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PAATOS Silence of another Kind Melancholic New Art Rock
PABLO The Story Of Love And Hate Alternative-Rock
PAGAN ALTAR Mythical & Magical / The Lords Of Hypocrisy (Re-Release) Pagan Heavy Metal
  Mythical & Magical Pagan Heavy Metal
PAGANINI Medicine Man Hardrock
PAGANIZE Evolution Hour Heavy Metal
PAGANIZER World Lobotomy Old School Death Metal
  Scandinavian Warmachine Death Metal
Carnage Junkie Old School Death Metal
  No Divine Rapture Death Metal
PAGAN´S MIND Gods Equation Progressive Power Metal
  Enigmatic: Calling Progressive Power Metal
  Infinity divine Progressive Power Metal
PAIMON Metamorphine Dark Metal
  Terra Oblivionis Black Metal

Psalms Of Extinction

Elektro Metal
  Dancing With The Dead Modern Metal
  Rebirth Industrial Metal
  Nothing remains the same Industrial Metal
PAIN AND PASSION Don´t Think Tomorrow melodic Metal
Pain Control Subvert Thrash Metal
Pain In The Ass Spain Hardcore
P.A.I.N. MANAGEMENT Lobotomy Alternative Metal
PAIN OF SALVATION Scarsick Progressive Music
  Be Progressive Music
  12:5 Progressive Rock
  Remedy Lane Prog Metal
  The perfect Element Pt.1 Prog Metal
  One Hour by the concrete Lake Prog Metal
PAIN PRINCIPLE Waiting For The Files Modern Thrash/Death
PALE DIVINE Painted Windows Black Doom/ Heavy Metal
  Cemetery Earth Doom Metal
Pale Forest Exit Mould Gothic Rock
  Of Machines and Men Gothic Rock
PANCHRYSIA Deathcult Salvation Black Metal
  Malicious Parasite Black Metal
  In obscure Depths Death Black
PANDAEMONIUM Return To Reality Power Symphonic Metal
PANDEMIA Riven Death Metal
  Spreading the Message Death Metal
  Personal Demon Death Metal
PANIC Circles EP HC-Punk
Pantera Reinventing Hell: The Best Of Modern Thrash
  Reinventing the Steel Groove Thrash
PANTHEIST Amartia Funeral Doom
PANTOKRATOR Aurum Melodic Death Metal
PANYCHIDA Paganized Pagan Metal
PANZERCHRIST Himmelfartskommando Death Metal
  Battalion Beast Death Metal
  Roomservice Brutal Death Metal
PAPA ROACH Metamorphosis Modern Rock/Metal
  Getting Away With Murder Modern Rock/Metal
PAPERCUT HOMICIDE From filth comes grace Prog Grind
PARADISE LOST In Requiem Gothic Metal
  2 Originals Gothic Metal
  Paradise Lost Gothic Metal
  Forever After (Maxi) Gothic Metal
  Symbol of life Gothic Metal
  Erased (Maxi) Gothic Metal
  Believe in Nothing Gothic Rock
Paradox Tales Of The Weird Speed / Thrash Metal
  Electrify Speed / Thrash Metal
  Collision Course Speed / Thrash Metal
PARAGON Forgotten Prophecies Heavy Metal
  World Of Sin / Chalice Of Steel (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
  The Final Command (Re-Release) Power Metal
  The Dark Legacy Power Metal
  Law of the Blade Power Metal
  Steelbound Power Metal
PARAGON BELIAL Nosferathu Sathanis Black Metal
Paragon Of Beauty Seraphine...Far Gone Gleam Folk Black
PARIAH Blaze Of Obscurity Power Metal
  The Kindred Speed/ Power Metal
PARITY BOOT Into Nothing Modern Thrash
PARRICIDE Ill threat Brutal Death
PASSENGER Passenger Modern Metal
PASSIONWORKS Blue Play Goth-Pop/Rock
PASTORE The End Of Our Flames US-Metal
PATHFINDER Fifth Element Symphonic Powermetal
  Beyond The Space Beyond The Time Symphonic Powermetal
PATH OF NO RETURN Black Nights Coming Metalcore
PATHOS Katharsis Power/Thrash
PATHOSRAY Pathosray Prog Metal
PATHS OF POSSESSION The End Of The Hour Death Metal
  Promises In Blood Death Metal
HENNING PAULY Babysteps Prog Rock
PEARL JAM Tokyo, Japan, March 3rd 2003 Alternative Rock
  Riot Act Alternative Rock
PECCATUM Lost in Reverie Dark Avantgarde Metal
  Amor Fati Symphonic Black
PEEPING TOM Peeping Tom Crossover TripPop-Rock
PEER GÜNT No Piercing, No Tattoo Boogie-Rotz-Rock
Pegazus The Headless Horsemen Melodic Metal
PELICAN City Of Echoes Instrumental Post Rock
PELL, AXEL RUDI Circle Of The Oath Melodic Hard Rock
  The Ballads IV Melodic Hard Rock
  Tales Of The Crown Melodic Hard Rock
  Diamonds Unlocked Melodic Hard Rock
  Mystica Melodic Hardrock
  The Ballads II Melodic Hardrock
  Kings And Queens Power Hard Rock
  Knights Live Melodic Power Metal
PENANCE The Road Revisited Doom Metal
Penetralia Seelenkrank Black Death
Pentacle Under the Black Cross Death Metal
  Ancient Death Death Metal
  ...Rides the Moonstorm Death Metal
  The Fifth Moon Death Metal
Pentacle / REPUGNANT Dunkel Besatthet Death Metal
Pentacle / DESASTER ...In League with... Death / Black
Pentagram Be Forewarned Doom Metal
  First Daze Here - The Vintage Collection Doom Metal
  Turn To Stone Doom Metal
Penumbra The Last Bewitchment Gothic Black
PERFECT WORLD Perfect World Melodic Rock
PERISHING MANKIND Fall of Men Melodic Death Metal
PERPETUAL FIRE Endless World Melodic Power Metal
PERSIANA JONES Just For Fun Skacore/Punk
PERSIAN RISK Once A King +/- Heavy Rock
PERSONAL VENDETTA Between Death and Glory EP Hardcore
PERZONAL WAR Bloodline Power Thrash Metal
PERSUADER When Eden burns Power Metal
  The Hunter (Re-Release) Power Metal
  Evolution Purgatory Power Metal
Perversist / Prophecy Short Ways to Death Death Grind
PERVERSITY In the Garment of Lust Death Grind
Pessimist Slaughtering the Faithful Death Grind
PEST Rest In Morbid Darkness Black Metal
PESTILENCE Resurrection Macabre Techno Death Metal
PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS In Memoriam, Ill Omen Black Metal
PESTNEBEL Reich der Schatten Black Metal
PFEFFER Herz bricht NDH / Alternative Rock
  Gift Crossover
PHANTOM LORD Imperial Fall Heavy Metal


Be Gone

US-Power Metal

  The Longest Night US Metal
PHAZE I Phaze I Extreme Metal
PHAZM Cornerstone Of The Macabre Death´n´Roll
  Antebellum Death'n Roll Blackthrash´n´Roll
PHENIX Wings of Fire Epic Power Metal
PHILM Harmonic Experimental Noise Rock
PHILOSOPHER Thoughts Death Metal
PHOBOS Tectonics Apocalyptic Industrial-Thrash
PHOENIX MOURNING When Excuses Become Antigues Screamo
PICTURE Warhorse Heavy Metal
PIG DESTROYER Phantom Limb Death Grind
  Terrifyer Grindcore
  Prowler In The Yard Grindcore
  38 Counts of Battery Grindcore
PIGMY LOVE CIRCUS The Power Of Beef Street-Groove-Metal
PIKKU ORAVA Taivas Lyö Tulta (Maxi-CD) Kindergarten Klingelton Gülle
PILGRIMZ Boar Riders HC´n´Roll-Metal
PINK CREAM 69 Thunderdome Melodic Hardrock
PINK FLOYD London 1966/1967 Experimental Sounds
PINKOSTAR The Trick Is To Keep Breathing Alternative Crossover
  Solargirl EP Crossover
MICHAEL PINNELLA Enter by the Twelfth Gate Instrumental Prog
PIN-UP WENT DOWN 2 Unlimited Cabaret-Goth-Jazz-Prog-Crossover
RANDY PIPER´S ANIMAL Violent New Breed Heavy Rock
PISSING RAZORS Evolution Modern Thrash
  Where we come from Modern Thrash
Pitchshifter Bootlegged, Distorted, Remixed & Uploaded DoCD Industrial Rock
  Deviant Industrial Metal
PLACEBO Sleeping With Ghosts Alternative Rock
PLACE OF SKULLS The Black is never far Doom Metal
PLACE VENDÔME Streets Of Fire Melodic Rock
PLANAR EVIL Mankind Way Of Life Thrash Metal
PLAN E Bassonova Psychedelic Dark Music
PLATITUDE Nine Mel. Prog-Metal
  Secrets Of Life Neoclassic Metal
PLEXUS Plexus Heavy/Power-Metal
PLEURISY Dazed & Deranged Death Metal

Temple Of Thought

Chris Poland

Rare Trax

Fusion Rock
POISON Seven Days Live Hair-Metal / Sleaze Hardrock
POISONBLACK Lust stained Despair Gothic Metal
  Escapexstacy Gothic Metal
POISON THE WELL Versions Noise-Post-Core-Rock
  Tear From The Red Emo-Metalcore

Untitled Symphony Of Self-Destruction

Polluted Inheritance Into Darkness Death Metal
POLTERCHRIST Engulfed By The Swarm Brutal Death
POLYMORPH Disgraceful Supper Brutal Death Metal
  Paradise out of Time Prog Rock
POOSTEW Misericordia EP Brutal Death/Grind
POOSTEW / JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE Heirat aus Hass, Scheidung aus Spaß - Split-EP Grind/Noise Core
POPA CHUBBY w/ GALEA Vicious Country Blues´n´Country´n´Roll
POPPY SEED GRINDER Oppressed Reality Death Grind
PORCUPINE TREE Fear of a Blank Planet Modern Art Rock
  Stupid Dream (CD+DVD) Modern Art Rock
  Deadwing Prog-Art-Rock
  Recordings Prog Rock

El Directo

PORTAL Seepia Horror Death Metal
  Outre Horror Death Metal
PORTALL Code Black Death/ Thrash Metal
PORTRAIT Portrait Heavy Metal
POSTMORTEM Bloodground Messiah Death/Thrash
Constant Hate Death/Thrash
POTENTIA ANIMI Psalm II Mittelalter
POTHEAD Tuf Luv Groove-Pot-Rock
Poundhound Pineappleskunk Alternative
POVERTY´S NO CRIME Save my Soul Prog Power Metal
POWDER Powder Modern Rock
POWERGOD Long Live The Loud 80s Heavy Metal
  Evilution Part III - Nemesis Power Metal
  Bleed for the Gods Power Metal
  Back to Attack Power Metal
POWER QUEST Neverworld Mel.Speed
Powers Court The Red Mist of Endenmore Epic Power Metal
  Nine Kinds of Hell Epic Power Metal
POWERWOLF Lupus Dei Power Metal
  Return In Bloodred Metal Rock
POWERWORLD Powerworld Melodic Metal
PRAY FOR REDEMPTION Purification Of The Unhallowed Moshing Deathcore
PRAYING MANTIS The Journey Goes On Melodic Rock
PREDATOR Predator Power Metal
PREDATOR (US) Born In Blood US-Metal
PREJUDICE Dominion of Chaos Death Metal
  Reality Death Metal
PREMONITIONS OF WAR Left In Kowloon Apocalypt.-Death/Grind
PreSIDENT EVIL Thrash 'N' Roll Asshole Show Thrash 'N' Roll
  Hell In A Box Thrash 'N' Roll
PRESTO BALLET The Lost Art Of Time Travel Prog 70s Hardrock
Pretty Maids Pandemonium Melodic Hardrock
  Alive At Earth Melodic Hardrock
  Planet Panic Melodic Hardrock
PREY Knights Of The Revolution Hard Rock/ Melodic Metal
PREY FOR NOTHING Violence Divine Tech Death Metal
  Pride Of Lions AOR
PRIDE TIGER The Lucky Ones Hard Rock
PRIMAL FEAR Metal is forever - Best of Power Metal
  Seven Seals Power Metal
  Devils Ground Power Metal
PRIMEsth Beautiful Awakening Modern Alternative Rock
PRIMORDIAL To the Nameless Dead Melancholic Pagan Metal
  The Gathering Wilderness Melancholic Pagan Metal
  Storm Before Calm Pagan Black
  Spirit the Earth aflame Pagan Black
PRISMA Collusion NuProg-Groove-Metal
PRIVATEER The Traitors Melodic Power Metal
PROBOT Probot Metal
ProCESSION To Reap Heavens Apart Doom Metal
  Destroyers Of The Faith Doom Metal
Profanity Humade me flesh Death Grind
  Slaughtering Thoughts Death Grind
PROFUNDI The Omega Rising Melodic Black Metal
PROJECT: FAILING FLESH A Beautiful Sickness Cyber Industrial Death/Thrash
PROMISES In The Pharmacy Metal
PRONG Carved Into Stone Industrialized Groove-Thrash
  Power Of The Damn Mixxer Remix/Industrial Metal
  Power Of The Damager Industrial Groove Thrash
  Scorpio Rising Groove Metal
  100% live Industrial Thrash
PRO-PAIN (No) End In Sight Metallic Hardcore
  Age Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade HC-Metal
  Prophets Of Doom HC-Metal
  Run For Cover Hc-Metal
  Shreds of Dignity Hc-Metal
PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT Embalmed Madness (Re-Release) Death Metal
  Left In Grisly Fashion Death Metal
  Deeds Of Derangement Death Metal
Protector Misanthropy Death Thrash
PROTEST About human idols technical Death
PROTO-KAW The Wait of Glory Prog Rock
PROTOTYPE Continuum Prog Thrash Metal
  Trinity Prog Thrash Metal
PRYMARY The Enemy Inside Prog-Metal/-Rock
PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR Fucker Death/Thrash/Crust
PSYCHOPUNCH Death By Misadventure Rotz´n´Roll
  Moonlight City Rotz´n´Roll
  Kamikaze Love Reducer Power Rotz´n´Roll
  Smashed On Arrival Punk 'n' Roll
PSYCHOTHERMIA Slash & Burn Modern/ Alternative Metal
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ A Social Grace / Mosquito (Re-Release) Prog-Art-Metal
  Into The Everflow / Bleeding (Re-Release) Prog-Art-Metal
PSYCHOTRON Pray For Salvation Power/Thrash
  Open The Gate Power Thrash
PSYCROPTIC Symbols of Failure techn. Death Metal
  The Scepter of the Ancients techn. Death Metal
PSYOPUS Odd Senses Math-Jazz-Grind-Metal
  Our Puzzling Encounters Considered Math-Jazz-Grind-Metal
  Ideas Of Reference Math-Jazz-Grind-Metal
Puddle of Mudd Come Clean Alternative
PUFFBALL Leave Them All Behind Dirty Punk´n`Roll
Puissance State Collapse Dark-Sphere-Ritual-Wave-EBM
  Total Cleansing Dark Industrial
PUMP Sonic Extasy Hard Rock
  Against Everyone's Advice Hard Rock
Pungent Stench Ampeauty Death Metal
  Masters Of Moral, Servants Of Sin Death Metal


Rhythm Of Destruction


  From The Heart To The Crowd: 1993-2006 HC
PUNISH MY HEAVEN The Reckoning Melodic Death Metal
PURE INC. A New Day's Dawn Alternative/ Grunge
PURGATORY Cultus Luciferi Death Metal
  Luciferianism Death Metal
  Blessed with Flames of Hate Death Grind
PUTERAEON The Esoteric Order Death Metal
PUTRID PILE Collection of butchery Death/Grind
Pyaemia Cerebral Cereal Death Grind
PŸLON Armoury Of God Doom Metal
  Doom Doom Metal
PYRAMID Gaudi's Legacy Prog Metal




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