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B-STINGED BUTTERFLY B-Stinged Butterfly Alternative
BA'AL Confusion Of Tongues Deathcore
  The Lilith Complex Death-Core
BAALMORAL Tale Of A Forbidden Path Black Metal
BAALPHEGOR Post Earthquake Age Death Metal
BABY GENIUS Baby Genius Brit-Pop-Punk´n´Roll
Babylon Whores Death of The West Death Rock
BACIO DI TOSCA Der Tod Und Das Mädchen Neoklassik
BACKFIRE! Change the Game Hardcore
BACKSLASH Trip Of Pain Heavy Metal
  Princess Of Disharmony Heavy Metal
BACKYARD BABIES Tinnitus+Live live in Paris Rotz Rock
BADESALZ Das Baby mit dem Goldzahn Comedy


Had It Coming EP


Bad Religion Punk Rock Songs Melodic Punk Rock
  The Process of Belief Melodic Punk Rock
Balance of Power Heathen Machine Melodic Prog Metal
  Perfect Balance Power Metal
BALLISTIC Ballistic Heavy Metal


Ars Talionis

Black Metal

Bal-Sagoth The Chthonic Chronicles Symphonic War Metal
  Atlantis Ascendant Symphonic War Metal
BaNSHEE Mindslave US Power Metal
Barathrum Occult Black Death
BARATROS / ENTITY / UNDEAD Blood Beyond The Sand Death Metal
BarBATOS Let's Fucking Die Black/ Thrash-Crust
  Rocking Metal Motherfucker Metal Punk
John Lees' BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST Legacy - Live at the Shepherds Bush Empire Progressive Rock
BARCODE Ahead of the Game Hardcore
  Showdown Hardcore
BARREN EARTH The Devil's Resolve Progressive Death Metal
BASTARD PRIEST Under The Hammer Of Destruction Death Metal
BATHORY Nordland I Epic Viking Metal
  Destroyer of Worlds EpicDoom / BlackThrash
  Blood Fire Death Viking Black Metal
BATHTUB SHITTER Wall of World is Words Grindcore
  Lifetime Shitlist +/- Grindcore
  97+3 Shit Points - 7" Grindcore
  One Fun - 7" Grindcore
BATLORD Music To Be Buried To 60s/70s Garage-Fuzz-Soul-Rock
BattALION Welcome To The Warzone Death Metal
  Winter Campaign Death Metal
BattALION (US) Runaway (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
BATTLE DAGORATH Ancient Wraith Black Metal
BATTLELORE The Last Alliance Gothic/Fantasy Metal
  Evernight Goth Fantasy Metal
  Third Age of The Sun Goth Fantasy Metal
  Sword´s Song Goth Fantasy Metal
  ...Where the Shadows Lie Goth Fantasy Metal
BATTLERAGE True Metal Victory True Metal
  Blood, Fire Steel Heavy/ Power Metal
BATTLEROAR To Death and beyond... Epic War Metal
  Age Of Chaos Epic War Metal
  Battleroar Epic Metal
BATTLESWORD Failing in Triumph Melodic Death
Bay Laurel When Pain comes to die Gothic Rock
BAYSIDE The Walking Wounded Rock
  Bayside Emo-MelodiPunk-Core
  Sirens and Condolences Emo-Rock
BEARDFISH Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two Retro-Prog-Rock
  Sleeping in Traffic: Part One Retro-Prog-Rock
BEATALLICA lMastery Mystery Tour Fun Metal
BEATSTEAKS Kanonen auf Spatzen (2-CD+DVD) Punk/Rock
  Demons Galore EP Punk/Rock
  Limbo Messiah Punk/Rock
BEAUTIFUL SIN The Unexpected Melodic Metal
BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE The Physics Of Fire Prog-Death/Black/Thrash
  Terminate Damnation Prog-Death/Thrash
BEE AND FLOWER What´s Mine Is Yours Cineastic Avantgarde Soul Metal
BEECHER This Elegy, His Autopsy Chaos-Core
BEEHLER Messages To The Dead Heavy Metal
BEEHOOVER The Sun Behind The Dustbin Groove Doom Rock
BEETHOVEN R. Un Poco Más Hardrock
BEFORE EDEN The Legacy of Gaia Prog Metal
BEFORE THE DAWN Soundscape of Silence Dark Metal
  Deadlight Dark Metal
  The Ghost Dark Metal
  My Darkness Dark Metal
BeGBIE The Age Of Golden Lies Alternative Pop
BeGGAR'S BRIDE Boulevard Of Broken Hearts Melodic Rock
Beheaded Recounts Of Disembodiment Brutal Death
BEHEMOTH The Apostasy Death Black Metal
  Demigod Death Black Metal
  Conjuration Death Black
  Here And Beyond Death Black
  Thelema.6 Death Black
BEHERIT Engram Black Metal
  The Oath of Black Blood (Re-Release) Black Metal
BEHEXEN My Soul for his Glory Black Metal
  By The Blessing Of Satan Black Metal
BEHIND THE SCENERY Retroviseur Melodic Death Metal
  ...of Honesty forbidden Melodic Death Metal
BEHOLDER Lethal Injection Power Metal
  Wish For Destruction Power Metal
  The Legend begins Power Metal
BELENOS Yenn Sonn Gardis Celtic Black Metal
  Errances Oniriques Celtic Black Metal
  Chemins de Souffrance Celtic Black Metal
BELFEGOR The work of destruction Black Metal
BELIEVER Gabriel Thrash Metal
BELLAFEA Cavalcade Indie Rock
BELLGRAVE My Soul Is My Gun Dirty Dark´n`Roll-Thrash
BELPHEGOR Blood Magick Necromance Death/Black Metal
  Pestapocalypse VI Death/Black Metal
  Goatreich - Fleshcult Death/Black Metal
  Lucifer Incestus Death/Black Metal
  Infernal Live Orgasm Death/Black Metal
  Necrodaemon Terrorsathan Death/Black Metal
BENEA REACH Alleviat Post-Doom-Rock/Metal
  Monument Binothan Progressive Dark Metal
BENEATH THE MASSACRE Dystopia Technical Death Metal
BENEATH THE SKY What Demons Do To Angels Death/Thrash-Metalcore
Benediction  Organized Chaos Death Metal
BENEDICTUM Seasons Of Tragedy Heavy Metal
  Uncreation Heavy Metal
BENIGHTED Icon Death Metal
  Identisick Brutal Deathcore
  Insane Cephalic Production Death Metal
  Psychose Brutal Death Black
Benümb Withering Strands of Hope Grind/Noise Core
  By Means Of Upheaval Grind Core
BEOWÜLF Winchester & 5th Skate-Core
BERSERK Return Of The Ancient Laws Black Metal
  Rites Of Supremacy Black Metal
BESATT Black Mass Black Metal
BESEECH Sunless Days Gothic Metal
  Drama Gothic Metal
  Souls Highway Gothic Metal
BESTIAL MOCKERY Christcrushing hammerchainsaw Raw Black Thrash
  Evoke The Desecrator Raw Black Thrash
  Gospel Of The Insane Black Fucking Metal
BESTIAL WARLUST Veangeance War ´till Death Satanic War Metal
BETHLEHEM Mein Weg Dark Metal
  S.U.I.Z.I.D. + Reflektionen auf´s Sterben EP Dark Metal
  Suicide Radio (PC-CD-Rom) Suicide Metal
  Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt Dark Abstrakt Metal
  Profane Fetmilch lenzt elf krank Dark Abstrakt Metal
Beto Vazquez Infinity Beto Vazquez Infinity Romantic Rock
BetTY BLITZKRIEG Voodookind Sleaze/ Glam-Punk
  The Anatomy Of Covers
  Alaska Math-Prog-Death
  Between the Buried and Me Prog-HC
BETZEFER Down Low modern  Thrash Metal
Bewitched Spiritual Warfare Old School Metal
  Rise of the Antichrist Black Thrash/HM
BEYOND FEAR Beyond Fear Heavy Metal
BEYON-D-LUSION Intuispection Dark Melodic Metal 
BEYOND SURFACE Destination´s End Gothic Pop/Rock
BEYOND THE EMBRACE Insect Song Metal Core
  Against All Elements Melodic Death/Thrash
BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL The Ressurection Of Everything Tough Prog Doom-Groove-Metal
  Earth & Sphere Melodic Death
BEYOND THE VOID Gloom Is A Trip For Two Gothic Rock
  I Am Your Ruin Gothic Rock
BEYOND TWILIGHT Section X Prog-Power-Metal
  The Devil´s Hall Of Fame Epic Power Metal
BIBLE OF THE DEVIL The Diabolic Procession Alternative Rock
BIDERBEN Out Of The Lies Punk/ Ska/ Nu Metal
BIG BOY Ponygirl Industrial
  Hail The Big Boy Glam-Goth-Pop-Punk-Elektro-Rock
BIG IRON Falling Down Groove Thrash
BILE Camp Blood  Bulldozer Death/Grind
BIOHAZARD Means To An End HC-Crossover
  Kill Or Be Killed Hardcore
  Uncivilization HC-Metal
BIOMECHANICAL The Empires Of The Worlds Modern Heavy Thrash
BIONIC BRIT Schlicht Und Ergreifend Alternative Rock
BIRDFLESH Mongo Musicale Grindcore
  Live @ Giants Of Grind Grindcore


Bazaar Bazaar

Psychedelic Prog Rock

BIRDS OF PREY Sulfur & Semen Death Metal
BISON B.C. Quiet Earth Stoner/Doom Metal
BISS Joker In The Deck Hard Rock
BITTERNESS As All Beauty Starts To Fade... EP Melodic Death/Thrash
  Autumn's Fall Melodic Death/Thrash
BLACK ABYSS Angels Wear Black Power Metal
  Land of Darkness Teutonen Metal
BLACK ANGEL From The Darkness Black Heavy Metal
BLACK ANVIL Time Insults The Mind Black-Thrash-Metal
BLACK BREATH Heavy Breathing Death Metal/HC
BLACK BOMB A Speech Of Freedom Death/Grind-Metalcore
BLACK COBRA Bestial Sludge Doom Core
BLACK COMEDY Instigator Industrial Black Metal
  Synthesis EP Prog Melodic Thrash
BLACK CRUCIFIXION Promethean Gift Black Doom
BLACK DEMENTIA Dictum Of Negation Death/Black Metal
BLACK DIAMOND Mourning for me Symphonic Prog Metal
Blackend The Last Thing Undone Thrash Metal
BLACK EYE RIOT No Hope, No Future, No Worries HC-Crust-Doom-Noise-Punk
BLACKFIELD Blackfield II Indi Art Post Rock


III - Imperium

Death Metal


Conquering Purity

Black Death

BLACK FRIDAY 29 The Escape Hardcore
BLACK HAWK The Invasion Heavy Metal
BLACK HORIZONS A Dream´s Funeral Mel.Black/Death Metal
BLACK ICE Terrible Birds 80s-Wave-Punk-Rock
BLACK JADE Helvetica Diaboli Heathen Black Metal
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Shot to Hell Heavy Metal
  King of Damnation Heavy Metal
  Hangover Music Vol. VI Hard Rock
  The Blessed Hellride Groove Metal
  1919 : Eternal Groove Metal
BLACK LIGHT BURNS Cover Your Heart & Anvil Parts (CD+DVD) Crossover Industrial Rock
  Cruel Melody Industrial Rock
BLACKLISTED …The Beat Goes On  Hardcore
  We’re Unstoppable Hardcore
BLACKMAIL PARADE Blackmail Parade EP Metalcore/ Screamo
BLACK MAJESTY Tomorrowland Power Metal
  Silent Company Power Metal
BLACK MESSIAH The First War Of The World Viking/ Pagan Metal
  Of Myths And Legends Viking/ Pagan Metal
  Oath Of A Warrior Viking/ Pagen Metal
BLACKMORE´S NIGHT The Beginning Renaissance-Folk-Rock
  Secret Voyage Renaissance-Folk-Rock
  Past Times with good Company Renaissance-Folk-Rock
BLACK OATH The Third Aeon Doom Metal
BLACKOUT Blackout Prog Death
BLACK SABBATH The Eternal Idol   Hard Rock
BLACKSHINE Lifeblood Groove Metal
  Soulless & Proud Death´n`Roll
BLACKSMITH Time Out Of Mind US-Powermetal
BLACK STONE CHERRY Folklore And Superstition Grunge/ Southern Rock
  Black Stone Cherry Grunge/ Southern Rock
BLACK SUN AEON Darkness walks beside me Dark Death Metal
BlackSWORD The Sword Accurst Epic Metal
Black Symphony Tears of Blood Prog Power Metal
BlaCKWINDS Flesh Inferno Black Metal
Black WITCHERY Upheaval Of Satanic Might +/- Black Metal
Black WREATH A Pyre Of Lost Dreams Funeral Doom
BlaKAGIR Carpathian Art Of Sin Dark Ambient
BLAKE Starbringer Stoner Metal
BLASPHEME Désir De Vampyr Heavy Metal
  Briser Le Silence Heavy Metal
BLAZE (JPN) Blaze Heavy Rock
BLAZE BAYLEY The Man who would not die Melodic Power Metal
BLAZE Blood and Belief Power Metal
  As Live as it gets Power Metal
  Tenth Dimension Power Metal
BLAZING ETERNITY A World to drown in Avantgarde Metal
  Times and unknown Waters Melancholic Black/Doom
BLEEDING THROUGH The Truth  Metalcore
  This Is Love, This Is Murderous Black/Death-Metalcore
BLEED INTO ONE Words Can´t Save Us Now Moshin´ HC
BLEED THE SKY Murder the Dance Metalcore
  Paradigm in Enthropy Metalcore
BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART Pedal to the Metal Glam Metalcore
BLESSED CURSE Blessed Curse Thrash Metal
BLESSMON Under the storm of Hate Black Metal
BLIND Break Away (Re-Release) Alternative/ Modern Metal
BLINDED BY FEAR Under An Occult Sun Symphonic Black
BLINDED COLONY Bedtime Prayers Melodic Death Metal
  Divine Melodic Death Metal
Blind Dog Captain Dog Rides Again Stoner Rock
  The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog Stoner Rock
BLINDED BY TRUST Justice Will Prevail Hardcore
BLIND EGO Mirror Art Rock
BLIND FURY Out Of Reach (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
Blind Guardian A Night at the Opera Bombast Metal
BLINDSIDE About A Burning Fire Emo-Rock/Core
  Silence NuMetal
BLIND SIGHT The Tenderstrike Salvation Metalcore

Theatre of the Damned

Heavy Metal
BLIZZARD The Roaring Tanks Of Armageddon Thrash Metal
SEBASTIAN BloCK Bin Ich Du - Limited Edition Indie / Pop
Blodshed Skullcrusher Black Death
BLODSRIT Hinterland Black Metal
  Helveteshymner Melodic Black Metal
  Ocularis Infernum Black Metal
BLODTRU The Death Of The Spirit Black Metal
BLIND STARE Symphony Of Delusions Melodic Death Metal
BLOOD Impulse to destroy (Re-Release) Death Grind
  Massacre (EP) Death/Grind
  Dysangelium Death/Grind
Blood / Warspite Split-EP Death/Grind
BLOOD & TIME At The Foot Of The Garden Emo-Blues-Rock
BLOODBATH The Wacken Carnage Death Metal
  The Fathomless Mastery Death Metal
  Nightmares Made Flesh Death Metal
  Resurrection through carnage Death Metal
BLOODBOUND Nosferatu Melodic Metal
BLOOD CEREMONY Blood Ceremony Okkult-Flöten-Doom-Rock
BLOODCHURN Ravenous Consumption Death Metal


Metallic Warfare


BLOOD DUSTER Blood Duster Grind´n´Roll-Core
  Cunt Death/Grind
BLOOD EDITION Cutting The Director Grinding Death Metal
BLOODFLOWERZ Dark Love Poems Dark Groove Metal
  7 Benedictions / 7 Maledictions Gothic Metal
  Diabolic Angels Gothic Metal
BLOOD FOR BLOOD Serenity... Hardcore
BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED Spirals / Novella Of Uriel Math-Metalcore
  Spirals Math Metal Core
BLOODJINN This Machine runs on empty Melodic Death Thrash
BLOODLINE SEVERED Visions Revealed Modern Metal
BLOOD RED ANGEL Crime Entertainment Thrash
  The Language of Hate Thrash
BLOOD RED THRONE Altered Genesis Death Metal
  Affiliated with the Suffering Death Metal
  A Taste of Blood Death Metal
  Monument of Death Death Metal
BLOODROSE Into oblivion Melodic Black
BLOODSHED WALHALLA The Battle Will Never End Epic Viking Metal
  Legends Of A Viking Epic Viking Metal
BLOODSHOT A Pestilence Called Humanity Death Core
  Ultimate Hatred Death Core
BLOODSIMPLE A Cruel World Modern Metal
BLOOD STAIN CHILD Idolator Melodic Trance Death
Blood Stained Dusk Dirge Of Death´s Silence Black Metal
BLOODTHIRST Let Him Die Black Thrash Metal
Bloodthorn Genocide Raw Death Metal
  Under the Reign of Terror Death / Black
BLOOD TSUNAMI Thrash Metal Thrash Metal
BLOODWORK The Final End Principle Melodic Death Metal
BLOODWRITTEN Thrashin' Fury Thrash Metal
BLOODY BLASPHEMY Black Spells Black Metal
BLOODY GORE Bloody driven vehemence Death/Grind
BLOODY HAMMERS Bloody Hammers Occult / Doom Metal
BLUDGEON Crucified live Death Thrash
  Crucify the Priest Death Thrash

Odinist: The Destruction Of Reason By Illumination

Avantg.Black Metal
  MoRT Black-Soundscapes
Bluttaufe Mein Fleisch an Deinen Lippen... Thrashing War Metal
MARK BOALS Edge of the world Hard Rock
BOBAFLEX Primitive Epic Crossover
BODIES LAY BROKEN Eximinous Execration Of Exiguous Exeguies Brutalo GoreDeath
BODIN, Tomas


Prog Rock Opera
  Pinup Guru Prog Rock
BODINE Bodine Classic Rock
BODY COUNT Murder 4 Hire Crossover
BODYFARM The Coming Scourge Melodic Death Metal
BOHEMA Eternal Slaves Death Metal
BOLT THROWER Those Once Loyal Death Metal
  Honour Valour Pride Death Metal
BOMBSQUAD Backyard Dept. Crossover/HC
BOMMERANG Weaveworld Heavy/Power
JOE BONAMASSA An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House Blues
  Beacon Theatre - Live From New York Blues Rock
  You & Me Blues Rock
BONDED BY BLOOD Exiled To Earth Thrash Metal
BONE GNAWER Feast Of Flesh Death Metal
BONEHOUSE The Fuse Is Lit HC-Punk´n´Roll
  Onward to Mayhem Crust´n`Roll-HC
BONFIRE Free Soft Hard Rock
BONGZILLA Amerijuanican Sludge-Stoner-Doom
  Gateway 70s-Retro-Doom
BON JOVI This Left Feels Right Hardrock
BONK Western Soul Indi-Punk-Rock´n´Roll
BOOK OF BLACK EARTH Horoskopus Slow Death Metal
BOOK OF REFLECTIONS Book Of Relfections Melodic Metal
BoOMERANG Balance Of Hate Heavy Metal
BOOZED One Mile Rock´n´Roll
BORGIA Ecclesia Avantgarde Black/Death
BORIS Smile Experimental Noise-Rock
  Pink Post Doom Industrial Rock
Borknagar Origin Akustik Nordic Folk
  Epic Epic Pagan Metal
  Empiricism Epic Pagan Metal
  Quintessence Epic Pagan Metal
BORN FOR BLISS Between Living & Dreaming Gitarren-Wave-Rock
BORN FROM PAIN War Metallized HC
  In Love With The End HC/Thrash
  Sands Of Time Thrash-Core
BORNHOLM March For Glory And Revenge Black Pagan Metal
  ...On The Way Of The Hunting Moon Black Metal
BORROWED TIME Arcane Metal Arts Heavy Metal
BOTCH American Nervoso (Re-Release) Psycho-Math-Hardcore
  Unifying Themes Redux (Re-Release) Psycho-Math-Hardcore
Bottom Feels So Good When You´re Gone Stoner Doom Core
BOUDOIR Currency Of The Soul Emo-DarkRock
BOUND AND GAGGED Fornicate the gutted Death/Grind
BOURBON FLAME Bourbon Flame Sleaze Rock
BOYSETSFIRE The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years Emo-Rock/Core
  Tomorrow Come Today Emo Core
BRAINDAMAGE War Against The Almighty Metal-/Thrash-Core
BRAINDEADZ Hang'em Highschool Old-School Thrahs
BRAINDRILL Apocalyptic Feasting Death/Grind
BRAINSTORM On The Spur Of The Moment Power Metal
  Downburst Power Metal
  Liquid Monster Power Metal
  Soul Temptation Power Metal
  Metus Mortis Power Metal
  Ambiguity Power Metal
BRANDED WOMEN Velvet Hours - Stolen Moments Sexy Blues Trip-Rock
BRAND NEW SIN Tequila Southern Metal
  Recipe For Disaster Southern HR Blues Metal
Brave Searching for the Sun Gothic Alternative Metal
BRAZEN ABBOT Guilty As Sin Hardrock
Breaking Silence Impact Melodic Metal
BREAKPOINT None to sell Power-Thrash
BREED Breed Alternative Thrash Metal
BRESCHDLENG Breschdleng Spätzles-Core
BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION Runaway Brides Sleaze Rock


Das Märchen vom Schnee

Black Metal


For Mircalla

Doom Metal

Brodequin Methods Of Execution Brutal Death Metal
  Festival of Death Brutal Death
STEPHEN BRODSKY Octave Museum Power Pop
BROKEN ARROW Abyss Of Darkness Melodic Metal
BROKEN EDGE Obey And Conform! Modern Thrash
Broken Hope Grotesque Blessings Death Metal
BroTHER FIRETRIBE Heart Full Of Fire AOR/ Hardrock
  False Metal AOR/ Hardrock
BRUTAL HAND Purgatory's Rage Heavy Metal
BRUTAL TRUTH Evolution Through Revolution Grindcore
BRUTUS Slachtbeest Brutal Death Metal
BUCKCHERRY Black Butterfly Rock


Bul Bul 6

Noise Rock

Bulldozer Unexpected Fate Thrash Metal
BULLET Bite The Bullet Heavy Rock
  Speeding In The Night Heavy Metal
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Scream Aim Fire Metalcore
  Hand Of Blood EP - Live At Brixton Emo-Thrash
  Tears Don´t Fall (Maxi) Emo-Thrash-Metal
  The Poison Modern-Emo-Thrash
  Hand Of Blood EP Thrash-Emo-Core
BULLETHOLE Incarceration Nu Thrash Core
BURDEN OF GRIEF Death End Road Melodic Death Metal
  Fields of Salvation Melodic Death Metal
  On darker Trails Melodic Death Metal
ERIC BURDON My Secret Life Blues Rock
BURGUL TORKHAIN The Adventures Of Burgul Torkhain Techno Death Thrash
BURIALMOUND Devil´s Work Death Metal
BURIED GOD Dark revelation Thrash Metal
BURIED INSIDE Chronoclast Depressed Sludge Core
Burn Global Warning Melodic Hard Rock
BURNING POINT Empyre Heavy/US Metal
  Salvation by Fire Power Metal
BURNING SAVIOURS Hundus 70s Vintage Kaleidoskop Doom Heavy Rock
BURNING SHADOWS Gather, Darkness! Epic US-Metal
  Oathbreaker Epic US-Metal
BURNING SKIES Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption Death Core
  Desolation Death Core
  Murder by Means of Existence Death Core
Jack Starr's BurnING STARR Land Of The Dead Heavy Metal
Burnt By The Sun The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good Psycho Thrash
  Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution Extreme Psychotic Thrash
  Burnt by the Sun Extreme Psychotic Thrash
BURNT OFFERING Walk Of The Dead Thrash Metal
BURST Lazarus Bird Psycho-Mel.Thrash-Core
  Prey On Life Psycho-Mel.Thrash-Core
BURY ME DEEP Nearly Down Wave Rock
BURY MY SINS Today´s Black Death Melodic Death Metalcore
BURY YOUR DEAD Bury your Dead Metalcore
  Cover Your Tracks Thrash-Core
BUSH, STAN Shine Melodic Rock / AOR
BY BRUTE FORCE ...with Intent to destroy Brutal Death Grind
  Rituals of Death Death Metal
BY NIGHT A New Shape Of Despairation Modern Thrash
  Burn The Flags Techno-Death/Thrash
BY NIGHT / CIPHER SYSTEM Split-CD Techno-Death/Melo-Death
BYZANTINE The Fundamental Component Modern Thrash Metal



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