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F5 Reckoning Modern Metal
FABULOUS DISASTER Love At First Fight Girlie-Punk
FACEBREAKER Dedicated To The Flesh Death Metal
  Infected Death Metal
  Dead, Rotten And Hungry Death Metal
  Bloodred Hell Death Metal
FACE DOWN The Will To Power Modern Thrash Metal
FACE DOWN HERO Divisions And Hierarchies Thrash Metal
  Of Storytellers And Gunfellas Thrash Metal
  Where All This Anger Grows Thrash Metal
  Opinion Converter Thrash Metal
FACE TOMORROW My World Within EP Emo-Rock/Core
  The Closer You Get Alt.-Emo-Rock/Core
FaCIAL climax Melancholic Schizophobia Modern Thrash / HC
FaCTORY OF DREAMS Poles Progressive Rock
Faerghail Where Angels dwell no more Melodic Death
FAHRENHEIT 212 Neues vom Hexer NDH Deutschrock Metal
Failed Humanity The Sound Of Razors Through Flesh Brutal Death
FAIRYLAND The Fall Of An Empire Symphonic Metal
FAITH AND FIRE Accelerator Melodic Metal / Hardrock
FAITH AND THE MUSE The Burning Season Wave-Punk
FAITH FACTOR Against A Darkened Sky US Metal
FALCONER Among Beggars And Thieves Melodic Metal / Nordic Folk
  Northwind Nordic Power Metal
  Grime Vs. Grandeur Nordic Power Metal
  The Spectre Of Deception Nordic Power Metal
  Chapters from a Vale Forlorn Nordic Power Metal
  Falconer Nordic Power Metal
FALKENBACH Heralding - The Fireblade Viking Metal
  Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty Viking Metal
FALLEN SANCTUARY Malevolent Symmetry Heavy
FALLEN TYRANT No World To Win, A Life To Lose Black Metal
FALLEN YGGDRASIL Building Up A Ruin To Come Death Metal
FALL OF A SEASON Decades In A Bleeding World Melo-Death-Core
FALL OF SERENITY The Crossfire Melodic Death Thrash
  Bloodred Salvation mel. Death Metal
  Royal Killing mel. Death Metal

The Seance

Doom Metal
FALL OF THE LEAFE Aerolithe Melanch.Dark Metal
  Volvere Melanch.Dark Metal
FALL OV SERAFIM Nex Iehovae Symphonic Black
FALLUJAH The Flesh Prevails Progressive Atmospheric Death Metal
  Leper Colony EP Deathcore
Fangorn Fangorn Gothic Death
FANTÔMAS Suspended Animation Comic-Free-Jazz-Punk-Core
FAREWELL TO FREEWAY Definitions Emo-Metalcore
FAREWELL TO WORDS Tear Down This Wall EP Metalcore
FARMER BOYS The other Side Modern Metal
  The World is ours Dark Modern Metal
Fatal Embrace Dark Pounding Steel Old School Thrash
  Legions Of Armageddon Old School Thrash
  The Ultimate Aggression Old School Thrash
FATAL FORCE Fatal Force Hardrock

21st Century Freaks

Heavy Metal


Extreme Death Metal
FATES WARNING FWX Progressive Metal
  Disconnected Progressive Metal
FAUN Luna Mittelalter/Folk Comedy Rock
  Von Den Elben Pagan/ Folk
  Eden Pagan/ Folk
FAUST AGAIN The Trial Modern Extreme Metal
  Hope Against Hope +/- Melodic Death Metalcore
FEARER Backfire Death Metal
  Descent Brutal Death Metal
  Confession to Hate Death Metal
FEAR FACTORY Mechanize Cyber Modern Thrash
  Transgression Cyber-Thrash-Modern-Metal
  Archetype Neo Industrial Thrash
  Concrete  Industrial Death
  Digimortal Modern Metal
  Hatefiles Modern Metal
FEAR MY THOUGHTS Isolation Progressive Thrash Metal
  Vulcanus Melodic Death Metal
  Hell Sweet Hell Melodic Death Metal
  The Great Collapse Melodic Death Metal
FEAR OF FOURS Never Heaven Modern Progressive Thrash
Fear Of God Within The Veil Dark Thrash
FEAST FOR THE CROWS When All Seems To Be Burned Melodic Death Core
FEEDER Comfort In Sound Melancholic Brit-Pop



Prog Rock/ Metal


Barefoot & Naked

Prog Metal

FEET FIRST Feet 1st EP Bollo Death Core
FEINSTEIN Third Wish Melodic Metal
P. PAUL FENECH The "F" Word Tarantino-Psychobilly
FESTERING SALIVA Realm Of The Forgotten Death Metal
FESTUNG NEBELBURG Gabreta Hyle Pagan Metal
FEUERSCHWANZ Auf´s Leben Mittelalter/Folk Comedy Rock
FIAKRA Invasion Heavy Metal
FIDGET Celebrate Another Day Living Crossover
FIELD OF HATE Blood And Steel EP Thrash-Core
FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM Mourning Sun Gothic-Deark-Rock
  Fallen Gothic Rock
Fifth Reason Within Or Without Power Prog Doom
FIGHT Into The Pit Heavy Metal
  K5: The War Of Words - Demos Heavy Metal

Fellatrix Discordia Pantokrator



Anthems For The Damned

Industrialized Modern Rock

  The Amalgamut Modern Rock
FINAL 3 Ambient Dub Industrial Elektro
FINAL BREATH Let Me Be Your Tank Death/Thrash Metal
  Mind Explosion Death/Thrash Metal
  Flash burnt Crucifixes Thrash
FINAL CHAPTER The Wizard Queen Metal Oper
FINAL DAWN Under The Bleeding Sky Melodic Death
FINAL FRONTIER The First Wave Hard Rock
FINAL PRAYER Right here, right now Hardcore
FINNTROLL Ur Jordens Djup Folk Black Metal
  Nattfödd Folk Black Metal
  Visor Om Slutet Folk / Acoustic
  Jaktens Tid Humpa Black
  Midnattens widunter Humpa Black
FINNUGOR Darkness Needs Us Black Metal
  Death Before Dawn Black Metal
  Black flames Black Metal
FINSTERFORST Weltenkraft Pagan / Humppa Metal
FIREBALL MINISTRY Their Rock Is Not Our Rock Rock n´ Metal
  The Second Great Awakening Stoner R´n´R
FIREBIRD No.3 Retro Rock
FIRESCENT Passengers Progressive Metal
FIRES OF BABYLON Fires of Babylon US Metal
FIRETRAILS Third Moon Monster Metal
FIREWIND The Premonition Melodic Power Metal
  Forged by Fire Power Metal
  Burning Earth Power Metal
  Between Heaven and Hell Power Metal
FIREWÖLFE FireWolfe US-Metal
FIRSTRYKE Just A Nightmare (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
FISCHEL'S BEAST Commencement Thrash Metal
FISH Return To Childhood Art-Rock
FISHBONE Still Stuck In Your Throat Afrobeatdubpunk
FISSION Crater Astral Viking Metal
FIVE FIFTEEN The Man Who Sold Himself Retro-Hardrock
  Death of a Clown Nordic Rock
Five FINGER DEATH PUNCH American Capitalist NuMetal
Five Point O Untitled NuMetal
FIXMER/McCARTHY Into The Night Industrial/EBM/Synth-Pop
  Between The Devil... technoid Industrial/EBM
FJOERGYN Sado et Masoch Symphonic / Epic Metal
  Ernte im Herbst Symphonic Pagan
F.K.Ü. Where Moshers Dwell Thrash Metal
FLAGELLATION Incinerate Disintegrate Death Metal
FLAGELLATOR Channeling the Acheron Old School Thrash
Flauros Monuments of total Holocaust Symphonic Black
FLAW Endangered Species +/- Modern Alt. Rock
ROBERT FLEISCHMAN World in your eyes Rock
FLESH Worship the Soul Of Disgust Death Metal
  Temple of Whores Death Metal
FLESHCRAWL Structures Of Death Death Metal
  Made Of Flesh Death Metal
  Soulskinner Death Metal
FLESH DIVINE Necropolis Death/Thrash/Gothic

Walking The Aether

US-/ Power Metal

Murder without End

Brutal Death
  The Seeds of Abysmal Torment Brutal Death
  Made in Germany Death/Grind
FLESH MADE SIN Masterwork in blood Thrash Metal
  Dawn Of The Stillborn Thrash Metal
Fleshtized Dragontown Brutal Death
FLEURETY Min Tid Skal Komme (Re-Release) Avantgarde Black
Flotsam and Jetsam My God Thrash Metal
FLOWING TEARS Thy Kingdom Gone Gothic/Melancholic Metal
  Invanity - Live In Berlin Dark Rock
  Razorbliss Gothic Metal
  Serpentine Gothic Metal
FLYING COLORS Flying Colors Progressive Rock/Pop
FLYLEAF I´m So Sick (Maxi) NuRock/Metal
  Flyleaf Modern/NuRock/Metal
FOMENTO Either Caesars Or Nothing Hardcore Metal
FONY Circles Prog NuMetal
FOOBAR THE BAND Your Fiend, My Friend Rock
Forced To Decay Forced to Decay Avantgarde Core

Force of Evil

Heavy Metal
LITA FORD Wicked Wonderland Modern Rock
FOREFATHER Ours is the Kingdom Pagan Metal
  Engla Tocyme  (Re-Release) Pagan Metal
FORENSICK Forensick Heavy Metal
FOREST OF IMPALED Forward The Spears Black/Death
Forest of Shadows Where Dreams Turn To Dust EP Doom Death
FOREST SILENCE Philosophy Of Winter Melancholic Black -Doom
FOREST STREAM Tears Of Mortal Solitude Bombast Black Doom

Restless In The Tides

FOREVER IT SHALL BE Reluming The Embers Metalcore
FOREVER SLAVE Tales For Bad Girls Gothic Metal
  Alice's Inferno Gothic Metal
FORGOTTEN CHAOS Victorious Among The Damned Black Metal
FORGOTTEN SILENCE Yarim Ey EP Avantgarde Rock
FORGOTTEN SUNRISE Willand Dark-EBM-Wave-Industrial
  Ru:mipu:dus Sick-Dark-EBM-Wave
FORGOTTEN TOMB ...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil Black Metal
  Love´s Burial Ground Depressive Death/Black
  Springtime Depression depr. Doom-Black
FORGOTTEN WOODS Race Of Cain Black Metal
FORLORN Hybernation symphonic Black
  Opus III - Ad Caelestis Res   Viking Black
FOR MY PAIN... Fallen Gothic Metal
FOR RUIN December Melodic Death Metal
FORSAKEN After The Fall Epic Doom Metal
  Dominaeon Epic Doom Metal
  Anima Mundi Epic Doom Metal
FOR SELENA AND SIN Overdosed on you Melodic Metal
FORTÈ Stranger Than Fiction (Re-Release) Speed Metal
FORTID Pagan Prophecies Black Metal
FORTY DEUCE Nothing To Lose Hardrock
FOUREVER Solitarium Heavy Metal
FOUR LETTER LIE What A Terrible Thing To Say Emo-Punk-Core
  Let The Body Take Over NuMetal
FOZZY All That Remains Melodic Modern Hardrock
  Happenstance Modern HR/Metal
FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING The Art Of Coming Apart Melodic Death Metal
The Everhaunting Past – Chapter IV – A Splendid Retrospection Swedish Death Metal
  Sterling Black Icon Melodic Death Metal
  Skywards - A Sylphe's Ascension Melodic Death Metal
peter frampton Fingerprints Instrumental Rock
HERMAN FRANK Loyal To None Heavy Metal
FRANK AND THE SKUNK ALLSTARS Hatred Of A Minute Punk Ska Reaggea Swing Metal
FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13 Little Box Of Horrors Horror-Glam-Punk´n´Roll
FRANTIC BLEEP The Sense Apparatus Avantgarde Prog Metal
FREEDOM CALL The Circle Of Life Melodic Metal
  Live Invasion Melodic Power Metal
FREE KEY BIT CHESS Kiss My Ass Modern Metal
FREEVIL Freevil Burning Atmospheric Thrash
FREQUENCY When Dream And Fate Collide Power Metal
FRETERNIA A Nightmare Story Power Metal
FREYA Lift The Curse Metallized HC
FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES The Fiction We Live Screamo-Core
FROM FIRST TO LAST Heroine Post-Core-Emo-Rock
FROM MONUMENT TO MASSES Beyond God & Elvis Post-Rock
  Schools Of Thought Contend. Dub-Ambient-Trip-Post-Rock
FROM THE INSIDE From the Inside Melodic Rock




FRONTLINE The seventh Sign Hard Rock
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY CiVilization Ambient-Dark-Elektro
FRONTSIDE Twilight Of The Gods (A First Step To The Mental Revolution) Death-Metalcore
  Forgive us our Sins Death Core
FROST* Experiments In Mass Appeal Modern / Neo Prog Rock
  Milliontown Neo-Prog-Art-Pop/Rock
FROST (JACK) Raise Your Fist To Metal Metal
FROSTHARDR Varg EP Christian Black Metal
FROWN Lunar Brightshine And Fiery Splendour Gloom Metal
FROZEN TEARS Slaves Heavy/ Power Metal
  Nights of Violence Heavy/ Power Metal
FUCK THE FACTS Disgorge Mexico Grindcore
FUELED BY FIRE Plunging Into Darkness Thrash Metal
  Spread The Fire Thrash Metal
FULL BLOWN CHAOS Heavy Lies The Crown moshing HC-Thrash
  Full  Blown Chaos EP Metal-Core
Full Strike We will rise Melodic Metal
FU MANCHU We Must Obey Surf-Punk/HC-Stoner-Metal
  Go For It...Live! Stoner Groove Rock
FUNEBRARUM The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams Old School Brutal Death Metal
FUNEBRE Children Of The Scorn Death Metal
Funebris Triumph of the everlasting Fire Black Metal
FUNERAL As the Light does the Shadow Funeral Doom Metal
  From these Wounds Funeral Doom Metal
FUNERAL FEAST Genocide Ad Nauseam Death-Black Metal
FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND Memory And Humanity Rock
FUNERAL INCEPTION Anthems of disenchantment Death Metal
FUNERAL REVOLT The Perfect Sin +/- Dark Elektro Metal
FUNERARIUM Valley Of Darkness Black Metal
FUNERIS NOCTURNUM Code 666-Religion Syndrome Deceased Black Metal
FUNERUS Festering Earth Death Metal
FUORIUSO Black Signs Hardrock/ US-Metal
FURIA Un Lac de Larmes et de Sang melodic Death
FURY 'N' GRACE Tales Of The Grotesque And The Arabesquehe Progressive Metal
FURZE Reaper Subconscious Guide Black Metal
  UTD Black Metal
FYRNASK Bluostar Black Metal



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