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MACABRE MINSTRELS Morbid Campfire Songs EP Murder-Folk
MACABRE Grim Scary Tales Sick Thrash/Death
  Murder Metal Sick Thrash/Death
  Gloom (Re-release) Sick Death
  Dahmer Sick Death
MACBETH Malae Artes Gothic Metal
  Vanitas Gothic Metal
MACHINAE SUPREMACY Overworld Power Metal
  Redeemer Power Metal
MACHINE HEAD Unto The Locust Thrash Metal
  The Blackening Thrash Metal
  Through The Ashes Of Empires Modern Thrash
  Hellalive Modern Thrash
  Supercharger Modern Thrash
MACHINEMADE GOD Masked Metalcore
  The Infinity Complex Melo-Death/Metalcore
MACHINE MEN Circus of Fools Heavy Metal
  Elegies Power Metal

Scars & Wounds

Power Metal
MACHINERY The Passing Melodic Power Metal
  Degeneration Power / Thrash Metal
MACHINES OF GRACE Machines Of Grace Hard Rock
MACTÄTUS The Complex Bewitchment Sympho Black
  Suicide Sympho Black
MADBALL Infiltrate The System Hardcore
  Legacy Hardcore
MADDER MORTEM Eight Ways Dark Progressive Metal
  Desiderata Avantgarde Groove Metal
  All Flesh Is Grass Avantgarde Metal
  Deadlands Avantgarde Metal
MADE OF IRON Made Of Iron Heavy Metal
MADE OUT OF BABIES The Ruiner Avantgarde Noise-Post-Rock
  Coward Post-Core Chaos Indi Rock
MADINA LAKE From Them, Through Us, To You Screamo-Pop/Punk-Rock
MAEL MORDHA Gaeltacht Mael Mordha Folk Doom Metal
MAEVE OF CONNACHT Imaginery Tales Melodic Rock
MAGELLAN Symphony for a Misanthrope Progressive Rock
MAGICA Wolves & Witches Symphonic Metal
MAGNACULT Synoré Modern Extreme Metal
MAGNUM Into The Valley Of The Moon King Hard Rock
  Wings Of Heaven - Live Hard Rock
  Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow Prog/Hard Rock
  Brand New Morning Melodic Rock
  Breath Of Life Hardrock
MAGNUS Acceptance Of Death Helter Skeler Death Metal
MAHAVATAR Go With The NO! Nu-Metal and beyond!
MAIM From The Womb To The Tomb Old School Death Metal
MAINLINE From Oblivion To Salvation Prog Metalcore
MAINPOINT Under Water Gothic Rock
MAINTAIN With A Vengeance Metalcore
MAJESTY Hellforces Heavy Metal

Reign In Glory

Epic Power Metal
  Sword And Sorcery Epic Metal
MAJESTY OF SILENCE But There´s A Light Dark Metal
MALAISE Hypnotized By Forgotten Lies EP Goth/Wave-Rock
Maledictive Pigs Soul Surgery Death Metal
  Bloodshed Death Metal
Maledictive Pigs / Skinless Split-EP Death Metal
MALEFACTOR Death Falls Silent Death Metal
MALEFICE Dawn Of Reprisal Thrash Metal
MALEVOLENT CREATION Invidious Dominion Death/Thrash Metal
  Doomsday X Death/Thrash Metal
  Warkult Death Metal
  The will to kill Death Metal
  Envenomed Death Metal
Malice License to Kill Heavy Metal
MALICIOUS DREAM Soil Progressive Metal
  Innersensis Progressive Metal
MALIGNANT TUMOUR Motörcrust Heavy Metal Motörcrust
MALISON ROGUE Malison Rogue Heavy Metal
MALKOVICH A Criminal Record Noise-Emo-Rock/Core
MALLEUS MALEFICARUM Des Bibles, des Hymnes, des Icônes... Black Metal
  Taedum vitae  Black Metal
MALMONDE Malmonde Elektro Metal
MAX MIDSUN Max 1st Metal/ Stoner Rock
MAXXWELL All In Heavy Rock
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN´S RISING FORCE Perpetual Flame Neo-Classic / Power Metal
  Unleash the Fury Classic Metal
  The Seventh Sign (Re-release) Classic Metal
  Magnum Opus (Re-release) Classic Metal
  Inspiration (Re-release) Classic Metal
  Attack!! Classic Metal
MALPRACTICE Triangular Progressive/ Melodic Metal
  Deviation From The Flow Progressive/ Melodic Metal

Count Your Blessings

US Power Metal


Modern Death/Thrash
MALUS The Beauty Of Doom Black Metal
MANATARK Chaos Engine Black Metal
MANDATORY Adrift Beyond Death Metal
MANDRAGORA SCREAM A Whisper Of Dew Gothic Rock
  Fairy Tales From Hell´s Caves Gothic Metal
MANDRAKE Mary Celeste Gothic Metal
  The Balance Of Blue Gothic Metal
  Calm The Seas Gothic Metal
MANEGARM Vargstenen Viking Metal
  Urminnes Havd Folk
  Vredens Tid Viking Metal
  Vargaresa - The Beginning Viking/Black Metal
  Dodsfard Viking Metal
MANES [view] - EP Avantgarde
  Vilosophe Avantgarde Trip Rock
Mangled Most painful Ways Death Grind
MANIA Changing Times Heavy Metal
MANIGANCE Recidive Progressive Metal
MANILLA ROAD Mysterium Epic Metal
  Playground Of The Damned Epic Metal
  Gates Of Fire Epic Metal
  Spiral Castle Epic Metal
  Atlantis Rising Epic Metal
  The Courts of Chaos (Re-release) Epic Metal
  Metal Epic Metal
  Invasion/ Epic Metal
MAN MUST DIE The Human Condition Death/Grind Metal
MANNGARD Circling Buzzards Psycho-Prog-Death/Thrash
MANNHAI Hellraod Caravan Retro-Rock
  The Exploder Retro-Rock
MANNING Anser's Tree Prog / Folk Rock
MANNTIS Sleep At Your Grave Metalcore
Manos Genocide Death Thrash
  Living Burial Death Thrash
Manowar The Lord Of Steel Power Metal
  Gods Of War Power Metal
  Warriors of the World Power Metal
MANSBESTFRIEND Poly.Sci.187 Ambient-Trip-Dub-Hop-Elektronika
MANTICORA The Black Circus Part 1-Letter Melodic Power Metal
  8 Deadly Sins Melodic Power Metal
  Hyperion Power Metal
  Darkness With Tales To Tell Power Metal
MANTRIC The Descent Modern Prog-Core Industrial Metal


Babies Of Revolution



Draining The Waterheart

Avantgarde Doom

  The Tatterdemalion Express Mel.Prog-Doom
MARDUK Rom 5:12 Black Metal
  Plague Angel Black Metal
  World Funeral Black Metal
  La Grande Danse Macabre Black Metal
  Infernal Eternal Black Metal
  Panzer Division Marduk Black Metal
MARILLION Marbles Modern Art Rock
MARIONETTE Enemies Melodic Death Metal
  Spite Melodic Death Metal
MAROON The Cold Heart Of The Sun Death-Core
  When Worlds collide Metalcore
  Antagonist  (Re-release) Death-Core
  Endorsed By Hate Death-Metal-Core
M.A.R.S. Project: Driver Heavy Metal
MARSEILLE Unfinished Business Hard Rock
KEVIN MARTIN AND THE HIWATTS The Possibility Of Being Grunge Rock
MARTIRIA Roma S. P. Q. R. Epic Metal
  On The Way Back Epic Metal
  The Age Of The Return Epic Metal
MARTRIDEN The Unsetting Dark Melodic Black Metal
  Martriden Melodic Death Metal
Martyr Murder X - The End of the Game Death Metal
MARTYR AD On Earth As It Is In Hell derber Metalcore
MARTYRS SHRINE Martyrs Shrine Death Thrash Metal
MÄRVEL Thunderblood Heart Schweden-R´n´R
  Five Smell City Rock'n'Roll
MARYSLIM Split | Vision 21st Century R´n´R
MASACHIST Death March Fury Death Metal
MASACRE Total Death +/- Death Metal
MASS New Birth Hardrock
MASSACRA Apocalyptic warriors Pt.1 Death Metal
MASSEMORD 12 Years Of Mass Murders Industr. Black/Death
Massif Grooveyard Modern Metal
MASSIVE ASSAULT Death Strike Death Metal
MASSMURDER Slaughtered For Snuff Brutal Death Metal
MASTABAH Purity Death Metal
MASTER The Witch Hunt Death Metal
  The New Elite Death Metal
  On The 7th Day God Created Master Death Metal
  Slaves to Society Death Metal
  Four more Years of Terror Death Metal
  The Spirit Of The West Death Metal
  Unreleased 1985 Album Death Thrash
  Let's start a War Death Metal
MASTERPLAN Aeronautics Melodic Metal
  Masterplan Melodic Metal


Give Us Barabbas Akustik-Psych.Blues-Rock
MASTERS OF REALITY Flak´n`Flight Stoner Retro Rock
  Deep in the Hole Doom Metal
MASTERSTROKE Broken Heavy Metal
  As Days Grow Darker Melodic Metal
  Sleep Melodic Metal
MASTIC SCUM Dust Death Grind
  Mind Grindcore
  Scar Grindcore
MASTODON Blood Mountain Prog-Avantgarde-Metal
  Leviathan Avantgarde Prog-Thrash
  Lifesblood EP Grindcore
  Remission Grindcore
MATHYR Mandraenken Black Metal
ANDRE MATOS Time to be free Melodic Power Metal
Maudlin of the Well Bath / Leaving your Body Map Prog Death
MAXMILLION Maxmillion Doomcore
Mayhem Chimera Sick Black Doom
  European Legions Black Metal
  Grand Declaration of War Black Metal



MAZE OF TORMENT Hidden Cruelty Old School Thrash Metal
  The unmarked Graves Death Black Metal
LOREENA McKENNITT Troubadours On The Rhine (A Trio Performance) Celtic Folk / World Music
  A Mediterranean Odyssey Celtic Folk / World Music
  A Midwinter Night´s Dream Folk / World Music
  An Ancient Muse Celtic Folk / World Music
MCM Ritual Factory Prog Fusion
MECHANICAL POET Woodland Prattlers Avantg.Prog-Metal
MEDEIA Abandon All Modern Extreme Metal
  Cult Modern Extreme Metal
  Medeia EP Modern Extreme Metal
Medication Prince Valium Alternative
  Medication Alternative
MEDUSA'S CHILD Damnatio Memoriae Melodic Power Metal
  Immortal Melodic Power Metal
MEDUZA Upon The World Melodic Power Metal
  Now and forever Power Metal
MEGADETH Anthology - Set The World Afire Speed/Thrash Metal
  Warchest Thrash Metal
  United Abominations Thrash Metal
  The System has failed Metal
  Rude Awakening Thrash Metal
MEGAHERZ Götterdämmerung NDH
MEGALITH Gipfelstürmer Goth Dark Metal
  Spirit Soldiers - Soldaten des Geistes Goth Dark Metal
Hubi Meisel Kailash Melodic Metal
  Cut Coverversionen
MEKONG DELTA Wanderer On The Edge Of Time Progressive Metal
  Mekong Delta Progressive Metal
Melechesh Emissaries Oriental Black
  Sphynx Oriental Black
  Djinn Oriental Black
MELENCOLIA ESTATICA Letum Haunted Spheres Black Metal
MELIAH RAGE Barely Human Heavy Metal
  Kill To Survive Speed Thrash
MELODY´S ECHO CHAMBER Melody´s Echo Chamber Chill-Chanson-Indie-Space-Pop

Kill The Romantics

Chaos Nu Metal
MELVINS Nude With Boots Noise Groove Thrash
  A Senile Animal Noise Groove Doom Thrash
  Houdini Live 2005 ... A Live History Of Gluttony And Lust Ambient Noise Grunge Drone Metal
MELVINS / LUSTMORD Pigs Of The Roman Empire Soundscape Sludge Doom Industrial
MELY Leave And Enter Empty Rooms... Dark Metal
MEMBARIS Into Nevermore Black Metal
MEMBARIS / WEIRD FATE Conspiracy - Split-CD Black Metal
MEMFIS The Wind-Up Metalcore
MEMORIA Death Calls The Islands Black Metal
MEMORIZED DREAMS Theater Of Life Melodic Power Metal
MEMORY GARDEN Carnage Carnival Doom Power Prog Metal
  Mirage Power Metal
MEMPHIS MAY FIRE Memphis May Fire EP Screamo Rock/Core
MENA BRINNO Wicked Polly Folk/ Heavy Opera Metal
MENCEA Dark Matter, Energy Noire Modern Metal
MENDEED The Dead Live By Love Melodic Modern-Death/Thrash
  This War Will Last Forever +/- Metalcore

Planet Black

Hard Rock

Blemished Redemption

Death Metal
MENTALLO AND THE FIXER Enlightenment Through A Chemical Catalyst Industrial/Elektro/Avantgarde-Techno
MEPHISTOPHELES Death unveiled symphonic Black
MEPHISTOSYSTEM Endless Crawl Industrial Rock
MERAUDER Bluetality Metalcore
MERCENARY Architect of Lies Melodic Power Thrash
  The Hours That Remain Melodic Power Thrash
  11 Dreams Melodic Power Thrash
  Everblack Melodic Death
MERCILESS Merciless Death / Thrash
MERCURY TIDE Why? Dark Power Metal
MERCYFUL FATE Don´t break the Oath Occult Metal
MERCY KILLERS / ENEMY ROSE ...And To Become One - Split Rock´n´Roll
Mercyless Sure to be pure Neo Thrash
  Cold Neo Thrash
MERENDINE ATOMICHE Walk Across Fire Power Thrash
MERIDIAN The Seventh Sun Symphonic Black
MERLONS LICHTER Lust Mittelalter Folk Rock
MESH We Collide Synthie EBM Pop
  Crash (Maxi) EBM-Synthie-Pop
MESHUGGAH Catch Thirtythree Math-Thrash-Avantgarde
  I - EP Math-Thrash
  Nothing Modern Thrash
MESMERIZE Stainless Heavy Metal
  Off The Beaten Path Heavy Metal
MESMERIZED Coronation Black Metal
MESS AGE Self convicted Death/Thrash
MESSENGER Under the Sign Heavy Metal
MESSIAH Choir Of Horrors (Re-release) Death Metal
  Powertrash / The Infernal Thrashing (Re-release) Thrashing Madness
  Hymn To Abramelin  (Re-release) Death Thrash
  Extreme Cold Weather Death Thrash
MESSIAH´S KISS Metal Heavy Metal
  Prayer for the Dying Power Metal
METAL CHURCH This Present Wasteland Power/Heavy Metal
  A Light In The Dark US-Power Metal
  Weight Of The World US-Power Metal
METALETY Radio Apocalypse Thrash Metal
METALHEAD Metalhead Heavy Metal
METAL INQUISITOR Unconditional Absolution Heavy Metal (NWOBHM)
  Doomsday For The Heretic Heavy Metal
METALIUM Incubus - Chapter VII Heavy Power Metal
  Demons Of Insanity - Chapter V Heavy Power Metal
  Hero Nation - Chapter III Power Metal
METAL LAW Lawbreaker Heavy Metal
METALLICA Broken, Beat & Scarred - Collector´s Edition Thrash Metal
  All Nightmare Long - Collector´s Edition Thrash Metal
  St. Anger +/- modern Thrash Metal
METAL MAJESTY This is not a Drill Melodic Rock
METALMORFOSIS …Through Space… And Time Heavy Metal
METHODS OF MAYHEM A Public Disservice Announcement Alternative Rock/Crossover
METSATÖLL Äio Folklore / Folk Metal
  Curse Upon Iron Folklore / Folk Metal
  Terast mis hangund me hinge Folk Metal
  Hiiekoda Folk Metal
MEVADIO Fresh Kill Daily Modern Thrash
  Hands Down NuMetal
GREGOR MEYLE Meile Für Meyle Pop
Mezarkabul Unspoken Power Metal
MEZZERSCHMITT Weltherrschaft Industrial Metal
MGR Nova Lux Ambient Melancholic Relax Post-Rock
MGR y DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS! Amigos De La Guitarra Ambient Post Rock
Miasma Changes / Lovesongs Death Metal
MICHALE GRAVES Illusions Live Viretta Park Akustik Rock
MICHELLE DARKNESS Brand New Drug Gothic Rock
MIDDIAN Age Eternal Doom Metal
MIDNIGHT Sakada Rock
MIDNIGHT CHASER Rough And Tough Hardrock / Heavy Metal
MIDNIGHT IDÖLS Sworn To The Night US Metal
  Nightrulers Old School Heavy Metal
MIDNIGHT PRIEST Rainha Da Magia Negra EP Heavy Metal
Midnight Sun Metal Machine Melodic Metal
MIDNITE CLUB Running Out Of Lies Hardrock
MIDWINTER (FR) The Glassy Waters Dark Rock/ Gothic Metal
MIDWINTER (D) Between Wisdom And Lunacy Epic Black Heavy Metal
MIGHTIEST Bloodyssey 1994 - 2003 Black Metal
MIGHTY D. The Last Rise Gothic Death
MIKEYLA Something Like That Pop Rock
MIKSHA Collect Your Hazardous Waste Elektro Cyber Thrash
MILLENIUM Jericho Heavy Metal
MILLION Kingsize Melodic Rock
DAVID MINASIAN Random Acts Of Beauty Progressive Rock
MINAS MORGUL Aus Blut gemacht Pagan Black/Death
  Todesschwadron Ost Pagan Metal
  Schwertzeit Pagan Black
Mindcollapse Vampires Dawn Melodic Death
MIND COLOUR Mind Colour Prog Metal
MINDCRIME Tourniquet Sleep Dark Power Metal
MINDEAD Abandon All Hope Thrashcore
Mindfield Deviant Thrash Metal
Mindfield Be-Low Düster Metal
MINDFLAIR Green Bakery Grind Core
  Stagnation Grind Core
MINDFLOW Mind Over Body Prog Metal
MIND GONE BLIND Liars And Preachers Alternative Rock
MINDGRINDER Riot Detonator Extreme Metal
MINDRIPPER Kahos Humana Black Metal
Mind's Eye A Work of Art Prog Metal
MIND:STATE Decayed, Rebuilt Dark-EBM
MIND THE GAEP Get Ready For Tonight Hardrock
MINHYRIATH Gondolyn Dark / Folk Metal
MINISTRY Adios...Putas Madres Industrial Metal
  The Last Sucker Industrial Metal

Rio Grande Dub

Industrial Metal Remixes
  Rio Grande Blood Industrial Metal
  Houses Of The Molé Industrial Metal
  AnimositisominA Industrial Metal
MINOTAUR Power Of Darkness (Re-release) Thrash Metal
MINOTAURI Minotauri Doom Metal
MINOTAURUS Myth Or Reality Celtic Folk Metal
MINUSHEART Diseasse Electro-Industrial
MIRADOR The Azrael Tales Dark Epic Metal
ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS My Riot Street-Punk-Rock-a-Billy
MIRROR OF DECEPTION A Smouldering Fire Doom Metal
  Shards Doom Metal
  Foregone Doom Metal
  Mirrorsoil Doom Metal
  Conversion EP Doom Metal
MIRRORTHRONE Of Wind And Weeping Black/Gothic/Ambient
MISANTHROPE IrremeDIABLE Melodic Death Metal
MISANTHROPIC Reborn Death Metal
  Soulreaver Death Metal
MISERATION Your Demons - Their Angels Death Metal
Misery INC. Random End Melodic Death Metal
  Yesterday´s Grave Gothic Metal
MISERY INDEX Heirs To Thievery DeathGrindCrust
  Traitors Death Metal/Grindcore
  Discordia Crusty, Grindy Death Metal
  Retaliate Death Grind Crust
  Overthrow  Brutal Death
MISERY SIGNALS Of Malice And The Magnum Heart Prog.Metalcore


Hope Dies

Black Metal

  Misery´s Omen Black Metal
MISERY SPEAKS Disciples of Doom Melodic Death Metal
  Catalogue of Carnage Melodic Death Metal
  Misery Speaks Melodic Death Metal
Misfits Cuts from the Crypt Dark Punk
MisSION IN BLACK Black Infect Thrash Metal
Misteltein Divine. Desecrate. Complete Black Metal

Rape in Rapture Black Metal
MISTRESS Mistress (Re-release) Doom-Crust-Grind
  II - The Chronovisor (Re-release) Doom-Crust-Grind
  In Disgust We Trust Edel-Crust
  Mistress Doom Grind
Mistweaver Dream`s Domain Gothic Death
MNEMIC Passenger Modern Thrash Metal
  The Audio Injected Soul Cyber-Math-Thrash
  Mechanical Spin Phenomena Math-Psycho Metal
Mob RESEARCH Holy City Zoo Industrial Rock
Mob Rules Ethnolution A. D. Melodic Power Metal
  Among The Gods Melodic Power Metal
  Hollowed be thy Name Melodic Power Metal
M.O.D. The Rebel You Love To Hate Metal-Crossover
MODERN LIFE IS WAR Witness Hardcore
  My Love. My Way. Hardcore
MOHO Chotacabra Noisy Sludge-Doom-Punk-Metal
MOJO JAZZ MOB Westfalenwalze EP Rock
  Pacific Daybreak, Broken Nights Stoner-Swing-Rock/Metal

Translating The Pain

MOLLY HATCHET 25th Anniverssary / Best Of Re-Recorded Southern Rock
  Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge Southern Hard Rock
MOLOKO Statues Trip Dance Pop
MONEYBROTHER To Die Alone Funk-Soul-Disco-Rock
MONGOUSE The Secret Of The Ouse Stoner-Punk-Rotz´n´Roll
MONKEY3 39 Laps Space Rock
Monoid Pain Addiction EBM
MONO INC. Pain, Love & Poetry Gothic Rock
  Temple Of The Torn Gothic Rock
MONOLITH Monolith Heavy Metal
MONOLITHE II Majestic Doom-Death
MONSTER MAGNET Spine Of God (Re-release) Space-Kaleidoscope-Rock
  Tab EP  (Re-release) Space-Kaleidoscope-Rock
  Monolithic Baby! Space-Retro-Rock
MONSTROSITY Spiritual Apocalypse Death Metal
  Rise to Power Death Metal
Montany New Born Day Melodic Speed
Moon Satan´s Wept Death Metal
MOONLESS Calling All Demons Stoner/Doom Metal
MOONLIGHT Audio 136 Gothic-Trip-Rock
MOONLIGHT CIRCUS Outskirts of Reality Prog Metal
MOONLYGHT Progressive Darkness Prog Dark Metal
MOONSORROW Tulimyrsky EP Pagan/Viking Metal
  Viides Luku - Hävitetty (Chapter V - Ravaged) Epic Pagan Metal
  Suden Uni (Re-release) Viking Metal
  Kivenkantaja - Stonebearer Epic Pagan Metal
  Voimasta ja Kunniasta Epic Pagan Metal
MOONSPELL Night eternal Dark Metal
  Under Satanae Dark/Black Metal
  Memorial Dark Metal
  The Antidote Dark Metal
MORBID ANGEL Heretic Death Metal
Cyril Achard's Morbid Feeling ...In Inconstancia Constans Prog Metal
MORBIUS Sojourns Through The Septiac Death Metal
MORBUS CHRON Sleepers In A Rift Death Metal
MORD (NO) Necrosodomic Abyss Black Metal
MORD Morde Black Metal
MORETHANEVER Morethanever Melodic Post-Hardcore
MORFIN Inoculation Death Metal
MORGAIN Abandoned In The Forest Of Weariness Gothic/Doom Metal
  Sad Memories of Fairies Doom Metal
MORGANA LEFAY Grand Materia Power Metal
Morgenstern Fuego Mittelalter Metal
  Rausch Folk Metal
  Heute ist die Rache mein Folk Metal
  Feuertaufe Folk Metal
MORGION Cloaked in Darkness, crowned in Earth Doom Death Metal
  Solinari Doom Death
MORGOTH 1987 – 1997 – The Best of MORGOTH Death Metal
MORGUE The process to define the shape... Grind/Death
Morgul Sketch of Supposed Murderer Industrial Black
MORIAN Sentinels Of The Sun Gothic Metal
Morifade Domi><Nation Power Metal
  Imaginarium Power Metal
MÖRKER Höstmakter Melodic Black Metal
MÖRK GRYNING Mörk Gryning Black Metal
  Pieces Of Primal Expressionism Black Metal
  Maelstrom Chaos Symphonic Black
MORNING Hour Of Joy Gothic Metal
MORNING AFTER (FIN) True Drama Hardcore
MORNING AFTER (GR) Beneath The Real New Gothic Metal
Morrigan Plague, Waste and Death Black Metal
MORRIGU The Niobium Sky Dark Metal
NEAL MORSE Lifeline Prog Rock
  Question Live! Prog Rock
  Sola Scriptura Prog Rock
  ? Prog Rock
  One Prog Rock
MORSGATT Butt Mud Porn-Death/Grind
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST Liberation = Termination Melodic Death Metal
  The Unborn Melodic Death
  Inhumanity Melodic Goth Death
MORSÜRE Acceleration Process (Re-release) Thrash / Punk Metal
MORTAL FORM Taste The Blood Death/Thrash Metal
MORTAL INTENTION Latent Letal Black Metal
MORTAL LOVE Forever will be gone Gothic Metal
  All The Beauty... Gothic Romantic Metal
  I Have Lost ... Gothic Romantic Metal
MortAL SIN Psychology Of Death Thrash Metal
  In Absence Of Faith Thrash/ Power Metal
Mortem Decomposed Possession Death Metal
  Absente Terebenthine Elektro-Wave
Mortician Darkest Day Of Horror Gore Death
  Domain of Death Death Grind
Mortifer If Tomorrow comes Thrash Metal
MortiferA Complainte d'une Agonie Celeste Black Metal
Mortification The Silver Cord is severed Thrash Metal
MortiFIER Anatomies Undone Thrash Metal
Mortiis The Smell of Rain Elektro Metal
MORTIFILIA Redemption Melodic Death Metal
MORTJURI Desoulate Melodic Death Black
MORTILLERY Origin Of Extinction Thrash Metal
  Murder Death Kill Thrash Metal
Mortuary I.O.D. Distorted massacre: Fear the madness Death Thrash
MORTUS Leaving The Swamps Heavy Metal
  Exploring new Horizons Dark Metal
MOSHQUITO Behind The Mask Prog Death/Thrash
  Worlds End Thrash Metal
MOSS Sub Templum Duneral Doom
MOSTLY HARMLESS Butterlfy Effect NuMetal/ Metalcore
MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD Our Lady Of Annihilation Hardcore
MOTHER TONGUE Ghost Note Psychedelic Rock
MOTHLITE The Flax Of Reverie Post-Avantgarde-Rock-Scapes


Saints Of Los Angeles

Heavy Rock

  Shout At The Devil Heavy Metal
  Carnival of Sins - live Heavy Metal
MOTÖRHEAD The Wörld Is Ours, Vol. 2 - Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else Rock´n´Roll-Metal
  Better Motörhead Than Dead - Live At Hammersmith Rock´n´Roll-Metal
  Kiss of Death Rock ´n Roll
  Inferno Motörhead
  Hammered Motörhead
MOUNTAIN THRONE Serpent's Heathland Heavy Metal
MOURNFUL Monochrome Emo Indi Core
  Light Harvesting Complex Emo Indi Core
MOURNING BELOVETH A Disease for the Ages Doom Death
  A Murderous Circus Doom Death
  The Sullen Sulcus Goth Doom Death
  Dust Doom Death
MOURNING CARESS Inner Exile Metalcore
  Imbalance Melodic Death

Different Ways

Melodic Death
  Kriegerseele Pagan Metal
MOURNING RISE Five Ways To Illuminate Silence EP Experimental Rock
Mr Death Descending Through Ashes Death Metal
Mrs. Hippie Lotus Crossover
M.S.G. (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP) Tales Of Rock´n´Roll: 25 Years Celebration Hardrock
  Arachnophobiac Hardrock
MOTORJESUS Deathrider Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
MUCUPURULENT Bloodstained Blues Groove-Death/Grind
  Soul reaver Grind´n´roll
MUDVAYNE The New Game Modern/Nu Metal
  L.D.50 Nu Metal
MUNARHEIM ... Und Der Wind Sang EP Melodic Dark Folk
MUNICIPAL WASTE Hazardous Mutation Speed/Thrash-Core
Murderdolls Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls Punk Rock
Murder Squad Unsane, insane and mentally... Death Metal
MUSE The 2nd Law Pomp-Indie/Rock
MUSHROOMHEAD Savior Sorrow Nu Metal
MUSTASCH Latest Version Of The Truth Groove Rock
  Parasite! EP Groove Power-Rock
  Powerhouse Power Groove Rock
  Ratsafari Groove Doom Rock
  Above All Stoner Metal
MUST MISSA Martyr Of Wrath Thrash Metal
  The Target Of Hate Thrash Metal
  Ma ei talu valgust Black Metal
  Sex beyond the Graves Raw Black


Cloning Wicked MInds

Death Metal

Mutant The aeonic Majesty Prog Black
MUTILATION Conflict inside Death Metal
  Possessed By Reality Death Metal
MY BROTHER THE WIND Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet Space Rock
MY DARKEST HATE Combat Area +/- Death Metal
  At War Death Metal
  To Whom It May Concern Death Metal
  Massive Brutality Death Thrash
MY DYING BRIDE Introducing My Dying Bride (Best Of) Doom-Death-Dark Metal
  Bring Me Victory EP Melancholic Doom Death Metal
  For Lies I Sire Melancholic Doom Death Metal
  An Ode To Woe - Live Melancholic Doom Death Metal
  A Line of Deathless Kings Doom Death Metal

Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light

Doom Death Metal
  The Voice Of The Wretched (live) Doom Death Metal
  The Dreadful Hours Doom Death Metal
  Meisterwerk 1 Doom Death Metal
  Meisterwerk 2 Doom Death Metal
MY EARLY MUSTANG My Early Mustang Alternative Pop/Punk
MY EDUCATION A Drink For All My Friends Postrock
MYGRAIN Signs of Existence +/- Melodic Death Metal
  Orbid Dance Melodic Death Metal
MY INNER BURNING My Inner Burning Heavy Metal
MY INSANITY Scattered Soul Puzzle +/- Gothic Metal
  Solar Child Gothic Metal
MY LAMENT Beneath The Hidden Doom / Death Metal
Myriads Introspection Gothic Death
MyrkGRAV Trollskau, Skromt og Kolabrenning Pagan Metal
Myrkskog Superior Massacre Death Black
  Deathmachine Death Black
MY SHAMEFUL ...Of Dust Funeral Doom
MY SIXTH SHADOW 10 Steps 2 Your Heart Gothic Metal
MYSTERIA Temple of The Scorn Black / Death Metal
MYSTERIUM Soulwards Gothic Dark Metal
MYSTERY BLUE Hell & Fury Heavy Metal
MYSTIC CIRCLE The Bloody Path of God Thrash / Black
  Unholy Chronicles 1992-2004 Death Black Metal
  Open the Gates of Hell Death Black Metal
  Damien Death Black Metal
  The Great Beast Symphonic Black
MYSTIC PROPHECY Ravenlord Heavy Metal
  Savage Souls Heavy Metal
  Never Ending Heavy Metal
  Regressus Heavy Metal
MYSTIGMA Unzerbrechlich Gothic Metal
MYTILE VEY LORTH Disillusion Black/Death Metal


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