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U.D.O. Mastercutor Alive! Heavy Metal
  Thunderball Heavy Metal
  Man and Machine Heavy Metal
  Nailed To Metal - The Missing Tracks Heavy Metal
ÜBERMUTTER Unheil! NDH/ Elektro
UFO You Are Here Hardrock
  Sharks Hardrock
Uhrilehto Ihmisvihan Eliitti +/- Dark Black
  Viimeinen Vitutus Sympho-Goth Black
  Vitutus Millenium Sympho-Goth Black
  Viha Ja Ikuinen Vitutus (Hate Eternal) Dark Black
ULCERATE Vermis Progressive Post-Death Metal
  Of Fracture And Failure Death Metal
ULTRA VOMIT Kebabized at birth Fun-Grind
ULTRAWURSCHT Cheese Ass Built My Hot Dog Fun Death/Grind
Ulver Perdition City: Music to an interior Film Elektro-Pop
ULVHEDIN Pagan Manifest Viking-Black
UMPHREY`S MC GEE Safety in Numbers Songwriter / Jam-Rock
  Anchor Drops Jam-Prog-Rock
UNANIMATED In The Light Of Darkness Melodic Black/Death Metal
  Ancient God of Evil   Melodic Death Metal
UNBOUND Revenge For The Innocent Doom Metal
UNCOLORED WISHES World under Control Prog Power Metal
UNCURBED / MY COLD EMBRACE Split EP Crust/Punk/Deathcore
UNDER BYEN Det Er Mig Der Holder Träerne Sammen Ambient Trip Jazz Pop
UNDER EDEN The Savage Circle Thrash/Death Metal
Underground Moon Underground Moon New Rock
UNDEROATH Lost In The Sound Of Separation Core
  (They’re only chasing safety)  (Re-Release) +/- Emo/Screamo-Core
UNDER SIEGE / A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS Ten Angry Men - Split-CD Melo-Death-Core
UNDER SIEGE After the Flood Thrash Metal
UNDER THAT SPELL Black Sun Zenith Black Metal
UNDERTOW In Deepest Silence Melancholic Doom-Thrash-Metal
  Don't Pray To The Ashes ... Doom Thrash Core
  Milgram Doom Thrash Core
  34ce Doom-Core
UnitE Doom-Core
Underlord Rise of the ancient kings  Black Metal
UNDER-RADIO Bad Heir Ways Prog Alternative Rock
UNDIVINE Into Dust Melodic Black/Death


A Deceitful Calm

Melodic Black/Death

UNEARTH The March Metal + HC
  III: In The Eyes Of Fire Metalcore
  The Stings Of Conscience (Re-Release) Metalcore
  The Oncoming Storm Metalcore
UNEARTHLY TRANCE Electrocution Sludge/Doom
  The Trident Sludge´n´Psycho-Doom
UNEXPECT In A Flesh Prog-Jazz-Cabaret-Grind-Freak-Rock/Metal
UNGOD Cloaked In Eternal Darkness Black Metal
UNGOD / MORT Split-7"-EP Black Metal
UNGODLY Ungodly EP Death Metal
  Hate Celebration Death Metal
UNHEILIG Grosse Freiheit Gothic/ Elektro
  Puppenspiel Gothic/ Elektro
UNHOLY New Life Behind Closed Eyes Thrash Core
UNHOLY GHOST Torrential Reign Death Black
UNHOLY MATRIMONY Misologie Black Metal
UNINVÍTED GUEST Malice In Wonderland Gothic Rock
UNION YOUTH The Boring Years Alternative Rotz'n'Roll
UnITOPIA The Garden Prog Rock
Unjust Makeshift Grey moderner Thrash
UNLEASHED Odalheim Death Metal
  Hammer Battalion Death Metal
  Midvinterblot Death Metal
  Sworn Allegiance Death Metal
  Hell's Unleashed Death Metal
UNLIGHT Sulphurblooded Black Metal
  Eldest Born Of Hell Black Metal
UNMOORED Indefinite Soul-Extension Prog.Death/Black
UNREST Back To The Roots Heavy Metal
UNSANE Visqueen Noise-Post-Core-Groove-Metal
  Blood Run Post-Core-Noise-Rock
  Lambhouse (Best Of) Post-Noiserock-Core
UNSUN The End Of Life Gothic Metal
UNTIL THE END The Blind Leading The Lost Hardcore
UPHILL BATTLE Wreck Of Nerves Hardcore/Grind
  Uphill Battle origineller Grind

Reanimation Of Hate

  Shroud Shifter Thrash/Death


URBAN TALE Signs of times Melodic Rock
UREAS The naked Truth Progressive Metal
URFAUST Einsiedler EP Ambient Black Metal
Urgrund The graven Sign raw Black
URKRAFT The inhuman Aberration Brachial Thrash Metal
URN Soul Destroyers Black/Thrash Metal
U.S. CHRISTMAS Eat The Low Dogs Psychedelic Post Space Metal
USURPER Cryptobeast Old School Death / Thrash
Twilight Dominion Old School Death / Thrash
Necronemesis Old School Death / Thrash
Visions From The Gods Old School Death / Thrash




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