shame Gothic Doom
  Fire Gothic Doom Death
ASHRAM Shining Silver Skies Neo-Klassik-Dark-Pop

Legacy Of Hatred

Modern Extreme Metal
ASIA Long Way from Home (Maxi) Melodic Rock
  Silent Nation Melodic Rock
AS I LAY DYING An Ocean Between Us Metalcore
  A Long March: The First Recordings Metalcore
  Shadows Are Security Metalcore
  Frail Words Collapse Melo-DeathCore
AS IT BURNS Mortal Dusk   Melodic Death Black
AS LIGHT DIES A Step Through The Reflection Prog Death Metal
ASMÈGIN Hin Vordende Sod Og So Folk Metal
ASPERITY The Final Demand Melodic Metal
Asphyx Deathhammer Death Metal
  Death ... The Brutal Way Death Metal
  On the Wings of Inferno Death Metal
ASPID Musa Prog-Hardrock
ASRAI Pearls in Dirt Gothic Rock / Metal
  Touch in the Dark Gothic Rock / Metal
AS SANITY FADES Mentally Disturbed Gothic-Death Metal
ASSASSIN Breaking The Silence Thrash Metal
ASSAULTER Salvation Like Destruction Black/Thrash Metal
ASSEMBLENT Equilibrium Death/Thrash
ASSIGNMENT Progressive Changes Prog Metal
AstaARTH Gloria Burgundia Pagan Metal
Astarte Quod superius sicut Inferius Dark Black 
ASTERIUS A Moment Of Singularity Astral Prog Black
A STORM OF LIGHT Forgive Us Our Trespasses Monolithic Post Doom Metal

And We Wept The Black Ocean Within

Monolithic Post Metal

ASTRAL DOORS Astralism Heavy Metal
Astroqueen Into Submission Stoner Rock


What You Don´t Know Is Frontier


AS WE FIGHT Midnight Tornado Metalcore
  Black Nails And Bloody Wrists +/- Metalcore
ATANATOS Beast Awakening Thrash/Black Metal
ATARGATIS Nova Gothic Metal
  Wasteland Symphonic Metal
ATHEIST Jupiter Fusion/Prog-Death/Thrash
Athena Twilight of Days Italo Metal
ATLAIN G.O.E. Speed/Power
ATLANTEAN KODEX The Golden Bough Regressive Epic Metal
ATMOSFEAR Zenith Prog Metal
ATOMIZER The Only Weapon Of Choice Black/Thrash/Death
ATOMWINTER Atomic Death Metal Death Metal
A TORTURED SOUL Lucifer's Fate US Metal
  Kiss of the Thorn Epic Power Metal
A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS Nightmare Inc. Metalcore
ATRAS CINERIS Monolith Black Metal
ATREYU A Deathgrip On Yesterday Screamo Core
  The Curse Emo-Metalcore
ATROCITY Atlantis Epic Death Metal
  Cold Black Days (Maxi) Modern (Death) Metal
  Gemini 'Fetish' Metal
ATROPHIA RED SUN Twisted Logic techn.Death Metal
ATROX Binocular Avantg.Prog.Metal
  Orgasm Avantg.Prog.Metal
ATTACKER Giants Of Canaan Heavy Metal
  The Unknown Heavy Metal
  Soul Taker Heavy Metal
At The Gates Slaughter Of The Soul (Re-Release)  Melodic Death
  Suicidal Final Art (Best Of) Melodic Death
AT THE SOUNDDAWN Red Square: We Come In Waves Post Metal
AtTIC The Invocation Heavy Metal
  Attic Heavy Metal
AtTICK DEMONS Atlantis Heavy Metal
At Vance The Evil In You Power Metal
  Only Human Thrash Metal
AT WAR Retaliatory Strike Thrash Metal
  Infidel Thrash Metal
Auberon Crossworlds Melodic Death
AUDIOSLAVE Audioslave Modern Groove Rock
AUDREY HORNE No Hay Banda Modern Rock
AURA New Life Prog Rock
AURA NOIR Hades Rise Black´n´Roll-Thrash Metal
Aurora  Dead Electric Nighmares Melodic Death
AURORA BOREALIS Time, unveiled Death/Black
AUSPEX Resolutio Symphonic Power Metal
AUSTERE To Lay Like Old Ashes Black Metal
AUTOGRAPH Buzz Melodic Rock
Autopsy Torn from the Grave (Best Of) Death Metal
AUTUMN Altitude Modern Rock
  My New Time Modern Rock
AUTUMNBLAZE Words Are Not What They Seem Goth-Trip-Prog-Rock
  The Mute Sessions Dark Trip Rock
  Mute Boy Sad Girl Dark Trip Metal
  Bleak Dark Trip Metal
AUTUMN HOUR Dethroned Modern Metal
AVA INFERI The Silhoutte Gothic Symphonic Metal
AVANTASIA The Mystery Of Time Heavy Rock/Metal
  The Scarecrow Power Metal
  The Metal Opera Part II Epic Power Metal
AVEC TRISTESSE Ravishing Beauty EP Melodic Black/Death
Avenger Shadows of the Damned Heavy Metal
AVERSE SEFIRA Advent Parallax Back Metal
Avery Lie, Cheat & Steal Sludge-Core
AVIAN From The Depths Of Time Heavy Power Metal
Avrigus The Secret Kingdom Gothic Metal
AVOID-A-VOID Abyss Desires Electro-EBM-Pop
AVULSED Reanimations Death Metal
  Gorespattered Suicide Death Metal
AVVEN Kastalija Folk Metal
AWAKEN DEMONS From Heaven To Hell Metallized HC
Awesome Machine Under the Influence Stoner Rock
A WHISPER IN THE NOISE Dry Land Ambient-Avantgarde-Rock
AWOKEN Death or Glory Hardcore
  Take Aim EP Hardcore
Axamenta Codex Barathri Symphonic Black
AXEHAMMER Marching On US Power Metal
  Windrider US Power Metal
AXENSTAR The Final Requiem Melodic Metal
  The Inquisition Melodic Metal
  Far From Heaven Mel.Speed Metal
  Perpetual Twilight Melodic Metal
AXIS OF ADVANCE Obey Black-Thrash-Grind
  The list Black Death
AXIS POWERS Marching Towards Destruction Old School Death Metal
AXXIS Doom Of Destiny Melodic Power Metal
  Paradise in Flames Melodic Metal
  Time Machine Hard Rock
Aya A Flower In the Battlefield Alternative Rock
AYREON Timeline Prog Metal
  Elected Progressive Metal
  01011001 Progressive Metal
  The Final Experiment Progressive Metal
  Actual Fantasy Revisited (S.E.) Progressive Metal
  Into the Electric Castle (S.E.) Progressive Metal
AZARATH Praise The Beast Death/Black Metal
  Diabolic Impious Evil Death Metal



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