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C-187 Collision Math/Techno/Prog Thrash Metal
CABAL Midian Old School Thrash/Death
CADAVERIA In Your Blood Psycho Dark NuThrash
  Far Away From Conformity Psycho-Dark-Thrash
  The Shadows' Madame Dark Black Metal
CADAVER Necrosis Necro Black Thrash
Cadaver Inc. Discipline Blasting Black Death
CADAVEROUS CONDITION Burn Brightly Alone Death/ Doom/ Metal/ Rock
  To The Night Sky Death Metal
CHRIS CAFFERY Pins And Needles Heavy Metal
  W.A.R.P.E.D Heavy Metal

Supremacy Of Steel

US Power Metal

Hell Destroyer

US Power Metal
  Darker than Black Power Metal
Cairo Time of Legends Prog Rock
CALABRESE The Travelling Vampire Show Horror Punk
Calamus These Days Stoner Rock
CALIBAN The Awakening Metalcore/Modern-Thrash
  The Undying Darkness Metalcore

The Opposite From Within Metalcore
  Shadow Hearts Metal Core

Vent HC meets Melodic Death
CALIBAN vs. HEAVEN SHALL BURN The Split Program II Melo-Death-Metalcore
CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO White Water Instrumental
  The First Decade Akustik Folk
CALLENISH CIRCLE Pitch.Black.Effects Melodic Elektro Death/Thrash
  My Passion // Your Pain Melodic Death
  Flesh_Power_Dominion Melodic Dark Death

Graceful...Yet Forbidding Gothic Death
CANCER Corporation$ EP Industrial Thrash
Candiria 300 Percent Density Jazz-HC-Thrash
CANDLEMASS Psalms For The Dead Epic Doom Metal
  King Of The Grey Islands +/- Epic Doom Metal
  Candlemass Power Doom Metal
  Doomed For Life - Reunion 2002  Epic Doom
  From the 13th Sun Retro-Doom Metal
  Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Epic Doom Metal
CANNAE Horror Death/Thrashcore
CANNIBAL CORPSE Evisceration Plague Death Metal
  Kill Death Metal
  The wretched Spawn Death Metal
  Gore Obsessed Death Metal

Live Cannibalism Death Metal

Sacrifice / Confessions (EP) Death Metal
CANOBLISS Psychothermia Crossover/ NuMetal
CANS Beyond The Gates Heavy Metal
Jerry Cantrell Degradation Trip Alternative Rock
CANVAS SOLARIS Penumbra Diffuse Techno-Fusion-Metal
CAPHARNAUM Fractured Death Metal
CAPITOLLIUM Bloodfall of Flesh Symphonic Black Metal
CAPRICORNS Ruder Forms Survive Instrumental Doom
Capsize One Size Fits All (EP) Crossover
CAPTAIN MURPHY Human Cannonball Psychedelic Rock
KEITH CAPUTO A Fondness For Hometown Scars Emotional Singer/Songwriter-Pop/Rock
CARACH ANGREN Lammendam Symphonic Black Metal
Carcariass Killing Process Techno Death
CARCHAROTH Desolated Battlefields Black Metal
CARMA STAR Where My Soul Begins To Bend Alternative Rock
CARNALATION Deathmask Death Metal/Grindcore
CARNAL DECAY Chopping Off The Head Death/Grind
  Carnal Pleasures Death Metal
CARNAL FORGE Testify for My Victims Extreme Thrash Metal
  Aren´t You Dead Yet? Modern Extreme Thrash
  The More You Suffer Thrash Metal
  Please...die! Melodic Brutalo Thrash

Firedemon Melodic Brutalo Thrash
CARNAL LUST Rebirth In Hate Death Metal
  Whore of violence Death Metal
CARNIVAL IN COAL Collection Prestige Psycho-Fusion-Metal
  Fear Not Carnival In Coal Extreme-Jazz-Metal
Carnivore Carnivore Ultimate Hate Metal

Retaliation Ultimate Hate Metal
CARPATHIAN FOREST Fuck You All !!!! Black´n´Roll-Metal
  Skjend Hans Lik Black Metal
CARVED IN STONE Tales Of Glory & Tragedy Mittelalter Folk
  The Forgotten Belief EP Medieval Folk
Carpe Tenebrum Dreaded Chaotic Reign Death Metal
CASKETGARDEN Open The Casket, Enter ... Death Metal

This Corroded Soul Of Mine Death Metal
CASPIAN Waking Season Post Rock
CAST FROM EDEN The Deafened Art Of Blooding Secrets Automated On Deadlines Melodic Gore-Core
CAST IN SILENCE First Melancholic Modern Metal
CASTLE Blacklands Occult Rock/ Heavy Rock
CASUS BELLI In the Name of Rose Power Metal
Catacomb We shall inherit Death Metal
CATAMENIA VII - The Time Unchained Melodic Black Pagan Metal
  Location: COLD Melodic Black Metal
  Winternight Tragedies Melodic Black Metal

ChaosBorn Melodic Black Metal

Eskhata Melodic Black Metal
CATARACT Cataract Thrash Metal
  Kingdom Thrash Metal
  With Triumph Comes Loss Thrash-Core
  Great Days Of Vengeance Thrash-Core
  Martyr´s Melodies SLAYER-Core
Catastrophic The Cleansing Death Metal meets HC
CATCH 22 Dinosaur Sounds Ska-Punk
Catharsis Dea Prog Melodic Metal
CATHEDRAL The Garden Of Unearthly Delights Doom Metal
  The Serpents Gold Doom Metal
  Endtyme Doom Metal
  The VIIIth Coming Doom Metal

Dimension 303

CATTLE DECAPITATION The Harvest Floor Death Grind
  Karma bloody Karma Death Grind
  To serve Man Death Grind
  Humanure Death Grind
CAULDRON Into The Cauldron Heavy Metal
CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Inflikted Modern Thrash
CAVE IN Perfect Pitch Black  +/- Noise Rock/Core
CELEBRATUM Instinct Black Metal

Mirrored Revelation Black Metal
CELESTE Nihiliste(s) Post-Sludge-Core-Metal
CELESTY Mortal Mind Creation Melodic Metal

Legacy of Hate Melodic Metal
  Reign of elements Melodic Metal
CELLADOR Enter Deception Melodic Speed Metal
CELL DIVISION Tsunami Electro Darkrock
  Hypnotized Maxi-Single Electro Darkrock
CELTIC FROST Monotheist Avantgarde Dark Metal
  To Mega Therion Black / Death Metal
CEMETARY Phantasma Dark-Ambient-EBM-Rock
Cemetary 1213 The Beast Divine Melodic Dark Death
Cemetery of Scream Prelude To A Sentimental Journey Dark Gothic Death
CENTINELA Sangre Eterna Heavy Metal
CENTINEX World Declension Death Metal
  Diabolical Desolation Death Metal

Bloodhunt Death Metal
CENTURION Invulnerable Power Metal
  Non Plus Ultra Power Metal
CENTURIONS GHOST The Great Work Sludge Doom Metal
  A Sign Of Things To Come Doom Metal

Blasted into Lunacy

Death Metal
CEPHALIC CARNAGE Misled By Certainty Death Metal / Grindcore

Conforming To Abnormality Re-Release Grindcore
  Lucid Interval Prog Grind 
Cerberus Klagelieder - Grabgesang Black Metal

First Destruction (Live) Black Metal
CEREBRAL EFFUSION Violence In Motion Brutal Death Metal
CHAIN, PAUL Park Of Reason Doom Metal
CHAIN COLLECTOR The Masquerade Melodic Death Metal
CHALICE Shotgun Alley Heavy Rock
CHANDEEN Teenage Poetry Heavenly Voices Pop
CHAOSBREED Brutal Death Metal
CHAOS ENGINE Machines Never Die Neo Thrash Metal
ChaosFEAR Image Of Disorder Thrash Metal
  One Step behind Anger Thrash Metal
The Abrogation
Death Metal
Chaostar Threnody Dark Opern Score
CHARADE I & II Hardrock
CHAPEL Satan’s Rock `n` Roll Black / ThrashMetal
CHARGER Confessions Of A Man Sludge Core
CHARING CROSS Sinspiration Hardrock
CHARIOT The Warrior  (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
  Burning Ambition  (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
CHARON Songs for the Sinners Gothic Metal
  The dying Daylights Gothic Metal
  Tearstained Gothic Rock

Downhearted Gothic Metal
CHASTAIN In An Outrage US Metal
CHASTISEMENT Alleviation Of Pain   Mel.Death/Thrash
CHEAP TRICK Rockford Rock
RICHARD CHEESE The Sunny Side Of The Moon: The Best Of... Lounge-Jazz-Swing
CHEESY Beg NuMetal
CHILDREN Hard Times Hangin at the End of the World Thrash Metal
Children of Bodom Are You Dead Yet Melodic Death

Hatecrew Deathroll Melodic Death
  Follow the Reaper Melodic Death
CHILDREN OF DOOM Doom, Be Doomed, Or Fuck Off Raw Doom Metal
CHIMAIRA Ressurection Thrash Core
  Chimaira Thrashcore
  The Impossibility Of Reason Thrashcore
  Pass Out Of Existence Metalcore
Chinchilla Madtropolis Power Metal
  The Last Millenium Power Metal

Madness Power Metal
CIRCULUS Clocks Are Like People Psychedelic Okkult Prog Rock
CHEENO The Next Step Will Be The Hardest Alternative Rock/ Metal
CHRISTIAN DEATH American Inquisition Gothic / Death Rock
  Lover Of Sin Gothic-Black
  Born again anti Christian Gothic / Death Rock
ChrISTIAN MISTRESS Possession Heavy Metal / Psychedelic Rock
Chroma Key You go now Avantgarde Rock
CHROME DIVISION Doomsday Rock´n´Roll Dooomsday R´n´R
CHROMESHIFT Ripples in Time Progressive Metal
CHTHONIAN Of Beatings And The Silence In Between Black/Death Metal
CHTHONIC Mirror Of Retribution Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal
  Seediq Bale Symphonic Black
CHTON The Devil Builds Death Metal
CIBORIUM Overgrowing Human Void Death / Thrash
CINDERS FALL The Reckoning Melodic Death Metal
CINNAMOON Cinnamoon Depr.Emo-Rock
CIPHER SYSTEM Central Tunnel Eight Melodic Death Metal
CIPHER SYSTEM / BY NIGHT Split CD Melo-Death/Techno-Death
CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN Zero Comfort Margin Death Grind
  Human harvest Death/Grind

The Genocide Machine Death Grind
CIRCLE OF PAIN Classic Live Tunes Melodic Power Metal
CIRCLE OF SILENCE The Blackened Halo Heavy Metal
CIRCLE II CIRCLE Delusions Of Grandeur Melodic Power Metal
  The Middle Of Nowhere Melodic Power Metal
  Watching In Silence Melodic Metal
CIRITH GORGOR Cirith Gorgor Black Metal
  Firestorm Apocalypse Black Metal
CIRITH UNGOL King of the Dead Doom Heavy Metal
CLAN OF XYMOX The Best Of Goth/Dark Wave
CLARK Our Best 2nd Album Rock
CLAWFINGER 2 Originals Crossover-Metal
  Hate Yourself With Style Cross-Thrash-Metal

Zeros & Heroes Crossover
  A Whole Lot Of Nothing Crossover
CLITEATER Scream Bloody Clit Death/Grind
  Clit 'em all (Re-Release) Death/Grind
CLOBBERIN TIME The Dawn Of A Dying Race Bollo-HC-Metal
CLONECIRCLE Superimposed Industiral Gothic Metal
CLOSER A Darker Kind Of Salvation Modern Melodic Death
CLOSTERKELLER Nero Gothic Wave Rock
  Graphite Gothic Wave
CLOVEN HOOF Dominator (Re-Release) Heavy Metal
  Throne Of Damnation (EP) Heavy Metal
  Eye of the Sun Heavy Metal
  A Sultan´s Ransom (Classix) Heavy Epic Metal
CLUTCH Strange Cousins From The West  Retro Boogie Groove Rock
COAL CHAMBER Giving the Devil his Due  Nu Metal
  Dark Days Nu Metal
COALESCE There Is Nothing New Under The Sun (Re-Release) Noise-Core-Rock
COAN TEEN Daily Soap Engineers Alternative HC
COBOLT 60 Meat Hook Ballet Black Metal
COCK AND BALL TORTURE Egoleech Gurgel Death
Cocks Arquette
COCKROACH The Observer Thrash Metal
  Temple of mystery Thrash Metal
<CODE> Noveau Gloaming Black Metal
CODE OF PERFECTION Last Exit for the Lost Hardrock / Melodic Metal
CODEON On my Side Melodic Death Metal
Coercion Lifework EP Death Metal
  Delete Death Metal
C Of E Protect Me From What I Want Hardcore-Crossover
COFFIN BIRTH The Miracle Of Death Black/Thrash/Heavy
COFFINS Buried Death Doom Death Metal
COG Sharing Space Modern Prog Rock
COHEED AND CAMBRIA No World For Tomorrow Neo-Prog-Core-Rock
  Good Apollo I´m Burning Star IV Vol.1 70s-Prog-Post-Core-HR
COLD RUSH The Illness Elektro/ Gothic Metal
COLDSEED Completion Makes The Tragedy Modern Metal
COLISEUM No Salvation Crust-Punk-Core´n´Roll
COLLAPSE 7 In Deep Silence Death Metal
Fragments Of A Prayer
Post Rock
COLLARBONE The Back Of Beyond Punk/Nu Metal
COMA STAR Headroom Of Conscience Emo-NuMetal
COLOSSUS ... And The Rift Of The Pan-Dimensional Undergods US Metal
COMEBACK KID Broadcasting... Melodic Hardcore
  Wake The Dead Melodic Hardcore
COME CLOSER Is Life Worth Dying For Screamo/MelodyCore
Comma Elusive Dreams Prog Melodic Metal
COMMANDER World´s Destructive Domination Death Metal
COMMON GRAVE Embedded Coding Brutal Death Metal
  Dehumanized Death Metal
COMMUNIC Conspiracy in Mind Power Metal
COMPACTJUSTICE? Stand Up In Your Nomansland Noiserock
COMPLEX 7 Process Prog Metal
COMPOS MENTIS Fragments Of A Withered Dream Melodic Goth-Death
CONCEPT The Divine Cage Prog Metal
CONCEPT OF GOD Visions Doom Metal
Confessor Condemned Techno Doom Thrash
CHRIS CONNELLY The Episodes Singer/Songwriter Folk Rock
CONQUEST OF STEEL Hammer & Fist Old-School Heavy Metal
  Conquest Of Steel Old-School Heavy Metal
CONSCIENCE Gravity Has Gone Electro-Pop
CONSFEARACY Consfearacy Heavy Metal
CONSPIRACY Concordat Black-Heavy Metal
CONSPIRACY A. D. Humanity = Destruction (…the End Is Near) Death/Thrash
CONSTANTINES Kensington Heights Rock
CONSTRUCDEAD The Great Machinery Melodic Death Thrash
  Violadead Melodic Death Thrash
  Repent Melodic Death Thrash
Contempt The Secret around us Death Metal
  When Angels Begin To Cry Death Metal
CONTEMPT (DK) Stormforce Melodic Death
CONTRADICTION The Essence Of Anger Thrash Metal
  The Warchitect Thrash Metal
  The Voice Of Hatred Thrash Metal
CONTROL HUMAN DELETE Terminal World Perspective Avantgarde Black Metal
CONVERGE No Heroes Psycho-Core
  You Fail Me Psycho-Core
ALICE COOPER Dirty Diamonds Rock
  The Eyes Of Alice Cooper Rock
  Dragontown Hard Rock
COPPELIUS Tumult Folk Rock
  1803 Rock / Kammermusik
CORDE OBLIQUE Respiri Weltmusik-Medieval-Folk

Two Tales of One Tomorrow

Melodic Hard Rock
  Once Upon Our Yesterdays Melodic Hard Rock
  Human Stain Melodic Hard Rock

Arrival Melodic Hard Rock
Cornix Maledictum Verdammt in alle Ewigkeit Medieval Folk
Corona Borealis Corona Borealis Medieval Music
Coronation Ready To Feast Death Metal
CORONATUS Lux Noctis Symphonic Metal
CORONER Mental Vortex Thrash Metal
CORPORATION 187 Perfection In Pain Thrash Metal
CORPUS CHRISTII The Torment Continues Black Metal
CORPUS MORTALE With lewd Demeanor techn.Death Metal
CORROSIF Join Us Groove Metal/ Crossover
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY In The Arms Of God Blues-Groove-Metal
  Live Volume Southern Metal
CORRUPTION Orgasmusica Stoner Thrash
Corvus Corax Sverker Mittelalter
Corvus Corax (US) The Atavistic Triad Doom Death Metal
COSMIC TRIBE The Ultimate Truth About Love, Passion And Obsession Alternative Rock
  Hypersonic Scream Modern-Grunge-Metal
Cosmosquad Squadrophenia Prog-Fusion
COUNT RAVEN Mammons War Doom Metal
  Messiah Of Confusion  (Re-Release) Doom Metal
  High On Infinity  (Re-Release) Doom Metal
  Destruction Of The Void  (Re-Release) Doom Metal
  Storm Warning  (Re-Release) Doom Metal
  Storm Warning  Doom Metal
COURAGEOUS Downfall Of Honesty Prog Thrash Metal
CRACKJAW Giants From The Stereo MelodiPunk-Noise-Indi-Emo-Core
CRACK OV DAWN Dawn Addict +/- Elektro Metal
CRADLE OF FILTH Godspeed on the Devils Thunder Modern Black Metal
  Thornography Deluxe - Faster, harder, darker Modern Black Metal

Eleven Burial Masses (CD+DVD)

Modern Black Metal
  Thornography Modern Black Metal
  Nymphetamine Modern Black Metal
  Damnation and a Day Modern Black Metal
  Live Bait For The Dead Symphonic Black

Lovecraft & Witchhearts Symphonic Black 

Bitter Suites To Succubi Symphonic Black 

Midian Symphonic Black 
CRADLE TO GRAVE Cradle To Grave Death/Thrash
CRAFT  Terror propaganda Black Metal
CRASHDIET Unattractive Revolution Hard Rock/ Sleaze
CREATURE Feindtbild Black Pagan Metal
  Kreuzlaub Pagan-Black Metal
  Der Ursprung Pagan-Black Metal
Creed Weathered Alternative Metal
CREMATION Hate contamination Death Metal
CREMATORIUM For All Our Sins... Groove-Death/Thrash
CREMATORY Revolution Gothic-Dark-Metal
  Greed - Maxi Gothic-Dark-Metal
CREOZOTH Creozoth Epic Metal
CRESCENT SHIELD The Last of my Kind US Metal
CREST OF DARKNESS Give us the Power to do your Evil Black Metal
  Evil knows Evil Dark Black Metal
  Project Regeneration Dark Black Metal
CRETIN Freakery Grindcore
Creutzfälltjacob Wir Lieben Euch Doch Alle Schrott Core


Future Of The Loss

Experimental Metal

CRIMINAL White Hell Death/Thrash Metal
  Sicario Death Thrash
  No Gods No Masters Death-Grind-Metal
  Cancer Death Thrash
CRIMSON CULT Tales Of Doom Prog Power Metal
  Crimson Cult Heavy Metal
CRIMSON DARKNESS The Devourer Of All Black Metal
CRIMSON FALLS The True Face OF Human Nature Deathcore
CRIMSON MOONLIGHT Veil of Remembrance Melodic Black
  The Covenant Progress Symphonic Black
CRIONICS Neuthrone Death Black Metal
  Human Error – Ways to Selfdestruction Death Black Metal
CRIPPER Devil Reveals Thrash Metal
  Freak Inside Thrash Metal
CRIPPLE BASTARDS Desperately Insensitive Grind/Crust Core
CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX (Mankind) The Crafty Ape Post-Space/Trip-Rock
  I, Vigilante Post-Space/Trip-Rock
CRISIS Like Sheep Led To Slaughter Psycho Groove Metalcore
CRISIS (Cross Thomson) Armed To The Teeth / Kick It Out Hard Rock
CRISIS NEVER ENDS Kill Or Cure Metalcore/Melo-Death
  A Heartbeat Away Melodic-Death-Core
CRISK Machlaut Electro/ Industrial
  Das Erste Mal Electro/ Industrial
CRITERION The Dominant Death Metal
C-rom The Winding Star Gothic Metal/ Industrial
Crom Of Love And Death Epic Metal
  Vengeance Epic Metal
Cromlech The Vulture Tones EP Melodic Death
CRONIAN Enterprise Avantgarde Prog Dark Metal
  Terra Avant Guarde / Dark Metal
Cronic Disorder Torture Test Thrash Metal
CROPMENT Spiral Of Violence Death Metal
Crosscut God Given Time NuMetal
  Nonesizefitsall NuMetal
  Director´s Cut Metalcore
CROSSOVER Debauchery Dark Metal
CROTCHDUSTER Big Fat Box Of Shit Psycho Black Death Jazz
Crowbar Life's Blood for the Doomtrodden Doom Core
  Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form Doom Core
CROWHEAD Frozen Gothic-Elektro-Doom
C R O W N Psychurgy Industrial Post Metal
CrownED IN EARTH Visions Of The Haunted Doom Metal
Crown Of Thorns  Karma Melodic Rock
CROWN THE LOST Blind Faith Loyality Thrash Metal
CROWPATH Son Of Sulphur Death/Grind

Red On Chrome Mathcore
CROWSKIN Harmony Of Death 7"-EP Punk-Core-Metal
CRUACHAN Pagan Folk Metal
  Folk-Lore Irish Folk Metal

The Middle Kingdom Irish Folk Metal
CRUCIFIED BARBARA The Midnight Chase Heavy Rock/Metal
  'till Death Do Us Party Heavy Rock/Metal
CRUCIFYRE Infernal Earthly Divine
Death Metal
CRUSADER Skinclad Heavy Metal


Cemetery Junction

Brit Folk Rock

CRUSTACEAN Insaniac Death/Thrash
CRYFEMAL Increibles Tormentos Black Metal


The Glorious Dead


CRYONIC TEMPLE Immortal Melodic Power Metal
  In Thy Power Melodic Power Metal
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER Convicted Re-Release Thrash Core
  Money Talks Re-Release Thrash Core
CRYPTIC WINTERMOON Of Shadows...and the dark Things you fear Melodic Black / Death

The Age of Cataclysm Melodic Black / Death
Cryptopsy The Unspoken King Deathcore
  Once Was Not Death Metal
  None so live Death Grind

And then you'll beg Death Grind
CRYSTAL BALL Secrets Melodic Metal / Heavy Rock
  Time Walker Melodic Power Metal
  Hellvetia Melodic Power Metal
  Virtual Empire Hard Rock
CRYSTAL EYES Dead City Dreaming Melodic Metal
  Dead City Dreaming Melodic Metal
  Confessions Of The Maker Heavy Metal
  Vengeance Descending Power Metal
CRYSTALIUM Doxa O RevelatioN Black Metal
  Diktat Omega Black Metal
  De Aeternitate Commando Black Metal
CRYSTAL MOORS Antiquam Exquirite Matrem Pagan Metal
CRYSTAL TEARS Choirs Of Immortal Heavy Metal
CRYSTAL VIPER Legends Heavy Metal
  The Curse of Crystal Viper Heavy Metal
C.S.S.O. Are you Excrements? Jazz-Grind-Rock
CUATRO GATOS La Caia De Musica Prog.Mel.Metal
CULT OF LUNA Somewhere Along The Highway Monumental-Post-Core-Doom-Rock
  Salvation Psychotic Hypnose Core
  Cult Of Luna Psycho Neurotic Core
  The Beyond Psycho Core
CUMCHRIST Cumplete Grind/Death
CUMULO NIMBUS Totensonntag Mittelalter Rock
CURL UP AND DIE The One Above All, The End Of All That Is Psycho-Doom-Core
CURRENT 93 Black Ships Ate The Sky Neo-Folk-Pop/Rock
CYAEGHA Steps Of Descent Death Metal
Cydonia Cydonia Power Metal
  The dark flower Power/Thrash
CYNIC Traced In Air Progressive Death Art Metal
CYPHER Darkday Ritual Thrash/Death
CYPHER SEER Origins Power Metal
  Awakening Day Power Metal
Cypress Hill Stoned Raiders Rap-Crossover-Rock


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